BC Ferries Jacks Up Their Prices… Again

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Well, BC Ferries is at is again and is taking full advantage of their monopoly by jacking up ticket prices… again.

At the moment, the cost of a 1-way walk on ticket from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo is $10.55 + $0.80 Fuel Surcharge, and the cost for average length car (not including driver or passengers) is $35.00 on weekends and $33.00 on weekdays + $2.85 Fuel Surcharge. As of 12:00 Noon, November 10th, the price for a 1-way walk on ticket will go up to $11.15 + $0.80 Fuel Charge, and the price for an average size car (not including driver or passenger), will go up to $39.00 on weekends and $36.75 on weekdays + $2.85 Fuel Surcharge. That’s an increase of $0.60 per walk on, $4.00 per car on weekends and $3.75 per car on weekdays.

At first glance, it may not seem like a huge increase, but when you consider the fact that over the last year alone BC Ferries has raised their prices nearly 27%, it adds up. Instead of making one big price jack and having to deal with outraged customers, they’ve instead taken the lower increases over a longer period of time approach in the hopes of quelling the potential displeasure of their customers.

What really gets to me, other than the obvious money grab on BC Ferries part, is the fact that they are raising their rates on a regular basis and yet doing nothing to increase the amount or quality of the service being offered. If anything, the quality of service has degraded. I guess these fare jumps are merely a way of offsetting the cost of their recent, how do I say it, less than spectacular track record. After all, plowing a ship through the marina in Horseshoe Bay, sinking a Ferry up north and the entire fast ferry ordeal, weren’t exactly cheap events, and I’m not even going to get into how they’re now screwing hundreds of Rolling Stones fans out of their money by refusing to refund or transfer reservations they made. Just more money to line the pockets of the already rich people running the joke of an operation.

I’ll be traveling to Nanaimo as a walk on this coming long weekend and was hoping to be able to get to Nanaimo without having to pay the new inflated rate; however, the money grubbers at BC Ferries decided, conveniently enough, to raise the fares at exactly 12:00 noon on Friday, November 10th, the day of/before Remembrance Day long weekend. How nice of them. It’s hard to believe two years ago, at this very time of year, my wife and I went to Nanaimo for roughly $10.00 each, plus an even lower fuel surcharge. Those were the good ole’ days.

I wonder how high they’re going to have to jack the prices before people actually start to realize the amount they’ve gone up and actually care about being ripped off. Only time will tell.

(Side Note: Thanks to Rebecca of Miss604.com for sharing her thoughts on the BC Ferries prices increases with the folks over at Vancouver Metroblogging.)

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3 thoughts on “BC Ferries Jacks Up Their Prices… Again”

  1. As a student of UVic, I find the prices already outragous! Why are there no student price cuts? To be honest it’s outragious that I should have to budget so muc money towards ferry rides to teh mainland.

  2. I agree whole heartedly. Myself and my wife are going to Port Alberni via Ferry and Bus this weekend and we shouldn’t have to budget $200 just to get there and back, it’s ridiculous.

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