The Amazing Race 28 Episode 4

After getting confused on the road block, Darius & Cameron were eliminated in The Amazing Race 28 Episode 3.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Brodie & Kurt – 10:22AM
Second: Tyler & Korey – 10:30AM
Third: Burnie & Ashley – 10:48AM
Fourth: Dana & Matt – 11:19AM
Fifth: Brittany & Jessica – 12:00PM
Sixth: Sheri & Cole – 12:44PM
Seventh: Erin & Joslyn – 1:27PM
Eighth: Scott & Blair
Ninth: Zach & Rachel

We start off the leg with talk about how Blair and Brodie are going to be a showmance. This despite the fact that something has happened that I’m not sure I’ve seen before. Brodie & Kurt haven’t even seen Scott & Blair since the start of the race because the latter team has been such a disaster.

Teams must now fly to Geneva, Switzerland, where they will learn that Swiss is not a language. The massive gap between the teams finally gets equalized, as all teams must take the same flight.

The detour is a choice between work bench or bench work. In work bench, teams must make a Swiss army knife. In bench work, teams must figure out how many people can sit on a bench (apparently the world’s longest) at once.

Work bench: Zach & Rachel, Tyler & Korey, Scott & Blair
Bench work: Burnie & Ashley, Erin & Joslyn, Brodie & Kurt, Sheri & Cole, Dana & Matt, Brittany & Jessica (switched from work bench)

Upon arrival at the store with the detour clues, they pull numbers from a board and wait until morning. This means that they know right where they are in the order, and they also know that work bench only has three stations. For some reason, the trailing teams all pick that task anyway, which seems like a reasonable choice if you don’t want to get stuck counting, but not if space is limited. Brittany & Jessica getting lost and following Sheri & Cole (who are also lost but going to the other place) frees up a space for Scott & Blair, making this all moot.

The big problem with the bench task is that they are measuring the seating by holding newspapers up, a rather imprecise form of measurement. If they’re wrong, they have to start again.

Brodie & Kurt finish the work bench detour pretty quickly. Brodie decides to give “little clues” to two other teams. Translation: the exact answer.

The road block requires teams to identify 10 flags at the United Nations.

Road block (in order of arrival): Korey, Kurt, Burnie, Cole, Matt, Rachel, Blair, Joslyn, Jessica

This is rather simple once they figure out the “trick” is that the board they are looking at corresponds to the giant rows of flags in front of them. The potential problem still is that many countries have very similar flags, in this scenario Luxembourg and The Netherlands, which both have three stripes and the same colors just in different shades.

Almost every person decides to work with someone else. Eventually they’ll realize this is a race. Finally, when Jessica arrives, nobody wants to help her because they figure out they’re fighting for last. For some reason, she’s surprised and mad. This puts them in dead last, and despite a bit of drama about them possibly catching up, they miss the train that everybody else is on, guaranteeing a last place finish.

The pit stop for this leg of the race requires teams to leave the country and head to Chamonix, France. It’s a foot race between the first eight teams, all of whom are standing on the mat at the same time. I’m thinking this is the silliest finish ever, but Phil reminds people of the All Star season.

First: Brodie & Kurt (win $3,000 each)
Second: Tyler & korey
Third: Dana & Matt
Fourth: Burnie & Ashley
Fifth: Zach & Rachel
Sixth: Erin & Joslyn
Seventh: Sheri & Cole
Eighth: Scott & Blair
Eliminated: Brittany & Jessica

In a rather anticlimactic end, Brittany & Jessica have been eliminated after being unable to get assistance on the road block like everybody else.

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The Amazing Race 28 Episode 3

It looked like Marty & Hagan were going to be fine in The Amazing Race 28 Episode 2… until they decided to leave their cab behind and go for a jog.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Tyler & Korey – 10:05AM
Second: Brodie & Kurt – 10:20AM
Third: Burnie & Ashley – 10:26AM
Fourth: Dana & Matt – 10:56AM
Fifth: Erin & Joslyn – 11:35AM
Sixth: Zach & Rachel – 11:36AM
Seventh: Brittany & Jessica – 11:37AM
Eighth: Sheri & Cole – 11:52AM
Ninth: Scott & Blair – 11:55AM
Tenth: Darius & Cameron – 12:29PM

Brodie acknowledges he doesn’t shut the hell up, but at least he just seems to be obnoxiously loud and not attacking his partner. Not to be outdone, Dana does more than her own share of yelling at Matt, constantly snapping at him for no reason. Same dynamic every season with at least one team, and it’s not fun or interesting to watch.

Teams will now walk to their next destination. I don’t think they’re going anywhere this leg. This could be bad news for the teams that are hours behind.

