Big Brother 13 Episode 14

Following Brendon’s eviction in Big Brother 13 Episode 13, Kalia won HOH.

Daniele complains that Brendon and Rachel have pulled a lot of crap. Surely that is something Daniele knows a lot about. Her gameplay is ultimately what caused it all.

Porsche chose Jeff and Shelly in the competition, an indication to them that she’s on the other side. She calls it a mistake, but she’s happy if it buys her one week of safety.

Kalia says nobody better say she’s not here to play. Based on one multiple guess challenge win, I’ll say it. Let me know when you’ve done something worthwhile.

Meanwhile, Rachel has another breakdown, and then Kalia follows suit when she walks into her HOH room.

Rachel offers Kalia one week of safety if she receives the same thing in return.

The contestants head to a lounge in the backyard, where the have not challenge is to blend three ingredients with milk and serve it to their opponent. The houseguest who names the most ingredients will win a point, and in the event of a tie, they must drink the glass the fastest. Jeff guesses creamed corn and corned beef hash, while Lawon guesses scrambled eggs and gorgonzola, bringing them to a tie, which Jeff wins. Shelly guesses carrots (disregarding Jeff’s input that canned yams are in it), while Porsche guesses beets and dill pickles to win the point. Daniele and Jordan both try to make the grossest combination. Jordan guesses horseradish sauce, while Daniele guesses liverwurst, bringing them to a chug off tie breaker, which Daniele wins. The red team of Daniele, Porsche, and Adam are the haves for the week; the blue team of Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, and Rachel are the have nots.

Jordan blames herself for their loss, and she’s angry that Porsche and Lawon do nothing but just get by regardless. In addition to slop, the have nots receive coconuts and catfish.

Kalia says she wants to ally with Shelly for a trio to go to the end. Shelly plays along, like she’s played along with everybody else, but she really wants to be with Jeff and Jordan.

The plan for the nominations is Jeff and Rachel. But Jeff’s the pawn. Or rather, Jeff’s the person who’s just being nominated so that he can win veto, at least that’s how it’s being sold to him (he’s not buying this stupid story). Already in a bad mood today, Jordan walks out. Before leaving, she warns her that she should be nominating the dead weight, who are not a threat if they come back. Jeff departs with an additional warning, that Kalia’s his #1 target, and tells her that she needs to stop listening to Daniele and the floaters.

Before we get to the nominations, Daniele pouts because she has to sit next to Rachel.

Adam is safe.
Porsche is safe.
Daniele is safe.
Jordan is safe (speaking up to say she’s going to be on the block anyway).
Lawon is safe.
Shelly is safe.
Rachel and Jeff have been nominated for eviction.

Kalia says she made her own decision, which is greeted by snickering.

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Big Brother 13 Episode 13

Desperate to get out of the house, Brendon’s veto win in Big Brother 13 Episode 12 led him not to saving himself but rather to saving Rachel. Tonight either he or Jordan will be sent home.

Daniele feels people aren’t threatened by Jordan, the only winner in the house, who’s a far better player than Brendon (or Daniele’s dad for that matter). She needs Jordan in this house because otherwise she’s in trouble. As if she’s not in trouble either way after throwing away her game.

Brendon and Rachel assume that Kalia and Lawon are lost causes, which will leave the power in the hands of the other three newbies. Rachel hopes she can at least count on her closest friend in the house, Porsche, assuming she’s able to take Rachel’s tantrums and self pity.

Julie points out that the only other person ever to use the veto on someone else rather than themselves when they were on the block were Dick and Daniele, who both saved each other during their season. It’s a mark of extremely poor gameplay, although in Daniele’s case it was merely for show since it granted her father the only vote.

ED returns to the show, still deluded into thinking he and his daughter played a great game (in spite of having full knowledge now about Eric and America’s Choice), but his main purpose for being on the show tonight is to talk about how much Daniele sucks at this game.

Jeff: Brendon
Rachel: Jordan
Kalia: Brendon
Adam: Brendon
Porsche: Jordan
Lawon: Brendon
Shelly: Brendon

By a vote of 5-2, Brendon has been voted out of the Big Brother house. Kalia and Daniele use their goodbye messages to be bitches, always a stupid idea.

It’s time to shake things up. I hate hearing phrases like that from Julie. Keith, Cassi, Dominic, and Brendon will be given the opportunity to return to the game. This is why you play nice in your goodbye messages. You never know when somebody will come back and/or how it will impact their jury vote.

