Survivor: Amazon Episode 6

Following a tribe shuffle, having been given no assurances other than being third on the chopping block, Heidi turned on the girls and helped the guys vote Jeanne out of the tribe in Survivor: Amazon Episode 5.

Christy wants to know why Jeanne was voted out. Roger responds that the assets brought to the tribe by Jeanne were those already embodied in Butch. Dave describes this explanation as different than his understanding, which was that Jeanne was the next to go in Jaburu.

Heidi defends her decision by saying she was trying to get all of them together as a team, instead of a split tribe three against three. The next morning, the guys go off in their group, leaving the girls behind to do their own thing.

Matthew views his new tribe as a new lease, seeing as he was probably next in line over on the other tribe.

Shawna, who was on her deathbed days prior, is in good spirits now that she’s got a guy to flirt with. She and Alex have some interest in each other, whether it will evolve to anything or not.

The reward challenge is a log roll. Reward is something to spice up their food, as well as some fresh fruit. Deena sits out for Jaburu. Roger and Matthew go first, with Matt easily winning to take the lead 1-0 for Jaburu. Heidi and Shawna are up next, and Shawna wins that match to take the lead 2-0. Alex and Dave go next, which evolves into a good match, as Dave narrowly wins to make it 2-1. Rob and Butch square off, with Butch winning to tie it 2-2. Jenna takes on Christy, and Christy gives Tambaqui the lead 3-2. Alex beats Roger to tie it 3-3. Shawna beats Heidi again to take the lead 4-3. Matt loses to Butch to bring the score to 4-4. In the final showdown, Christy takes on Jenna. With Christy’s win, Tambaqui wins reward.

Their victory brings Tambaqui a sense of being a team.

Following their loss, Jaburu decides to have a communal bath. Now that they have some men around, the young girls can be bathed by others, instead of acting like they’re better than the rest of the tribe and going off on their own for a soap commercial gone wrong. Deena sits off to the side and watches the action.

Rob’s concerned that Alex is more interested in making friends than playing the game. Their alliance no longer seems reliable. So he approaches Deena, who he sees as being as hungry as he is. As much as he’d like to get rid of Matthew, they need his fishing skills and probably his vote.

Not to be stopped by the fact that Alex and Shawna are trying to hook up, Matthew is looking to create a triangle.

The immunity challenge is to get meat into a basket using only their mouths. Jenna sits out for Jaburu. It’s like watching a bunch of animals at feeding time. Jaburu ends up at just under 9kg. Tambaqui gets just over 9kg to win immunity.

Shawna agrees to put her head on the chopping block rather than letting one of the other girls go home before her, although she has decided now that she still wants to be in the game because there are guys on her team. Matt and Alex say they’re going to trade votes with each other. Shawna wants to make it one more for Matt. Rob doesn’t want to see Matt go any more, especially since he’s been putting so much effort into getting on his good side lately.


By a vote of 4-2, Shawna has been voted off the island. Odd man out Alex has some scrambling to do.

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