the Amazing Race 10 Recap: Episode 12 – Spanish Giants and Camel Kabobs

the amazing race 10 recap episode 12

the Amazing Race 10 – Episode 12

December 3rd, 2006 – Welcome to Morocco! In episode 11 we left off with the teams camped out in a traditional nomadic Berber hut in the desert of Morocco, where Dustin and Kandice came in last place, but were saved from elimination. Though they may have been saved by the bell in episode 11, things in this episode are going to be a lot harder for the blonde’s, as they will have to finish the leg in first place or suffer a potentially race ending 30 minute penalty.

Fingers crossed. It may finally be time for the blonde’s to be sent home!

Find out what you missed in episode 12 of the Amazing Race 10, after the jump!

As each team emerges from their nights sleep in the nomadic Berber hut, they learn that they will be heading further into Morocco to the famed city of Casablanca. However, each team will have to make the 275-mile drive through the perilous roads of the Atlas mountains to reach city of Casablance, where they will then have to find the area of the city known as “Quartier des Habous.”

Unfortunately, and even though they were the last team to leave, Dustin and Kandice were the first team to find the clue box in the Quartier des Habous, where they found a Roadblock!

the Amazing Race 10 Roadblock

  • Pick-up 1lb of Camel meat from a butcher in the local market.
  • Take the 1lb of meat to a “restaurant” where one team member must grind, season and skewer the camel meat, before giving it to the “chef” to cook.
  • Once the camel kabob’s are cooked, that same team member must eat the entire 1lb of camel kabob’s before being awarded the next clue.

Even though Dustin and Kandice were the first to find the clue box and Roadblock card, Tyler and James were the first Amazing Race 10 team to get, season, grind and skewer their camel kabobs. It wasn’t until James was half way through his plate of camel kabob’s that Dustin and Kandice showed up.

Thanks to James’ iron gut and a taste for odd foods, Tyler and James were the first team to finish the Roadblock and learned that they’d be flying 800-miles to Barcelona, Spain in the next leg of the race.

While Tyler and James were on their way to the airport, Rob and Kim and Lyn and Karlyn were still searching for the butcher to get their 1lb of tasty camel meat. After running around without a clue for what seems like forever, both teams managed to track down their camel meat and got to grinding and skewering. Lyn got right into the challenge and ground the camel meat to crap in no time, while Kim was struggling trying to get it to grind properly. It wasn’t long before Lyn had her skewers finished and was chowing down, while Karlyn took it upon herself to bug and nag her the entire time about not eating fast enough. I don’t see Lyn as much of an aggressive person, but she was getting pissed and looked about ready to haul off and pop Karlyn one.

It wasn’t much longer before everyone had finished the Roadblock and was either at or heading for the airport, where, sure enough, each and every team got the same 4:30pm flight to Barcelona, Spain. You know what that means, right? All of the amazing race 10 teams are even… again.

When the plane touches down in Barcelona its a four team mad dash for the nearest taxis, as each team must now track down the Parc del Laberint maze, where they will have to enter the maze to find the next clue box. After a little taxi jockeying and confusion, all of the teams arrive at the Parc del Laberint in succession, only time find that the park is closed until 10:00am the next morning. Once again, all the teams are even.

As much as I hate them, I have to give credit to the blonde’s, Dustin and Kandice, as they got to the park gates early the next morning and decided to find a local and have them call a cab to come pick them up in 10mins time, so there would be one waiting specifically for them when they got out of the maze. Though, as good of an idea as it was, it was defeated when every other team caught on to the blonde’s plan and followed suit.

The gates open and it’s another free for all. Tyler and James and Rob and Kim are the first teams to find and snag the next clue, but still can’t beat Lyn and Karlyn out of the maze. Lyn and Karlyn found the clue last, but were smart enough to sneak around the outside most area of the maze to get out quickly, where as everyone else tried to navigate the inside rings of the maze again and wasted time getting lost. Them girls are smart! I’m really starting to like ‘bama.

the Amazing Race 10 Detour

Lug It

  • Drive 4-miles to the famous Las Ramblas Street, then walk an additional 1-mile to the foot of Maremagnum Bridge.
  • Crawl into a giant 9-foot tall giant costume and walk over 1-mile to the Plaza de Sant Felip Neri.

Lob It

  • Drive 9 miles to a near-by plaza.
  • Search a giant pile of tomato’s for one that contains the next clue, all the while being pelted with tomato’s by onlookers.

Once they finally find their way out of the Parc del Laberint maze, Tyler and James and Lyn and Karlyn get screwed, as all did not go according to plan, and only two taxis showed up, both of which were quickly picked up by Rob and Kim and Dustin and Kandice. Tyler and James and Lyn and Karlyn were forced to through through the surrounding city streets until they could find a taxi and head for their selected Detours.

Rob and Kim decided to do the lob it challenge and search the giant pile of tomato’s for one with the clue, all the while being pelted with tomato’s by onlookers. After getting hit a few times, Rob got fed up and spent more time focusing on throwing tomato’s back at the onlookers than on finding the clue. Kim wasn’t much happier either, as she took a few to many tomato’s in the face and refused to continue, walking off. Naturally, Rob was pissed as they returned to the cab, only to find out the other detour site is 20-miles away. Not willing to sacrifice that amount of time to travel, they return to the giant pile of tomato’s and, after a short time searching, find their next clue.

Dustin and Kandice chose the Lug It challenge and where the first team to find their costumes and began their 1-mile walk in search of the female giant holding their next clue.

With the clue in hand, Rob and Kim learn that they must now find the fountain on the Palau National of Mont Juic grounds, which will serve as the pit stop for this leg of the race! As they head off to find the fountain, Lyn and Karlyn find their clue in the tomato’s and follow shortly after. All the while, Dustin and Kandice and James and Tyler are still trying to find the female giant to receive their next clue. After both teams stop to ask for directions a couple times, they both finally find the female giant, receive their next set of clues and head for the pit stop.

It was a race to the bitter end in episode 12 of the Amazing Race, but one team managed to come out very strongly on top:

  1. Rob and Kim
  2. Lyn and Karlyn
  3. Tyler and James
  4. Dustin and Kandice

It turns out the blonde’s didn’t even have to worry about waiting around for their 30mins penalty to expire, as they ended up coming in last place and getting eliminated anyways. Dustin and Kandice are eliminated, finally!

In even cooler news, Lyn and Karlyn are the first all female team in Amazing Race history to make it to the final 3. Good work girls! Keep it up. I’m liking you more and more with every episode and now I’m pretty sure you’re the only team I want to win the Amazing Race 10.

Make sure you stay tuned for next week’s episode 12 recap! It will be the Amazing Race 10 season finale, and you just know it’ll be a good one. So don’t miss it! In the mean time, check out some of the other reality TV recaps offered by

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