Survivor: Amazon Winner

Despite (or perhaps because of) Jenna’s whining about how she wanted to go home, the others chose to vote out her closest ally Heidi instead in Survivor: Amazon Episode 13.

That brings us down to a final four of: Butch Lockley, Jenna Morasca, Matthew von Ertfelda, and Rob Cesternino. Between the lot of them, only one person deserves to win, that being Rob. It’s hard to make a case for any of the others.

Upon returning to camp, Jenna again repeats that she’s ready to go. The others are happy to oblige, but they had to get rid of Heidi, the person they considered the bigger threat. The next morning, however, Jenna says she hopes to win immunity.

The immunity challenge is to go through a maze while blindfolded. They will use symbols to guide them through the maze and gather four necklaces, one for each of the elements. Matthew has the first necklace. Jenna and Rob follow him. Butch is out of it. Jenna’s getting groped left and right, but it’s okay because they’re blindfolded. Rob has his second necklace. Matthew is next to get his second. Jenna follows. After that, Butch and Matthew team up, although Matthew’s pretty much just wasting his time because this won’t do anything to help since it’s a close race between the first three, with Butch having no chance. Matthew has his third necklace. Jenna’s right on his heels. Butch finally scores his first. It’s a battle between Jenna and Matthew and who can get the last necklace first. Jenna gets her final necklace and wins immunity.

Rob tells Matt to vote for Butch. Jenna tells Butch she would like to get rid of Rob, since she still hates him for getting rid of Alex. Matt’s response is that Rob has played the game, whereas Butch hasn’t screwed them but hasn’t really done much of anything. So Matt goes to Jenna and makes a secret alliance with her. He has not made a decision yet whether to stab her back or not.


With 3 votes, Butch has been voted off the island. The other two have kept a far more dangerous person in the game.

Breakfast on the day of the final immunity challenge is their biggest one of the season. Who does this help more?

Before they get to the festivities of the day, they get a scale. Matthew has lost 16kg (35 pounds). Rob has dropped about a pound a day down to just north of 130 pounds. Jenna has dropped to 46 kg (101 pounds) from a start of 118 pounds.

A seaplane will take them to a canoe, which they will use to get to a small hut with various decorative items to get dressed up for the final immunity challenge.

Heading into that, Matt says he’s considering throwing the immunity challenge just so he doesn’t make an enemy. Jenna has already said she’d be mad at him if he didn’t honor his word, although she’s been mad at Rob for a long time anyway.

The final immunity challenge will play out in front of the jury. It’s an endurance competition as usual. They will stand barefoot on a narrow wooden perch, while holding a headdress above their heads. If they fall or their headdress touches their head or body, they’re out. Matthew is out pretty quickly. If you’re gonna throw a challenge, don’t make it that obvious. Rob wants to make a deal, but Jenna is not interested. Rob is the next to fall. Jenna has won immunity.

Jenna claims she will be taking her best competition. Well, then, that means she will bring Rob with her.


With 1 vote, Rob has been voted off the island. This ends his streak of voting for every person who has been voted out. So much for Jenna’s lie about taking the best competition. That brings us down to a rather pitiful final 2. Jenna played an awful game more often than not (giving her immunity idol away, telling Dave all her tribe’s secrets, asking to be voted out so Heidi could stay). As for Matt, at least he admitted he had no clue what he was doing, although he learned a lot about the game from Rob as it progressed.

While Jenna has some friends on the jury, Matt’s been an outcast pretty much from the start of the game. Whether her victory would be a joke or not, it’s basically a foregone conclusion.

Jenna opens by saying she doesn’t have much to say, except that she’s played the game morally. I hate it when people get this far and pretend that they haven’t done anything wrong.

Matt says he’s shown that he’s dedicated to the tribe and is a serious competitor. He, too, claims he’s maintained a level of morality and integrity.

Butch asks whether they have lied. Yes or no. Jenna says she did lie to Deena about voting against her. Matt admits to lying to non-jury member Roger, as well as Alex.

