Survivor: Amazon Episode 11

Deena suggested voting out Alex in Survivor: Amazon Episode 9 because he’s a threat, and the backlash against her resulted in her own elimination.

Jenna, Heidi, Rob, and Alex believe they’re on vacation, and the fact that they’re in the majority will allow them to relax. The remaining three members of the tribe are tired of all of them.

It’s time for the Survivor auction. Each person is given $500. A piece of cheesecake is up first. Heidi grabs the opening bid of $120, with nobody else expressing interest. The next item is covered with an opening bid of $40. Matt bids $40. $60 Rob. $80 Matt. $100 Butch. $120 Christy. $160 Alex. $200 Butch. $220 Jenna. $240 Alex. He’s given a choice between that covered item he bid on or the other covered item. He goes with what he bought, turning down lasagne, in favor of manioc flour. The next item is covered. $100 from Rob. $120 Jenna. $140 Heidi. $200 Matt. $240 Christy. $280 Jenna. $300 Matt. $320 Christy. $340 Jenna. $360 Matt. $380 Jenna. $400 Matt. Hell of a gamble. He gets a cheeseburger and fries. The next item is peanutbutter and chocolate, and it will not require Jenna and Heidi to take their clothes off. Everybody jumps on the first bid. Jenna quickly ups the stakes to $200. $220 Christy. $240 Jenna. $260 Heidi. $280 Jenna. $300 Christy. $320 Jenna. Jenna gets some more peanutbutter and chocolate. The next item is scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes, and it comes with something else. Butch opens the bidding at $360. Rob bids $380. $400 Butch. In addition to the meal, the surprise is a bed and pillow big enough for one to take back to camp. Rob buys a protein bar. Matt gets a protein shake. Heidi gets the chocolate cake. A covered item is next. Rob bids $100. $140 Alex. $160 Rob. $200 Alex. $220 Rob. $240 Alex. He gets himself another covered item, this time a steak and baked potato. Letters from home are the next up for grabs. $80 Christy. $100 Jenna. $200 Heidi. $240 Christy. $260 Heidi. Christy bids $300, despite not having had any food so far. Heidi bids $320. Christy bids $340. It’s obvious she’s going to win this bidding war because nobody else either wants it enough or has the money. With that, Jenna breaks down because her mom is sick, which we all remember from Survivor All Stars. Jeff’s taken in by the tears, so he agrees to put another letter up for bid. Jenna bids $80. $100 Heidi. $120 Jenna. She gets her letter from home. The auction is over.

Following the auction, rather than being grateful that Jeff and Christy allowed her to have a second chance, Jenna takes the opportunity to complain about Christy outbidding Heidi. Apparently, she was supposed to just lay down and let Jenna have the letter. If Jenna wanted the letter so bad, she should have not bid for anything else.

Matt and Butch have been listening to Rob all along, but now they’re seemingly starting to think for themselves. They want to get Rob back on their side. They know it should be obvious to him that the other side will get rid of him first chance they get.

If it weren’t obvious, Alex makes it obvious. He says that the two girls aren’t going to vote against each other no matter what, so when it gets down to that, Alex will have to vote for Rob. It’s a little early to be planning that far ahead to begin with, but actually vocalizing it is a mistake. Whether they’re his friends or not, Rob’s playing the game and has been the whole time.

Rob goes up to Matthew to tell him the truth for a change. He and multiple others have been trying to get rid of him for a while. With that said, Alex needs to go. Rob knows his alliance is very arrogant, so he should be able to get everybody else onboard easily. Matt is fine with this plan. Christy is very willing to get rid of Alex as well.

They get treemail that should let them know it’s the competition where someone always gets offended by at least one of the answers. The immunity challenge is to guess what the majority of tribe members said.

Who would you trust with your life?
Butch. Butch, Rob, and Jenna are correct.

Which tribe member uses sex appeal as a weapon?
Jenna. Heidi, Matthew, Christy, and Alex get a point.

Who is the most honest?
Matthew. He gets a point.

Who would never survive on their own?
Jenna. Matthew, Rob, Christy, and Butch are correct.

Who most needs therapy?
Matthew. He’s okay with that. Matthew, Rob, and Heidi are correct.

Who would you most like to see pose nude in a magazine?
Heidi. Jenna, Alex, Christy, Rob, and Butch are correct.

Who in the tribe do you have a crush on?
Heidi. Everybody except Matthew is correct (he guessed himself). Rob wins immunity.

Rob’s got a choice. Does he get rid of Alex and improve his odds but potentially piss off three jury members, or does he get rid of Matthew and guarantee himself fourth place?


With 4 votes, Alex has been voted off the island.

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