Survivor Cook Islands Recap & Info: A Closer Look

Survivor Cook Islands Episode 7: “A Closer Look”

Turns out tonights episode of Survivor Cook Islands wasn’t even a true blue episode. For whatever reason the folks over at CBS decided they would be better off running a recaps and never before seen footage episode instead of the usual back stabbing, fish eating, coconut milk drinking, battle to the death.

CBS branded tonights episode as a never before seen footage episode, but mostly recapped the past six episodes, adding in unseen footage here and there. So instead of boring everyone and writing about all the crap you can already find in old survivor recaps, I’ll highlight the unseen footage they decided to air.

Find out what you missed after the jump!

Hop into the way back machine and hold on tight, ’cause we’re heading all the way back to the first episode of survivor cook islands!

  • Shortly after discovering their beach, the original manihiki tribe stumbles across their new boat and makes an pitiful attempt of using it. I don’t know how many times they managed to flip the boat and fill it with water. It originally started off as just Seikou and Nate trying to figure it out, but eventually ended as a whole tribe effort, and they still failed, miserably at that! It’s a good thing they did everything in shallow water, or they might have lost a tribe member without even going to tribal council. In the end, it turns out that they didn’t have the side rigging on the boat to steady and balance it, but were trying to use it like a canoe, and its certainly not easy to get into a canoe for the first time.
  • Next we see Adam and Candince, who have seemingly mastered their boat, taking it for a spin when the rough weather suddenly starts to come in. After fighting the currents and failing to get any closer back to land, Adam jumped from the boat and managed to pull it to a sand bar some distance from their beach. Adam and Candice had to stick it out through some crappy, windy and rainy weather and were pretty beat up by the time they left the sand bar. Both contestants were shivering uncontrollably and not looking to hot, so they decided to abandon the boat and try to swim back to their beach. Once back their fellow tribe members show a brief moment of concern for them before asking the inevitable: “Where’s the boat?”
  • Over at Aitu Billy seems to play a lot more of a roll than was originally shown. Allbeit not an important or even effective roll, but a roll none the less, as he circulates through his fellow tribe members trying to strike up alliances with all of them right off the bat. Dumbass.
  • Nothing new at the original Puka beach. Cao Boi climbs a tree, finds some nuts and annoys the hell out of Yul with random mumblings of non-sense that get the usual smile and nod response. I’ll miss you Cao Boi, even if you were annoying as hell.
  • We finally get to see the illusive “I Love You” scene in which Aitu’s Billy apparently falls in love with Candice. It’s very clear that Candice gives Aitu in general a sympathetic “We love you” after kicking their ass, to which Billy responds “I Love you”, while staring blankly at Candice. That was creepy.
  • While at Exile island Yul managed to find the hidden immunity idol. What they didn’t show us is him tearing up the clue and throwing it into the water, and building a float for the box the idol came in so he could float the evidence out to sea. He manages to destroy or float away anything to do with the hidden immunity idol. Clever boy.
  • Parvati flirting with the boys as a part of her “strategy” was shown, however, no where near in detail as was revealed tonight. She really whored it up with each and every one of the boys. Strategy my ass, she’s just horny.
  • While crowded around the fire at Raro someone makes a song request which sends Stephanie into singing “Amazing Grace,” and boy can that girl sing. I don’t know why they cut that from the show, it was beautiful. Stephanie has a very gospel voice and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she’s in or was in a gospel choir.
  • At Raro again, we were shown the girls working on Brad to vote out J.P., but they never showed the girls working on Nate. They obviously failed to sway Nate’s vote, but they tried. The best part came when J.P. comforted Stephanie because she was getting voted out that night. Stephanie played right along with it and milked it all she could, while Sundra stood in the background trying not to laugh. J.P. was totally clueless, they blinded sided that guys so bad, he wasn’t expecting a thing.
  • And Raro again, at night again, only this time after winning the reward challenge. This time around Steph isn’t doing any singing, but is instead trying to keep her balance, stay awake and sit without swaying. Girl got trashed. After a few gulps of their reward challenge wine she was out of it, could barely sit still without swaying or falling over and nearly passed out. She had to get helped (“see also: dragged”) into the shelter because she was to trashed to get there herself. She definitely cannot hold her alcohol.
  • Playboy Foursome star Ozzy is the fisher man, as usual, onyl he’s getting sick of doing all the fishing, catching 98% of the fish and only getting to eat 1/8th of what he catches. He tries to motivate Candice, Sundra and Becky to help him out or get off their asses and do something, other than compare armpit hair, but fails miserably. The girls give the usual bs excuse about not wanting to get so cold and, if it was sunny out, they’d gladly help. Yeah, right.

So ends another episode of Survivor Cook Islands. Stay tuned for next weeks episode on November 5th, 2006.

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