Rob wants to know why the person next to them does not deserve to be there. Matt responds that Jenna has not done as much as everybody else to contribute at camp. In addition to her poor work ethics, she expressed a desire to give up on multiple occasions. Jenna’s response is that Matt has not played the game from the beginning (just tagged along with an alliance, like she did), doesn’t need the money, and doesn’t care about the people.

Alex asks about regret. Jenna’s biggest regret is trusting people she shouldn’t have. Matthew regrets being naive at the start, supporting Ryan instead of just going along with the group.

Heidi wants to know if there is someone more deserving. Matt thinks Rob deserves his seat (or Jenna’s) for being an amazing strategist. Jenna agrees that Rob should be in the final two. Heidi asks if that’s the only person. It’s obvious she wants her name mentioned. Not gonna happen.

Deena goes back to Jenna’s opinion that Matt does not need the money. Is that how the decision really should be made? If Jenna were on the jury, that’s what she would do. As for Matt, she viewed his expression “may the best man win” as chauvinistic, as if it were a saying he invented or something.

Christy asks Matt his reaction when he found out he was competing with a deaf woman. He thought she was going to be like everyone else. From Jenna, she didn’t like her statement that being beautiful is a handicap. In the category of poorest choice of words in a reality show, the nominees are…

Dave asks what modern influential leader they emulated throughout the game. Really? Well, I guess that’s about the kind of question we should expect from a rocket scientist. Matt’s response is Colin Powell and his concept of versatility. Jenna does not have an answer of a modern leader, but she emulated her mom.

In closing, Matt says he realizes he has lied and does not belong on a pedestal. Jenna says she’s worked hard at camp, despite maybe not being the strongest person.

Matthew thinks he received 2 votes, from Butch and Christy. Jenna knows she got votes from Alex and Heidi, but thinks the rest went to Matt.


By a vote of 6-1, the Survivor: Amazon winner is Jenna Morasca. Matt only received Butch’s vote. Not even Christy went against her wicked stepsister, instead following the girl power that’s prevailed throughout much of the season.

Jeff suggests that, for the first 36 days, Jenna acted like a selfish, spoiled only child. She agrees, adding the term annoying to the mix. But in the last three days, she actually became somewhat more likeable.

Heidi and Alex were voting based on friendship and had no interest in how the game was played, but there is enough support for Rob from the jury that he probably would have won had he gotten to the finals.

Survivor: Amazon Episode 13

Unable to make up her mind, Christy was voted off the island in Survivor: Amazon Episode 12.

Jenna and Heidi are grateful that Rob screwed over someone other than them, and now their sour grapes have deteriorated somewhat. He tells them he plans to vote out Heidi and then Jenna, and they don’t seem to mind.

Butch has become obsessed with firewood. He doesn’t care if they have enough firewood to last them for the rest of their time there. He’s going to go keep getting more. If it needs to be stacked in their shelter, so be it.

The survivors head off to their last reward challenge, and they know it will be a big one, probably one with a car curse attached to it. They must escape from a cage, solve a puzzle, cross a rope swing, decode a puzzle, climb a ladder, and swing across the flying fox. First person across the finish line wins reward, a Saturn Ion, yet another sponsored vehicle that has since been discontinued. They will also get to have a tailgate party with hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken. Butch is the first person out of the cage. Matthew is behind him. Rob is next. Jenna is fourth. Rob solves his puzzle first and moves on to the next puzzle, followed by Matthew. Butch finishes the first puzzle third. Heidi’s still trapped in the cage. Matthew is the first person to solve the second puzzle, and he wins reward. He’d like to bring everyone, but he knows that ain’t happening. He told Rob before the game that he would take him with him.

The ominous music and camera slowly fading back to camp lets us know something’s up. The camp is on fire. In the middle of the forest, this thing’s gonna burn down quickly. By the time the tribe gets back, everything’s gone, including their belongings and shelter. Heidi’s the only person who has a pack remaining, which makes her feel guilty. They guess that all that extra firewood they had laying around caught fire. Fingers quickly start pointing at Butch.

Rob feels that Matt’s in the driver’s seat now. Matt is leading both Rob and Butch to believe he will be going to the end with them.