Here’s the bad news. America will be able to vote between the four people who have been evicted to choose who they want to return to the house. If Big Brother were intended to be a popularity contest, the format would not have been changed in season 2.

The HOH competition has three choices for answers: Keith, Cassi, or Dominic.

During an eviction ceremony, who referred to the other houseguests as…
Kalia guesses Dominic and strangely enough is correct. Jordan is eliminated.

Rachel and Lawon are chosen to compete next by Kalia.
Who did not play in the march of the ants competition?
Rachel correctly answers Keith, and Lawon is out.

Kalia and Adam go next.
Who was nominated for eviction twice?
Kalia answers Dominic.

Rachel and Porsche are next.
Who putted their ball into…
Rachel guesses Dominic incorrectly rather than Cassi, and she’s warned by Julie not to swear on live TV (with a 7 second delay).

Jeff and Shelly are next.
During an eviction ceremony, who said “There are some friendships I’ll carry outside of…”
Shelly correctly answers Cassi.

As the only others who remains, Kalia and Porsche square off.
Who was the third houseguest to fall off a banana? Kalia correctly answers Keith.

The final competition is between Kalia and Shelly. I doubt Shelly even wants this.
Who spelled the word standings?
Kalia answers Dominic, and she is the new HOH.

Oh joy. Another week of Kalia and Daniele.

Julie leaves us with information that two evicted houseguests will battle live to get back into the game. (Yeah, I was listening to her for once.) So is that next week’s evictee and America’s choice, or is it the top two vote getters?

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Big Brother 13 Episode 12

Daniele followed her scripted for television HOH win in Big Brother 13 Episode 11 with an also scripted for television nomination of Rachel & Brendon, a couple that once again can’t make it past week 5 before the house turns on them.

Brendon’s plan: win veto and remove Rachel so that Daniele is stuck with her rather than him being stuck with her.

Well, I can see this is going to be an evening of waterworks.

Jordan volunteers to Jeff to go on the block as a pawn should it be necessary. Jeff is willing to honor his deal with Daniele for as long as she’s in power.

Daniele views this as her opportunity to make a big game move. Her and her army of… Kalia. Somehow her terrible gameplay is Rachel’s fault.

Daniele, Brendon, and Rachel are joined in the power of veto by Jeff, Adam, and Porsche. They have apparently run out of ideas because it’s a mix of all the previous competitions.

The first competition up for bids is how long it will take them to transport 10 gumballs across the balance beam. Dominic’s winning time was 70 in 12 minutes and 10 seconds. With her bid of 2 minutes, Rachel will either need to complete the task in that time, or Adam will be knocked out after bidding 3:17. Now we get to listen to Brendon being a cheerleader and Kalia’s equally annoying impression of him. With a time of 1:49, Rachel eliminates Adam.

Brendon and Rachel completed the superhero veto puzzle. They are now bidding on how long it will take them to complete this new version. Rachel again bids lowest, 38 seconds, and she is competing to knock out Porsche, who bid 1:58. The ridiculously short bid is not enough, and Rachel is eliminated.

The third task is to pluck 11 hairs and spell an 11 letter word, nominations. Not wanting to spell, Jeff bids a high 1:59, but the thinking she was being smart Daniele accidentally bids lowest by a good margin with 29 seconds. She seems to have the word but not enough time.

While dressed as cows on the moon, they will have to transport 3 gallons of milk from the pool to the jug. Saying she does not want a repeat of what happened when she was partnered with Keith (I’m sure there’s logic in there somewhere), Porsche bids 3:19, a time far higher than Jeff’s 54 seconds. Coming just a couple seconds shy, Jeff is eliminated.

The final round is to put a ball into the hole. Brendon’s bid of 33 seconds is 2 seconds lower than Porsche. Finishing with 3 seconds to spare, Brendon wins the power of veto.

Brendon’s plan is to use the power of veto to save Rachel so that he can stop whining about his PhD and what he’s giving up to be here. However, he will tell everybody that he’s going to save himself so that Daniele has to make a last minute decision that burns her. He’s not even telling Jeff and Jordan, a good thing because Daniele’s only hope is to send them fishing for answers.

