Big Brother 13 Episode 6

Adam & Dominic were nominated in Big Brother 13 Episode 5. Adam trusts he’s not the target. Jordan says they have to work with him, for right now, though she does not trust him. Dominic feels he is the target, and his partner is a traitor. Meanwhile, Rachel is angry that the prettiest girl in the house has not been nominated. Don’t worry. She has no intention of messing with your man.

Jordan instructs Adam to throw the veto. Contrary to Jordan’s plan, Daniele and Rachel want Dominic to win veto.

In response to her reaction to Cassi, Jordan calls Rachel almost ridiculous. The risk here is that they help Cassi bond with Jeff and Jordan.

Joining Jeff, Jordan, Adam, and Dominic in the veto competition, Brendon and Rachel are selected at random. Rachel suggests winning the competition and changing the nominations. They want to make a deal with Dominic and then all of them partner with Daniele. This is a worse alliance than the last worse alliance. Oh, but they’re not turning on Jeff and Jordan. Rather, they are not making good decisions. The lone voice of reason is Brendon, who doesn’t to do this behind their backs, but he does not protest much.

This is a singles veto competition, so Adam won’t be able to drag down his partner. The challenge is to chew gumballs, cross the balance beam, and fill in a veto portrait. Jordan’s looking forward to this. She walks and chews gum all the time. If you fall, you’re out, unless you’re willing to accept two weeks of slop, though a second fall will eliminate you anyway. Adam doesn’t even have to try to throw the competition because his balance sucks. Go ahead and try your hardest, dude. Jordan is the first to fall. She offers to take two weeks of slop, but Jeff talks some sense into her because neither of the girls is going to win this. This leads to more whining from Rachel, as vocally as possible (as if there’s an alternative from her). Rachel falls, but she takes the two weeks of slop. She very quickly falls again after that. That was stupid. Hope you proved the point you were trying to make. Jeff and Brendon give him a run for his money, but Dominic ends up winning the veto.

After the competition, Jeff picks a fight with Rachel due to the comments she made during the challenge. Brendon’s behind her 100%, aside from the fact that he doesn’t understand why she made a comment that they shouldn’t even try if the HOH isn’t going to try. Rachel hides in the bushes and cries. She decides she doesn’t work with them any more (you were working with them in the first place?), but Brendon doesn’t want to get nominated.

Adam’s just as happy as Dominic because he’s safe, too, all without breaking his word.

Rachel suggests that she could be a bitch and tell them that they let Jordan win HOH, but Brendon has her instead make a fake apology that nobody buys.

Jordan realizes a simple fact. If Brendon and Rachel had the option, they would ignore her and nominate whoever they wanted.

As much as he wants to be in this new alliance, Dominic doesn’t want to break ties with his old alliance either.

Dominic uses the veto to save himself and Adam as expected. In his place, Cassi and Shelly have been nominated.

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