When Heidi and Jenna were in control, they didn’t do anything. Now that they’re out of control, they’re still not doing anything. Their logic now is that they don’t want to bother working because they’re going to be voted off anyway.

The immunity challenge is to navigate their way through the ropes course, completing all five obstacles and returning with all five colored feathers. Matthew is the first to get his first feather. Butch is right behind him. Then Heidi and then Rob. Matthew’s got his second feather. Jenna finally has her first feather. Heidi and Rob have their second feathers. Matthew retakes the lead with three feathers. Butch and Jenna have two. Matthew’s got his fourth. It’s pretty obvious Matthew will win the partially burnt immunity necklace, and he does.

Back at camp, Jenna’s crying. She can’t do this any more. She’s not throwing in the towel yet, though. That will be saved for All Stars. Heidi hopes to use this to her advantage. Maybe the boys will vote Jenna out instead of her.


By a vote of 3-2, Heidi has been voted off the island.

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Survivor: Amazon Episode 12

With Rob changing sides again in Survivor: Amazon Episode 11, Alex was voted off the island.

Jenna has decided she now hates Rob’s guts. Great, this whining again. Personal relationships blah blah blah. Heidi, likewise, is jumping on the pity train, albeit not to the same extent.

Trying to adopt a strategy to stay in the game, Jenna and Heidi decide to start being nice to Christy for a change to try to swing her over to their side. Christy believes that she has a better chance against the girls, but she’s sick of them and doesn’t want to be used.

The first stage of the reward challenge is to race out and grab 1 of 4 paddles (two people will be eliminated at that stage). Then they will paddle out to answer questions about the Amazon. If the answer is correct, the puzzle pieces they receive will fit together. If the answer is incorrect when they return to shore, they will have to paddle back out and try again. The first two people to get the correct puzzle pieces will compete to see who can finish first. Last thing, if they sink the boats, they’re swimming. Reward is a visit from a loved one. Rob, Jenna, Matthew, and Christy get paddles. Butch and Heidi are out. The guys take their boats, while the girls decide to swim for it. Matthew’s got a large lead as the only person to not have boat difficulities. He has the right answer. The only shot the girls have is if Rob got the wrong answer, although they’re so far behind Matt that it doesn’t really matter. Rob has the correct answer but has a lot of catching up to do. Matthew wins reward.

If Matt agrees to give up his visit from his mom, the others will get visits from their loved ones. With the water works flowing from the others already, it’s going to be difficult for him to make another choice. He agrees to let them get visits instead. They’re granted 10 minutes to share a little food and drink. It doesn’t end there, though. When it’s all done, Matthew still gets the visit from his mom. They will go visit an Amazonian tribe together for the night. While they do that, the rest of the tribe gets drunk, and Rob puts on a speedo. Rob hopes to use this time with the two drunk girls to kiss and make up.

Following Matt’s gesture, Rob is stating to question whether he should actually go up against him in the finals. He suggests to Jenna that they go in the final two together. She still hates his guts and runs back to tell Heidi, and she would like to target him. Her fear is that he’s a puppetmaster. This is a valid fear. Rob’s been in control of this game since day one, and he’s played ten times the game of anybody left standing.

Heidi’s response to Rob is to call him a snake. Then she gets upset, and Jenna starts yelling his plan to take her to the end. And then more whining. She can feel free to write ROB on her parchment tomorrow night. She’s not going to be nice, friendly, or easy to work with. Well, she’s got a good head start on that.

Heidi and Jenna continue to try to sway Christy. They need to talk to her a lot lately. For the first time in 32 days.

The immunity challenge is in two rounds. The first round is to break plates with a slingshot and marbles to collect pucks. The pucks will be used in shuffle board. Rob hasn’t broken this many dishes since he was a waiter. After the first round, Jenna and Butch have 5, Heidi has 4, Christy 3, Rob 2, and Matthew 1. Butch goes first. Matthew’s first shot is enough to take the lead. Butch knocks Matt out to retake the lead. Rob takes the lead over Butch with his last puck. Jenna then takes the lead. Butch retakes the lead. Then Jenna retakes the lead. Heidi knocks Rob closest to give him the lead. Butch retakes the lead again. Then Christy gives the lead back to Rob. Butch gives Heidi the lead. With the final puck, Jenna wins immunity.

