BC Ferries Money at Work

Not more than four days after I wrote about BC Ferries raising fares, they prove yet again how well they are making use of our money.

At about 8:00pm tonight (technically last night now), one of the smaller ferries that makes runs to the gulf islands broke down just outside the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal and could not be started again.

I caught this story on Global TV News just a few hours ago and it turns out the ferries engine broke down, couldn’t be started again and, though no other damage was reported, 50+ passengers were stranded on the boat for a number of hours as the ferry had to remain anchored in Horseshoe Bay. As of the 11:00pm news report, the ferry, along with all its passengers, were still floating in Horseshoe Bay.

Thanks again to the good people at BC Ferries for proving my point once more. Keep raising your fares and lowering your quality of service, it really is a pleasure to be able to help line your pockets and cover the cost of your new Mercedes. I hope you enjoy it!

Author: soultrance


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