Steve Irwin Wanted to be played by Eric “The Hulk” Bana

Though some people don’t seem to be big fans of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, The Hulk, Eric Bana, is. Or at least the Crocodile Hunter was a big fan of The Hulk.

Irwin’s best friend and producer, John Stainton, told the people at Extra that Steve was so impressed with fellow Aussie Bana’s work in “Munich” that “He raced up to Eric on the red carpet and said “Eric, you gotta promise me one thing mate … you gotta play me when I die.”

Though no movie is in the works as of yet, Stainton said, “If we ever did make a movie I would have to get Eric Bana and try to honor that.”

No comments have been made by Eric Bana as of yet, but, a life and times style movie about Steve Irwin is almost a guaranteed project at some point, so it’s only a matter of time. I just hope Bana will be willing to honor Steve’s request to play him.

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