Rob’s worried about where Christy stands. Is she going to vote for Heidi still? She guesses so. When she gets the pen in her hand, that’s when she’ll make the decision. So Rob goes to Heidi and wants to all vote for Christy. Better to get rid of her than for everyone to gamble on who she’s going to side with.

As he asks every time, Jeff poses the question whether the person holding immunity wants to part with it. Jenna has decided to give up her immunity necklace and hand it over to Heidi. This may not be Jenna’s first very stupid decision of the game, but it’s arguably the worst. It marks the first time this has ever happened. The only other time since in 19 seasons was in Micronesia when Erik gave his necklace away to the girls (he was voted out that night and labeled the dumbest player ever).


Christy made up her mind in the end to vote for Jenna, but it’s a little late for that. With 4 votes, Christy has been voted off the island. She promises that her evil stepsisters are not going to win.

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Survivor: Amazon Episode 11

Deena suggested voting out Alex in Survivor: Amazon Episode 9 because he’s a threat, and the backlash against her resulted in her own elimination.

Jenna, Heidi, Rob, and Alex believe they’re on vacation, and the fact that they’re in the majority will allow them to relax. The remaining three members of the tribe are tired of all of them.

It’s time for the Survivor auction. Each person is given $500. A piece of cheesecake is up first. Heidi grabs the opening bid of $120, with nobody else expressing interest. The next item is covered with an opening bid of $40. Matt bids $40. $60 Rob. $80 Matt. $100 Butch. $120 Christy. $160 Alex. $200 Butch. $220 Jenna. $240 Alex. He’s given a choice between that covered item he bid on or the other covered item. He goes with what he bought, turning down lasagne, in favor of manioc flour. The next item is covered. $100 from Rob. $120 Jenna. $140 Heidi. $200 Matt. $240 Christy. $280 Jenna. $300 Matt. $320 Christy. $340 Jenna. $360 Matt. $380 Jenna. $400 Matt. Hell of a gamble. He gets a cheeseburger and fries. The next item is peanutbutter and chocolate, and it will not require Jenna and Heidi to take their clothes off. Everybody jumps on the first bid. Jenna quickly ups the stakes to $200. $220 Christy. $240 Jenna. $260 Heidi. $280 Jenna. $300 Christy. $320 Jenna. Jenna gets some more peanutbutter and chocolate. The next item is scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes, and it comes with something else. Butch opens the bidding at $360. Rob bids $380. $400 Butch. In addition to the meal, the surprise is a bed and pillow big enough for one to take back to camp. Rob buys a protein bar. Matt gets a protein shake. Heidi gets the chocolate cake. A covered item is next. Rob bids $100. $140 Alex. $160 Rob. $200 Alex. $220 Rob. $240 Alex. He gets himself another covered item, this time a steak and baked potato. Letters from home are the next up for grabs. $80 Christy. $100 Jenna. $200 Heidi. $240 Christy. $260 Heidi. Christy bids $300, despite not having had any food so far. Heidi bids $320. Christy bids $340. It’s obvious she’s going to win this bidding war because nobody else either wants it enough or has the money. With that, Jenna breaks down because her mom is sick, which we all remember from Survivor All Stars. Jeff’s taken in by the tears, so he agrees to put another letter up for bid. Jenna bids $80. $100 Heidi. $120 Jenna. She gets her letter from home. The auction is over.

Following the auction, rather than being grateful that Jeff and Christy allowed her to have a second chance, Jenna takes the opportunity to complain about Christy outbidding Heidi. Apparently, she was supposed to just lay down and let Jenna have the letter. If Jenna wanted the letter so bad, she should have not bid for anything else.

Matt and Butch have been listening to Rob all along, but now they’re seemingly starting to think for themselves. They want to get Rob back on their side. They know it should be obvious to him that the other side will get rid of him first chance they get.