Daniele doesn’t trust Shelly because she considers her a floater, though she doesn’t want to make yet another enemy either. Her other option is to nominate Jordan and assume the house will view her as less of a threat. I disagree because Jordan’s clearly a far better player than either of them, but ultimately, you don’t take anything for granted in this game. If you nominate two people, make it two people you want to get rid of. Don’t assume your intended target is certain. This is Big Brother 101 and was made obvious the very first week of the very first house nominations in Big Brother 2.

Rachel and Brendon offer to work with Daniele, but she’s not biting.

As planned, Brendon uses the power of veto to save Rachel, a surprise to everybody in the house. The replacement nominee is Jordan.

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Big Brother 13 Episode 11

After calling the others jellyfish, Dominic was predictably voted out in Big Brother 13 Episode 10. We left off at the start of an endurance competition for HOH.

Adam’s struggling, but ultimately he feels safe regardless of who wins. He’s the first to fall after 9 minutes, and his prize is an elf suit for the week. Lawon is next to fall at 19 minutes. He wins the ability to be a have not for the week. Brendon drops at 35 minutes, and he is also a have not. Last man standing Jeff is out at 51 minutes, and he wins the $10,000, as if he needed a bigger target. Jordan’s the first girl down at 57 minutes, and she’s a have not. Porsche drops next at 1 hour and 16 minutes. Shelly falls at 1 hour and 26 minutes, dashing the hopes of the rest of the house. Kalia drops 11 minutes later, and Daniele wins HOH.

Predictable much?

I was getting tired of the veterans. But now that my other option is Kalia and Daniele, that’s not more appealing. Daniele’s looking forward to making everybody sweat. Surely now would be a good time to mend some fences and recover from your disastrous gameplay last week, no? She’s going to have to improve a lot if she wants to be more than the girl who can only play this game when a twist makes her safe.

Nobody is even able to pretend to be excited about the HOH room, except for Lawon, who gets to wear the HOH robe.

Daniele tells Jordan that she and Jeff are staying this week, but Jordan doesn’t trust her. Later, she reveals her logic for this. She wants a deal, a one week truce, whereby they will keep her safe next week. A deal worth taking, but not one worth sticking to.

In addition to their slop, the have nots get seaweed and sardines. Nobody is happy with this choice.

Brendon and Rachel suggest to Daniele that the five of them rekindle their alliance and go to the end. Apparently, they are willing to forgive and forget. Aw, isn’t that special?

Adam is safe.
Kalia is safe.
Shelly is safe.
Lawon is safe.
Jordan is safe.
Porsche is safe.
Jeff is safe.

Brendon and Rachel have been nominated for eviction. Retribution for evicting her closest ally. It’s not personal, except it is. Jeff’s not convinced he’s not the target.

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Big Brother 13 Episode 10

After finding out her alliance was not as aligned with her as she may have thought, Rachel kept the nominations the same in Big Brother 13 Episode 9. Tonight Adam or Dominic will be voted out.

Both Adam and Dominic feel they’re safe and have deals.

Daniele’s upset and surprised nobody is trying to hand her this game (unlike the last time she was in the house). She warns Brendon and Rachel that, if Dominic goes, she’ll be furious. So that is future tense or present because I’m seeing furious already?

Kalia pretends she had no idea that Jeff was a target. In the face of being told he’s probably going home, Dominic does this same pretending. Jordan doesn’t buy Kalia’s lies, and Jeff finds Dominic’s lies to be insulting.

Dominic wants to prove to the non-Daniele veterans that he’s on their side, or at least not the one who’s not on their side. Rather than dancing around it, you want to throw Daniele under the bus now or what? He merely refers to her as “that person”.

Brendon calls Kalia (and in turn her partner Lawon) a floater. She tells him to suck, uh, something, then goes inside to repeat their conversation to the rest of the house.

Well it’s war then. House meeting.

Kalia doesn’t like being public enemy #2, behind the boss of her. As Daniele sits there quietly, they warn her that she’ll sell her out in a heartbeat because she doesn’t care. Daniele’s silence breaks to call Rachel an idiot. Jeff uses her actions against her with a warning to those who would trust her like he did. Seems her plan to do nothing and get other people to do her dirty work isn’t going to go as she’d hoped.

In his pre-voting speech, Dominic says he likes all of these people, even though they are spineless jellyfish who all suck at this game. That’s a goodbye speech if I ever heard one. If he were as good at this game as he seems to believe, he would at least realize that the game never ends. Somebody’s probably coming back into the house following Evel Dick’s early departure, and burning your bridges is just an amateur move.