The detour is a choice between tickets and tejo. In tickets, teams must board a local bus and get people on their bus and collect the money. In tejo, teams must play the country’s national sport for lack of a better term, tossing clay discs to make explosions.

Tejo: Tyler & Korey, Brodie & Kurt, Burnie & Ashley, Dana & Matt, Brittany & Jessica, Sheri & Cole, Darius & Cameron
Tickets: Zach & Rachel, Erin & Joslyn, Scott & Blair

It soon becomes apparent that the tejo detour is far superior, so much so that everybody who did the bus task is now fighting for last, dropping behind even Darius & Cameron, who were behind by almost an hour.

As difficult as the tickets task is already, Rachel makes a critical mistake. She misreads the denomination on the bills.

The road block requires teams to choose a bag and then search the market for two more bags from the same designer.

Road block (in order of arrival): Kurt, Tyler, Ashley, Dana, Jessica, Cole, Erin, Darius, Scott, Zach

As I’m sitting here thinking it’s game over for Zach & Rachel since they chose the wrong side of a lopsided detour, they catch a lucky break. Darius is unable to find the person to return his bags to, who is sitting right where they started.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Baluarte de San Diego.

First: Brodie & Kurt (win a trip to Greece)
Second: Tyler & Korey
Third: Burnie & Ashley
Fourth: Dana & Matt
Fifth: Brittany & Jessica
Sixth: Sheri & Cole
Seventh: Erin & Joslyn
Eighth: Scott & Blair
Ninth: Zach & Rachel
Eliminated: Darius & Cameron

As he greets Zach & Rachel, Phil tells them to turn around and see the last team to check in. It looked like Darius & Cameron might have overcome their second to last place finish from last week, but a dumb mistake puts them seconds behind.

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The Amazing Race 28 Episode 2

Scott & Blair lagged behind even those who were whining about wanting to quit at the road block in The Amazing Race 28 Episode 1 but were saved by non-elimination.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Dana & Matt – 1:42PM
Second: Tyler & Korey – 1:43PM
Third: Zach & Rachel – 1:57PM
Fourth: Darius & Cameron – 2:07PM
Fifth: Brodie & Kurt – 2:10PM
Sixth: Burnie & Ashley – 2:17PM
Seventh: Brittany & Jessica – 2:29PM
Eighth: Marty & Hagan – 2:34PM
Ninth: Sheri & Cole – 2:43PM
Tenth: Erin & Joslyn – 2:45PM
Eleventh: Scott & Blair – 3:04PM

Having nearly been eliminated, Blair decides maybe she doesn’t need to have her dad lug around her curling iron and hair dryer, among whatever else she packed. One thing we learn she didn’t pack is swimwear, other than a thong, which she doesn’t want to wear in front of her dad.

Teams must fly to Cartagena, Colombia, the first time the race has gone to Colombia.

First flight (arrives 8:59AM) – Dana & Matt, Tyler & Korey, Brodie & Kurt, Burnie & Ashley
Second flight (arrives 9:37AM) – Zach & Rachel, Erin & Joslyn, Sheri & Cole, Brittany & Jessica, Scott & Blair
Third flight (arrives 10:00AM, delayed 10 minutes) – Marty & Hagan
Fourth flight (arrives 10:30AM) – Darius & Cameron

There are plenty of flights to choose from, and all the teams end up about where you would expect based on how they finished for the most part. Marty & Hagan wind up on the third flight, which they blame on the ticket agent, but they departed half an hour earlier from the pit start than Scott & Blair, who are standing right next to them in line. Then there’s Darius & Cameron, who drop from fourth all the way to last. They claim it’s because they are not assertive enough, but really they just seem to be randomly wandering around the airport.

The road block requires teams to submerge themselves in mud springs and search for an emerald.

Road block (in order of arrival): Brodie, Dana, Ashley, Korey, Rachel, Blair, Joslyn, Cole, Brittany, Hagan, Cameron

This looks like a messy but very easy road block. It is not a task that will allow any trailing team to gain much ground.

It’s already becoming obvious that the only question here is whether Darius & Cameron can catch up to Marty & Hagan, which they probably can on a challenge. Then they show up at the road block at the same time because the ladies had a slow cab.

Prior to the detour, Scott & Blair must help fisherman haul in a net for their speed bump.

The detour is a choice between pop-up or parrilla. Pop-up requires teams to build a shelter using materials they find on the beach. Parrilla requires teams to prepare fish.