If it weren’t obvious, Alex makes it obvious. He says that the two girls aren’t going to vote against each other no matter what, so when it gets down to that, Alex will have to vote for Rob. It’s a little early to be planning that far ahead to begin with, but actually vocalizing it is a mistake. Whether they’re his friends or not, Rob’s playing the game and has been the whole time.

Rob goes up to Matthew to tell him the truth for a change. He and multiple others have been trying to get rid of him for a while. With that said, Alex needs to go. Rob knows his alliance is very arrogant, so he should be able to get everybody else onboard easily. Matt is fine with this plan. Christy is very willing to get rid of Alex as well.

They get treemail that should let them know it’s the competition where someone always gets offended by at least one of the answers. The immunity challenge is to guess what the majority of tribe members said.

Who would you trust with your life?
Butch. Butch, Rob, and Jenna are correct.

Which tribe member uses sex appeal as a weapon?
Jenna. Heidi, Matthew, Christy, and Alex get a point.

Who is the most honest?
Matthew. He gets a point.

Who would never survive on their own?
Jenna. Matthew, Rob, Christy, and Butch are correct.

Who most needs therapy?
Matthew. He’s okay with that. Matthew, Rob, and Heidi are correct.

Who would you most like to see pose nude in a magazine?
Heidi. Jenna, Alex, Christy, Rob, and Butch are correct.

Who in the tribe do you have a crush on?
Heidi. Everybody except Matthew is correct (he guessed himself). Rob wins immunity.

Rob’s got a choice. Does he get rid of Alex and improve his odds but potentially piss off three jury members, or does he get rid of Matthew and guarantee himself fourth place?


With 4 votes, Alex has been voted off the island.

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Survivor: Amazon Episode 9

The plan of getting rid of the men of Tambaqui continued, and Dave was voted out in Survivor: Amazon Episode 8.

Rob continues to stir the pot with Matthew, trying to send him on wild goose chases with random lies about what’s going on at camp. In turn, Matt is going to Butch to let him know what’s allegedly going on. The interesting thing here is that Matt’s going to have Rob’s back, so it does seem odd that Rob is sabotaging an ally, even an unstable one.

In treemail, they get weapons: bows and arrows, darts, and spears. Matt seems to be killing it on each of them, but he says he’s thinking of not trying his hardest because he doesn’t want people to think he’s a physical threat. Too late for that. Only other person who really stands out in that respect is Alex. The reward challenge starts off with blow darts. The top 4 move to spear throwing. The top 2 then move to the final round, the bow and arrow. Reward is a trip to a Survivor cafe, with coffee and pastries. Christy scores 3 with the blow dart. Matthew gets a bullseye for 10. So much for not trying. Butch gets 5. Rob scores 3. Alex gets 7. Jenna gets 3. Deena scores 5. That eliminates Jenna, Christy, and Rob. Heidi doesn’t hit the board, so Matt, Alex, Butch, and Deena advance to spears. Matt hits the bullseye again. Deena misses. Butch lands on the board. Alex gets pretty close to the middle to join Matthew in the final round of bow and arrow. Matt lands on the board, but there’s plenty of room for Alex to beat him, which he does to win reward. Obviously, Alex won’t be alone. He invites Jenna to join him. Dude, at least try to think logically. He later says he promised her.

The interesting thing that comes up during their time together is that they’re not sure about Deena, who doesn’t fit in with the younger people. They fear she’s always trying to work an angle, which she is. They make it out of there with two cookies each for the rest of the tribe. Rob suggests eating Matt’s and Butch’s cookies since they’re off fishing and wouldn’t know.

Deena noticed something during that challenge. Alex is a threat. She suggests they pick him off if Matt wins immunity. Deena’s instructions to Heidi are to not say anything to Jenna. So of course Heidi tells Jenna, who she knows will tell Alex. Like Deena, it doesn’t appear that he wants to target her first. Instead, he still wants to get rid of Matt next.

Having been bitten by some insect, Heidi can no longer bend her knee. In a physical competition, she’s probably in trouble.