Jeff: Dominic
Jordan: Dominic
Kalia: Dominic
Daniele: Adam (to prove a point, of some kind, apparently)
Brendon: Dominic
Shelly: Dominic
Lawon: Dominic
Porsche: Dominic (I forgot she was even in the house this week)

By a vote of 7-1, Dominic has been voted out of the Big Brother house. He explains his speech to Julie, saying he was calling the non-veterans jellyfish. Weren’t you one of the people trying to work with the veterans? His goal in this speech was to get Daniele some help. Uh, isn’t she a veteran, too? He still doesn’t realize he overplayed. Dude, you did. Sticking both feet in your mouth was your undoing.

With Dominic’s elimination, the twist is done. No more “here’s a free month to aimlessly float and say you’re great at the game” golden keys, and no more duos. Yay. Now what new/lame twist awaits us?

They get on skis in the backyard for an endurance HOH competition. The first 5 houseguests to drop must pick a snowball, with one of the prizes (that can be good or bad) being $10,000. The skis start moving back and forth and forward. And what would a ski competition be without a little snow? Aren’t you glad you went sleeveless, Jordan?

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Big Brother 13 Episode 9

Following Rachel’s HOH win, she nominated Adam & Dominic for eviction (after much whining) in Big Brother 13 Episode 8. Apparently only a good idea when it’s her idea.

Adam and Dominic are both under the impression they already made deals with Rachel. Apparently, those deals are not valid because now she goes up to them again (both at the same time) looking to make a deal.

Daniele hopes to get rid of Jeff or Jordan. After all, it’s not the dumbest game move.

Brendon and Rachel continue to whine about not being able to see David Hasselhoff on the TV.

Daniele’s increasingly close relationship with Adam is not lost anybody, not Adam or Jeff or Brendon and Rachel.

Rachel, Brendon, Adam, and Dominic are joined by Jeff and Jordan in the veto competion. They walk outside to see a hairy legged lady in a tub. They have 10 minutes to gather hairs, each of which contain a letter, which they will use to spell a word, such as technotronics. Dominic made a deal to throw the competition, so his plan is to merely look legit. Jordan spelled little, 6 letters. Dominic spelled standings, a 9 letter word that’s actually pretty good. A little too good if the goal was to throw it. Rachel spelled moisturizing… incorrectly. Adam spelled fractions, a 9 letter word giving him the lead since he finished before Dominic. Jeff spelled expresses, also a 9 letter word, giving him the lead. Brendon spelled understanding, a 13 letter word that gives him the power of veto.

America’s vote is to give the have nots black licorice and blue cheese, parsnips and prunes, or seaweed and sardines.

Dominic tells Shelly that he wants to break up Jeff and Jordan. She ain’t happy with that plan. Seems Dominic doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Eventually this deal making with the whole house is going to bite him, and that point is now. After Jordan is told of this, she goes upstairs to talk to Brendon and Rachel, spilling the beans about Daniele’s not so secret alliance with Dominic, as well as their plans to target the couples. This just helps to strengthen the couples, though that won’t last.

At the veto ceremony, Brendon opts to not use the power of veto. Daniele’s mad she didn’t get her way after her aggressive efforts to save her buddy fell on deaf ears.

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Big Brother 13 Episode 8

Following Cassi’s eviction in Big Brother 13 Episode 7, Rachel won HOH again. Oh boy. How exciting.

The Regulators alliance has been decimated from 4 to 2 in a couple weeks, not exactly surprising, particularly considering the lack of effort they have put forth.

Brendon says that Rachel is the brains behind the operation. Apparently, her winning the multiple guess HOH competition is proof of that.

Rachel now has three choices for nomination: Adam & Dominic, Lawon & Kalia, or Jeff & Jordan. Brendon says he almost feels like they have to put up Adam & Dominic. Wait a minute. Last week, Jordan did exactly that. Rachel called it a stupid move, so stupid in fact that she was willing to throw away her alliance over it.

Who wants to see Rachel’s HOH room? Well, there’s Brendon.

Adam tries to reinstate the deal with them that he rejected before. Lawon tries to make a deal as well, I think, but Rachel doesn’t understand what point he’s trying to make, if any.