Pop-up: Brodie & Kurt, Burnie & Ashley, Dana & Matt, Tyler & Korey, Sheri & Cole, Zach & Rachel
Parrilla: Erin & Joslyn, Brittany & Jessica, Scott & Blair, Darius & Cameron, Marty & Hagan

Whatever else is happening, it’s still the same battle for last it’s been since the airport. Although they are more competent in the kitchen than the brothers, for some reason, Marty & Hagan have decided to jog to and from the detour rather than taking their cab. They stop running when they see they are in last.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Plaza Bolivar.

First: Tyler & Korey (win a trip to St. Thomas)
Second: Brodie & Kurt
Third: Burnie & Ashley
Fourth: Dana & Matt
Fifth: Erin & Joslyn
Sixth: Zach & Rachel
Seventh: Brittany & Jessica
Eighth: Sheri & Cole
Ninth: Scott & Blair
Tenth: Darius & Cameron
Eliminated: Marty & Hagan

They still had a shot despite their struggles throughout this leg, but the decision to leave their cab behind causes Marty & Hagan to be eliminated.

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The Amazing Race 28 Episode 1

What would a season be without a twist? This year, the teams consist of 11 teams of social media stars, or at least I’m going to take their word for it. The only one I know is Tyler Oakley. Well, I’ve heard his name and seen him anyway. In Marty’s case, she’s a flight attendant, but she did have one viral video of her doing the flight safety instructions in a way that people would actually listen, which I had seen. The cast consists of:

Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl (Best Friends)
Burnie Burns & Ashley Jenkins (Dating Gamers)
Erin White Robinson & Joslyn Davis (Best Friends)
Sheri & Cole LaBrant (Mother/Son)
Zach & Rachel King (Newlyweds)
Dana Boriello & Matt Steffanina (Engaged Choreographers)
Jessica Versteeg & Brittany Oldehoff (Instagram Models)
Marty Cobb & Hagan Parkman (Mother/Daughter)
Scott & Blair Fowler (Father/Daughter)
Kurt Gibson & Brodie Smith (Pro Frisbee Players)
Cameron & Darius Benson (Brothers)

The unusual start for this race is that we watch them depart from their individual homes and a total of three airports to meet Phil in Mexico City, Mexico. The real race begins at the airport in Mexico.

The detour is a choice between mariachi madness or great balls of fire. In mariachi madness, teams must find a musician who’s faking it out of a group of hundreds. In great balls of fire, teams must build a paper mache bull and load it with fireworks.

Mariachi Madness: Brodie & Kurt, Erin & Joslyn, Dana & Matt, Zach & Rachel, Sheri & Cole
Great Balls of Fire: Brittany & Jessica, Marty & Hagan, Burnie & Ashley, Darius & Cameron, Tyler & Korey, Scott & Blair

The mariachi task seems simple enough. As long as you don’t mind sticking your ears right directly in front of horns. Everybody who does that easily gets ahead of everyone who does not. This isn’t even fair.

From the detour, teams must draw times for the following morning.

7:30AM – Dana & Matt, Brodie & Kurt, Erin & Joslyn, Sheri & Cole
7:40AM – Zach & Rachel, Tyler & Korey, Marty & Hagan, Scott & Blair
7:50AM – Brittany & Jessica, Darius & Cameron, Burnie & Ashley

The road block requires teams to search for 13 pieces of a mask that they must dig for in a cave.

Road block (in order of arrival): Kurt, Matt, Erin, Sheri, Tyler, Zach, Scott, Marty, Darius, Jessica, Burnie

The clue is so specific that everybody just assumes they only need 13 pieces. They do. 13 different pieces of the same color.

Erin tries to talk Sheri into taking the penalty, which seems like a really stupid move for a variety of reasons. Most notably, Scott seems to be completely out of the challenge after having gotten lost and then going searching for his pieces that he dropped along the way. The voice of reason, Sheri sends Erin to go find out that someone else is still there, rather than assuming everybody is done.

But it’s not long before Sheri asks Erin if she wants to take the penalty. Erin is willing if she can’t get it in one more try, which she does. I don’t think I’ve seen talk of quitting this early before on such a seemingly simple task.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Museo Soumaya, the most visited museum in the country.

First: Dana & Matt
Second: Tyler & Korey
Third: Zach & Rachel
Fourth: Darius & Cameron
Fifth: Brodie & Kurt
Sixth: Burnie & Ashley
Seventh: Brittany & Jessica
Eighth: Marty & Hagan
Ninth: Sheri & Cole
Tenth: Erin & Joslyn
Non-eliminated: Scott & Blair

Scott performed quite poorly at that road block, but to his credit, at least he didn’t try to quit. In the end, though, Scott & Blair have been saved by non-elimination, a predictable result considering it means that any of their fans will now have another reason to stick around at least one more episode.

