Amazing Race 10 Recap and Info: Cow Lips and Dirty Mattresses

Amazing Race 10 – Episode 8

November 5th, 2006 – At the end of episode 7 of Amazing Race 10, the 6 remaining teams were held up on the Island of Mauritius off the eastern coast of Africa. Episode 8 kicks off the next leg of the race with all teams heading for Antananarivo, Madagascar, where each team must locate the “black angel”. Though finding the “black angel” proves harder than it sounds for some teams, especially since a recent paint job has turned the black angel into a white angel.

Kandice and Dustin are the first team out of the gates and, after having trashed their car in the previous leg of the race, they decide to jump in Karlyn and Lyn’s car and leave another team to drive their beat up wreck of a car. The girls are off to a classy start!

Erwin and Godwin, along with Karlyn and Lyn, decide to stick with the 6-pack alliance and wait for Dave and Mary to show up before they get rolling. Nice of them to wait around for Dave and Mary, but obviously not a brilliant move as far as self preservation goes. They better hope they don’t regret their decision later.

The first team to arrive at the airport is, of course, Kandice and Dustin, and, just like every other leg of the race, the earliest flight from Mauritius to Antananarivo, Madagascar is 11:00am, leaving ample time for the other teams to catch up, once again making all teams even at the airport. I know they’re doing this to add suspense and make each episode a tighter race, but it’s getting really annoying. It’s not a race when everyone is even at some point every episode.

Once each team has arrived in Antananarivo, Madagascar the search for the “black angel” begins. All three teams in the 6-pack alliance spot the black angel right off the bat and drive right by it in their taxi’s. Not one of the cab drivers seemed to have a clue that the white angel they drove by was in fact the black angel they were supposed to be looking for. Brilliant, the “black angel” was recently painted white. That’s almost cruel.

Tyler and James are the first to actually stop at the sight of the black angel and they find a special marker waiting for them, one that adds yet another twist to the Amazing Race 10!

Amazing Race Intersection

  • Once at this point, each team must pair with another team and continue to work together as one team, until they are told they may separate into their individual teams.
  • If one team arrives when no other teams are at the marker, they must wait until another team arrives for them to partner with.

Tyler and James arrive at the intersection at the same time as Rob and Kim and, since they’ve already been working in a quasi alliance, both teams decide to work together and perform the:

Amazing Race Fast Forward

  • Drive 2.5 miles to a near-by market
  • Find the designated stall
  • Once at the stall, each member of both temporarily joined teams must eat an entire plate full of cow lips (some of which still have hair and teeth attached, gross!)

Dustin and Kandice, who where once in the lead, are forced to wait for another team at the intersection, costing them valuable time and forcing them to team with one of the 6-pack teams.

Amazing Race Detour

Long Sleep

  • Travel 2.2 miles by van
  • Locate and cover 8 mattresses with mattress covers
  • Once all mattresses are covered, deliver them to a designated address approximately 1 mile away
  • Once the mattresses are delivered, each team will be given their next clue

Short Letter

  • Travel 3.5 miles by van
  • Make 28 sheets of decorative paper from scratch
  • Once all 28 sheets are completed and approved by a paper maker, each team is given their next clue

Erwin and Godwin team up with Dustin and Kandice, while Karlyn and Lyn team up with Mary and Dave, and all teams choose to perform the long sleep challenge.

Tyler and James, and Rob and Kim are having one hell of a time getting through the fast forward challenge and even consider giving up. Apparently cows lips with hair and teeth aren’t the best tasting appetizers. I can’t image why.

Erwin and Godwin and Dustin and Kandice are the first team to finish covering their mattresses, only problem is, on the way to delivering them the local they asked to help direct them ran off with the address. Luckily one of the girls remembered the address and both teams were able to find and deliver the mattresses without a hitch. After successfully delivering their mattresses and receiving their next clue, both teams learn that they are once again free and back to their original two member teams.

David and Mary and Karlyn and Lyn decided to strap all eight of their mattresses together using their fanny packs, instead of carrying four mattresses per two people, like the other teams did. Of course, eight mattresses strapped together makes for one big object and the teams have a hell of a time maneuvering through the traffic in the streets.

A quick flash to the fast forward shows Tyler, James and Rob plugging away at the cow lips, using the mind over matter method to get through it. While Kim is finding things a little harder to deal with, as she stops to throw up between mouth fulls. Yummy!

Amazing Race Roadblock

  • One member from each team gets lucky and is told to hop in a cab that will take them to the pit stop for this leg of the race
  • The other team member, however, must search a stairway lined with vendors for four rubber stamps and get a piece of paper stamped with: a plane, train, car and boat
  • Once the team member has had their paper stamped with all four stamps, they hop into a cab and head for the pit stop

Dustin elects to run the roadblock while Kandice cabs to the pit stop and she runs through it all in no time, hopping in a cab and heading for the pit stop.

As Dustin is on her way to the pit stop, Dave and Mary and Lyn and Karlyn finish their delivery and head for the roadblock, while Tyler and James and Rob and Kim finally manage to get all their cow lips down and join the race for the pit stop.

Amazing Race Pit Stop

  1. Dustin and Candice
  2. Tyler and James
  3. Rob and Kim
  4. Erwin and Godwin
  5. Karlyn and Lyn
  6. David and Mary

David and Mary managed to come in 5th place; however, because they came in last on the previous leg of the race, they had to come in first on this leg or suffer a 30 minute penalty. As they came in 5th place, they had to stand to the side of the mat for 30 minutes, after only 10 minutes of which Karlyn and Lyn showed up, eliminating David and Mary. Booo! I’ve been getting more and more annoyed by David and Mary, Mary specifically, over the past few episodes, but they’re still a fun team, it’s a shame they didn’t make it.

Episode 9 Preview

  • Karlyn and Lyn get a special message from home
  • The teams end up in a muddy situation

So ends the Episode 8 recap of Amazing Race 10. The next Amazing Race 10 recap will be episode 9 on November 12th. In the mean time, check out the other reality TV recaps and info offered by

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