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Monday night saw the the Golden Globe winning and critically acclaimed TV show Heroes return from its winter vacation to overwhelming fanfare. The hit TV show returned to the air at it’s usual time with episode 12: “Godsend”, which shed light on the future of Peter Petrelli, Hiro Nakamura’s journey to find a powerful samurai sword and even gave us our first glimpse at one of two new Heroes, an invisible man named Claude. But the journey has just begun.

The overwhelming popularity and success of Heroes made its episode 12 return #1 in the Nielsen ratings for it’s time slot and has already earned it a second season deal, to which Heroes creator Tim Kring said “The idea behind the show is what happens to these characters and their lives. Season one posits an apocalyptic event; we will deal with that in season one, then season two will have another story attached to it. There won’t be a central mystery with the show, so we don’t have to deal with a large complicated storyline.”

Since the series faithful return on Monday night, the good people over at NBC have released a few interesting bits of info, along with some brand spanking new Heroes videos:

Tidbit #1: George Takei of the original Star Trek series will make his Heroes debut January 29th in episode 13 “The Fix” as Hiro Nakamura’s father. Who knows what kind of roll George will play in the development of Hiro’s character, or if he’ll even return for more than one episode, but I’m betting his appearance will make for some great sequences.

Heroes Videos:

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