It’s time for a luxury competition. So basically they plan to promote some CBS show or movie. The actual good news for the contestants is that there are no have nots this week. Some guy walks out who nobody recognizes: David Hasselhoff. He’s there to promote the new show Same Name, which premieres next. The challenge is to figure out the correct celebrity name. Based on the first clue of some bars of soap and binoculars, Jordan guesses Baywatch, which leads her to ask Jeff who played Mitch in that show. Somehow, this guess is correct. Brendon says it would be stupid to guess on the first clue. The second clue is a microphone. Brendon guess Michael C Hall. Porsche guesses Michael Jackson. Rachel’s help did her no good. Adam says Ricky Martin. Lawon says Barbara Streisand. The third clue is a knight. Jeff guesses Mike Knight. Rachel says Keira Knightley. Then everybody just starts naming random people.

Jordan and three guests are invited to watch an advanced screening of Same Name. She picks Jeff, Shelly, and Kalia. Interesting. Not Rachel or Brendon. Needless to say, Rachel doesn’t like not getting her way. This sets the stage for another fight between her and Brendon. He lectures and threatens to leave the show. She cries.

Seeing as he’s thrown away his old alliance, Dominic has a new plan. Align with Brendon and Rachel, or at least pretend to do so. That way, he’ll always have a bigger target before him. Rachel and Brendon have decided that Jeff and Jordan are not bright players. Because they don’t paint giant targets on their backs by being obnoxious? Daniele is just as afraid of Jeff and Jordan as Brendon and Rachel are, so she wants to see if she can get someone else to do the dirty work.

Brendon is automatically safe.
Daniele, Porsche, and Shelly are automatically safe.
Jeff and Jordan are safe.
Kalia and Lawon are safe.
Adam & Dominic have been nominated for eviction.

Both Adam and Dominic believe they’ve got deals that will save them.

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Big Brother 13 Episode 7

After Dominic won veto in Big Brother 13 Episode 6, Cassi & Shelly were nominated in place of him and Adam.

Jordan says that Cassi & Shelly are the last duo she wants to put on the block. Well, then, congrats on using your HOH for your own good.

Cassi says she doesn’t want to campaign against Shelly, although Shelly tells her she should.

Rachel has come up with a couple of excuses to explain why she wants Cassi gone, none of which have to do with the truth that she’s jealous. First, she didn’t like what Cassi said about Porsche (I don’t know what that was, maybe I blinked and missed it). Second, she’s heard from plenty of people, plenty of people (of the 11 other contestants who entered the house) that Cassi wants a veteran gone. Who doesn’t? Oh, and Cassi’s a bad game player. This from the girl who went home in week 5 last year after making herself and her showmance the biggest targets in the house. Now Cassi understands why America hates Rachel. She’s catty and ugly inside. Upon going to Jordan to cry about this, Jordan says Rachel can come across as bitchy, and her mouth is going to get them all in trouble.

When he gets wind of this, Brendon says he’s done with anybody who’s mean to Rachel. Good luck having anyone left to talk to then. He promptly picks a fight with Cassi and twists her words to suit his desire to run his mouth.

Rachel: Cassi
Brendon: Cassi
Jeff: Cassi
Adam: Cassi
Dominic: Cassi
Daniele: Cassi
Kalia: Cassi
Lawon: Cassi
Porsche: Cassi

By a vote of 9-0, Cassi has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Rachel got her wish and is now the fourth prettiest girl in the house.

Jordan, Daniele, Porsche, and now Shelly will sit out of the HOH competition. This competition is based on questions voted on by viewers.

Which houseguest would America rather get mouth to mouth resuscitation from? Jeff or Brendon?
Jeff. Everybody is correct.

Which houseguest is more likely to warm the pool with something other than their charm? Adam or Kalia?
Adam. Everybody is correct.

Which houseguest is more likely to steal someone’s lover? Rachel or Porsche?
Porsche. Kalia has been eliminated.

Which houseguest is more likely to save someone from a burning building? Shelly or Brendon?
Brendon. Jeff has been eliminated.

Which houseguest would America rather see spend the entire summer wearing a bikini? Porsche or Daniele?
Daniele. Adam, Lawon, and Dominic are out.

Which houseguest would America rather cheat off of on a test? Jordan or Lawon?
Lawon. Both are correct.

Which houseguest is more likely to seriously go bananas? Adam or Dominic?
Adam. Brendon has been eliminated. Rachel wins HOH.

Boring. We need a power shift, and these stupid golden keys bringing it down to just three choices really is not helping matters any.

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