Awaiting them at the immunity challenge is a nice Amazonian menu. This can’t be good. First up are Amazonian grasshoppers. The last two from each round are out. Matt is the first one done. Christy’s about to lose her lunch. Deena is the next one done. Alex is good. Jenna quits with minimal effort. Rob is the next one done. Butch follows. Christy struggles her way through before upchucking, beating Heidi by a second. The next dish is 10 babasu worms. Matthew, Deena, Alex, and Christy advance. Rob’s out but finishes the meal anyway. The next plate is five beetles. Christy’s struggling again. Matt is the first one done for the third consecutive time. Deena is the next one to finish. The final course is living beetle larva. Feeling completely safe and grossed out (and likely knowing she can’t beat Matt anyway), Deena doesn’t even try. Matt swallows it whole to win immunity.

When they get back, the Deena/Alex battle resumes. Jenna is not happy.

Rob’s the swing vote that has both camps trusting him (his vote will also be the same as Matt’s and Butch’s). Ultimately, with Rob’s secret final two deal with Deena, Alex’s hours are looking numbered. Deena and Alex both think they have the exact same people to vote the other one off.


With 6 votes, Deena has been voted off the island. The lone person outside the circle was Christy. With this move, Rob runs the risk of having handed over a great deal of power to a threesome that may be loyal to him but will pick him last.

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Survivor: Amazon Episode 8

Following the merge, the new Jaburu tribe stuck together and voted out Roger in Survivor: Amazon Episode 7.

Dave had put his faith into an alliance with Roger, keeping him around at a time when multiple members in the tribe vocally wanted him gone. With that said, now Dave has to figure out something new. He’s next on the chopping block, though. Both Deena and Rob strongly want him out, as both consider him the biggest threat.

Then comes the creepy machete montage. Matthew is concentrating a little too much on sharpening his machete. Once again. He sits and sharpens it for an hour at a time. Why does he need it so sharp? Who’s he planning to kill?

The reward challenge will be played in two rounds. First, collect flags while strapped to a bungee and running through the mud. First team of three to get all five flags moves on to the final round, where they must compete against each other to retrieve three flags. Reward is a bath, banana split, brownie sundae, and strawberries and cream. The green team is Christy, Rob, and Butch. The purple team is Dave, Deena, and Alex. The orange team is Jenna, Matt, and Heidi. Orange team starts off with the lead, with purple on their heels. Green team is out of it, as the other two teams go neck and neck. Purple takes the lead as it gets more physical, which is unsurprising since two strong guys are on that team. Dave, Deena, and Alex move on to the final round. Dave gets the lead and keeps it the whole way to win reward. Of course, he’s not going to go alone. Deena and Alex get to pick from a number behind his back, and Deena is correct, so she will be going with him.

The Deena pick will no doubt be viewed as intentional by those looking for an excuse to read into it, but he gave each of his teammates a fair chance. Deena’s probably the smartest choice Dave could bring with him. She’s not in complete control of the game, but she’s playing a very large role. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Dave’s screwed. Deena denies having any power to change his fate, but she suggests maybe getting rid of the increasingly funky Matthew.

Rob says he’s aware that Heidi and Jenna (aka twigs and sticks) wouldn’t pay any attention to him in real life, and he’s aware they’re using their sexuality to try to get him to make stupid mistakes.

When Dave and Deena get back to camp, they say they’re still hungry, and they plan to eat dinner, which seems quite fair to me. Not so fair sounding to the rest of the tribe, which complains that these people just ate ice cream and now want to eat an actual meal.

Rob’s concerned that Dave and Heidi are getting too close. Her response is that she’s just playing him. Rob would like a shot with her, which apparently would happen once Dave’s gone.

In order to keep Matthew onboard, Rob tells him that the final three plan is them and Alex, something he has no plans of honoring. Instead, he wants to get rid of him as soon as possible.

The contestants all get masks to decorate in their own image for the immunity challenge. Of course, they will be destroying those masks. The masks will be hanging in front of a suspended log. Each time they get an answer right, they can chop someone else’sog. After three hits, they’re out.

