UK Celebrity Big Brother wants K-Fed

From The self-styled K-Fed — restyled Fed-Ex since the split from Britney — has been offered £150,000 to take part in the Channel 4 reality show.Producers hope the 28-year-old will perform some of his cringeworthy “raps”.

An insider said: “Kevin is hugely entertaining because he takes himself really seriously — even though no one else does.

“He’ll be great for the show because it’s all about larger-than-life characters.”

Dear god, isn’t this guy’s 15 mins up yet?! The only reason he’s even remotely close to a celebrity is because he married Britney Spears. If it wasn’t for brit he’d still be a back-up dancer for some washed up “musical” act. The sooner everyone stops paying attention to this moron and his antics, the sooner he will be sucked in to the bottomless pit that is ex’s of celebrities.

The only up side to this entire story is that it’s only the UK edition of Celebrity Big Brother that’s interested in him, so us lucky folks in North America will be spared from his idiocy. Yay! Poor brits.

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