What is guarana?
A Brazilian energy drink. Dave strikes Matthew. Deena hits Matthew again. Matthew returns the favor to Dave. Alex gives Dave his second hit.

In the unlikely event you are attacked by an alligator, crocodile, or kamen, you should…
Punch it in the snout, cover its eyes, and try to get on its back. Heidi eliminates Matthew. Matthew eliminates Dave. Dave strikes back Alex. Deena gives Alex his second hit. Alex hits Deena. Christy eliminates Alex. With that, Alex should be worried with where he stands in this tribe.

If you find yourself face to face with a bushmaster, you’re looking at…
The world’s largest viper. Deena strikes Rob. Heidi gives him his second. Jenna goes after Butch, who has surprisingly been unscathed thus far. Christy eliminates Rob. Butch strikes Jenna.

Amazonian tribesmen still use primitive weapons like bows and arrows and blowpipes to hunt birds and monkeys.
True. Heidi hits Butch. Butch returns the favor. Jenna eliminates Butch. Christy goes for Deena. Deena strikes Christy back.

The Amazon is the longest river in the world.
False. The Nile is the longest. Christy goes for Heidi. Deena strikes Christy. Heidi eliminates Christy. Jenna eliminates Deena.

A piraruku is…
An Amazonian fish. Heidi chops Jenna, but it’s moot. Jenna eliminates Heidi to win immunity.

So now it’s a question of Matt, the wildcard, or Dave, the threat who was aligned with Roger.

Matthew says he fits in now. If only he knew.

Heidi found the immunity challenge quite amusing. The guys basically just eliminated each other, leaving the girls as the last four standing.


As much talk as there was about possibly getting rid of Matthew, it looks like all for show. By a unanimous vote, Dave has been voted off the island.

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Survivor: Amazon Episode 7

Although she had recovered from her whining, Shawna was voted out in Survivor: Amazon Episode 6.

Rob is worried that Alex is a little depressed that Shawna’s not around any more. Maybe now he’ll get back to playing. Either that, or he’ll just get voted off right away.

Enough of that, though, Rob’s right back into strategy mode. He pitches to his new tribe a plan to pretend after the merger that everything’s still as it was. Jenna has confidence that she can get Heidi, but she doesn’t trust Christy, probably because she has never made an effort to bond with her. Deena suggests getting rid of Dave first. Rob, meanwhile, wants to tell Roger to shut up at some point in the near future.

In treemail, they get a key. The mystery box. It’s been there from day one. It’s now day 18, and the mystery will be revealed. What’s inside? A clue telling them it’s time to merge. Lame, even if it is good news. Everybody packs up to move to a new site, where they’re going to have to start over from the beginning.

Before Jaburu leaves, they repeat the plan: Dave, Roger, Butch.

When they arrive at Jeff, he gives them new red buffs and a boat to row to their new location, where a feast is waiting for them. While eating, they come up with the new tribe name, Jacare (alligator). It’s not long before Roger decides that he wants to start working and stop celebrating. He’s also irritated that they want to keep the beer cold, rather than worrying about the food.

As the Jaburu men remember why they hated Roger, Deena is joining with them. She’d like to be in charge still, but that’s going to be a tough sell as long as Roger’s around.

Rob’s noticing something. Some people are busy building the shelter. He’s busy building alliances. We’ll see if the people primarily focused on the shelter are going to be there to use it for more than 6 or 9 days.

Christy doesn’t like that she can’t help with the shelter, and Heidi joins the chorus, begging for Roger to go first. If he makes the jury, he’s not going to vote for one of them on the basis of gender.

The immunity challenge is a test of will. They will each stand on a perch 4 inches wide by 12 inches long. Last person standing wins. Jeff lays it all out. There will be some temptations along the way. Don’t jump off until you get those. Jenna offers to take her clothes off for some chocolate and peanutbutter. Get the girls some chocolate and peanutbutter, Probst. He delivers: two colas, a plate of peanutbutter, and a tray of chocolate cookies. Jenna and Heidi both willingly strip for this. To all the kids at school, Butch is not looking. Dave and Alex are, though. Heidi and Jenna jump after stripping, and the first two are out of the challenge at 30 minutes. At 35 minutes, Roger decides to jump, exactly what everybody was waiting for. At the 1 hour mark, the rain comes in. The offer for pizza draws three jumpers: Butch, Rob, and Alex. At 2 hours, Deena says she outlasted Roger. That’s all that really matters. Jeff has a new offer: chicken wings with bleu cheese. Matt and Dave jump in. That leaves Deena and Christy. Jeff offers spaghetti and meatballs at two and a half hours. They’re sharing the food regardless of what happens. Deena suggests rock, paper, scissors. Rock breaks scissors. Deena wins immunity.

Roger thinks that everything is falling into place exactly as they planned. It seems too easy. It seems too good to be true.

At tribal council, discussing the first few days as a merged tribe, Rob says that if people didn’t know what they were good at, there were a couple people more than willing to tell them what to do. Jeff can read between the lines. It sounds like complaints about bossiness. Deena offers up the fact that the women were set aside during that whole shelter building thing, but they took the opportunity to rebond with each other.


The male members of Tambaqui thought they had it in the bag, but everybody else voted to get rid of Roger.

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Survivor: Amazon Episode 6

Following a tribe shuffle, having been given no assurances other than being third on the chopping block, Heidi turned on the girls and helped the guys vote Jeanne out of the tribe in Survivor: Amazon Episode 5.

Christy wants to know why Jeanne was voted out. Roger responds that the assets brought to the tribe by Jeanne were those already embodied in Butch. Dave describes this explanation as different than his understanding, which was that Jeanne was the next to go in Jaburu.

Heidi defends her decision by saying she was trying to get all of them together as a team, instead of a split tribe three against three. The next morning, the guys go off in their group, leaving the girls behind to do their own thing.

Matthew views his new tribe as a new lease, seeing as he was probably next in line over on the other tribe.

Shawna, who was on her deathbed days prior, is in good spirits now that she’s got a guy to flirt with. She and Alex have some interest in each other, whether it will evolve to anything or not.

The reward challenge is a log roll. Reward is something to spice up their food, as well as some fresh fruit. Deena sits out for Jaburu. Roger and Matthew go first, with Matt easily winning to take the lead 1-0 for Jaburu. Heidi and Shawna are up next, and Shawna wins that match to take the lead 2-0. Alex and Dave go next, which evolves into a good match, as Dave narrowly wins to make it 2-1. Rob and Butch square off, with Butch winning to tie it 2-2. Jenna takes on Christy, and Christy gives Tambaqui the lead 3-2. Alex beats Roger to tie it 3-3. Shawna beats Heidi again to take the lead 4-3. Matt loses to Butch to bring the score to 4-4. In the final showdown, Christy takes on Jenna. With Christy’s win, Tambaqui wins reward.

Their victory brings Tambaqui a sense of being a team.

Following their loss, Jaburu decides to have a communal bath. Now that they have some men around, the young girls can be bathed by others, instead of acting like they’re better than the rest of the tribe and going off on their own for a soap commercial gone wrong. Deena sits off to the side and watches the action.

Rob’s concerned that Alex is more interested in making friends than playing the game. Their alliance no longer seems reliable. So he approaches Deena, who he sees as being as hungry as he is. As much as he’d like to get rid of Matthew, they need his fishing skills and probably his vote.

Not to be stopped by the fact that Alex and Shawna are trying to hook up, Matthew is looking to create a triangle.

The immunity challenge is to get meat into a basket using only their mouths. Jenna sits out for Jaburu. It’s like watching a bunch of animals at feeding time. Jaburu ends up at just under 9kg. Tambaqui gets just over 9kg to win immunity.

Shawna agrees to put her head on the chopping block rather than letting one of the other girls go home before her, although she has decided now that she still wants to be in the game because there are guys on her team. Matt and Alex say they’re going to trade votes with each other. Shawna wants to make it one more for Matt. Rob doesn’t want to see Matt go any more, especially since he’s been putting so much effort into getting on his good side lately.


By a vote of 4-2, Shawna has been voted off the island. Odd man out Alex has some scrambling to do.

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