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The Amazing Race 27 Winners

Justin & Diana made some critical mistakes but still managed to survive in The Amazing Race 27 Episode 11, as Tiffany & Krista were eliminated.

Teams must now fly to Long Island. All teams are on the same flight.

Justin is looking forward to this. He’s from New York. Then again, it’s Justin. He’s cocky about everything.

The road block requires teams to take on a New York fire department training exercise. Then they have to put the capital cities in the order in which they visited them.

Road block (in order of arrival): Justin, Chris, Joey

An interesting high adrenaline task but not one that should make much difference. The cab drama afterwards may, though.

Justin dismissed his cab earlier because he didn’t want to pay him to wait around. Then Logan & Chris’ cab goes missing, so they try to steal Kelsey & Joey’s cab but get caught. Logan is not happy and screams as usual. She doesn’t understand why Chris was unwilling to stay in the cab when confronted, and she wanted to cheat to win. Both of these teams will have to take a bus to find a cab.

Chris keeps his firefighter pants and boots on, and as he’s getting in the helicopter to the Hamptons, he removes them. Barefoot in New York is probably not a smart idea.

After heading out to a lobster boat, teams must replace the lobster pots. Then the second memory task, flags from the race.

Throughout these tasks, Kelsey & Joey retain their lead from the cab debacle. Logan & Chris had been in second place, but they fall apart on the flags, failing to realize for some time that there is no African flag, since Africa is not a country.

Their final task is to build some chairs, then arrange the pictures on them in chronological order. By the time Justin & Diana arrive, Kelsey & Joey have about 2/3 of the chairs completed.

The Amazing Race 27 winners are Kelsey & Joey. Justin & Diana place second, and Logan & Chris are third.

Kelsey & Joey ran a strong race, though they kept placing second, minutes behind someone else each time. Justin & Diana looked like they were going to win after placing first seven times, but they made some big mistakes when it counted. And Logan, she still doesn’t think Chris should have given the cab back.

Next year’s twist: more teams that the producers found on social media.

The Amazing Race 27 episode 11

Their last place departure left them in last the entire time in The Amazing Race 27 Episode 10, and Denise & James Earl were eliminated.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Justin & Diana – 7:40AM
Second: Kelsey & Joey – 7:47AM
Third: Tiffany & Krista – 8:50AM
Fourth: Logan & Chris – 8:54AM

Teams must now fly to Hong Kong. Good news for the trailing teams this time because the flight equalizes everybody. They go from tuk tuk to Rolls Royce. Then they take the wrong ferry.

The detour is a choice between Sam’s or cells. In Sam’s, teams must make suits. In cells, teams must search through hundreds of cell phones to find one that works.

Sam’s: Tiffany & Krista, Kelsey & Joey, Logan & Chris
Cells: Justin & Diana

Searching tasks are usually pretty dreadful, but they also have a likelihood of dumb luck. In this case, Justin & Diana get lucky, but then their cab driver gets lost. They eventually find out that the half hour or so ride was to a destination that was within very close walking distance.

The road block requires teams to join a water show and jump from a mast, then find something underwater.

Road block (in order of arrival): Kelsey, Krista, Logan, Diana

This elaborate but seemingly simple task does not seem to bode well for Justin & Diana. The catch is that anyone who fails must do it again, which is the case with Krista. Then she fails again, putting both herself and Diana in the same show. It’s Diana who finishes first, as Krista stays behind to try again.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Nam Van Lake, home to Macau’s dragon boat race.

It’s not over here. Justin & Diana’s ferry mistake means a 30 minute penalty plus an additional 25 minutes because that ferry is closer than the one they were supposed to take. That should give Krista 1 or 2 more times to try again.

First: Logan & Chris (win a trip to Peru)
Second: Kelsey & Joey
Third: Justin & Diana
Eliminated: Tiffany & Krista

After all that drama at the challenge, they seemed to still have a chance, but then Tiffany & Krista got lost in a cab. The right team survived considering their performance so far. I could do without Logan & Chris, though.

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The Amazing Race 27 Episode 10

Tanner & Josh basically volunteered to finish in last place the prior week, and unlike the normal speed bump that takes 10 minutes, both of them had to complete the road block in The Amazing Race 27 Episode 9, virtually assuring their elimination.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Justin & Diana – 5:10PM
Second: Kelsey & Joey – 5:18PM
Third: Logan & Chris- 5:23PM
Fourth: Tiffany & Krista – 6:00PM
Fifth: Denise & James Earl – 6:28PM

It’s India, part two.

The road block requires teams to blow up balloons and deliver them on a bike.

Road block (in order of arrival): Justin, Joey, Logan, Tiffany, James Earl

Before the road block, Chris asks Logan to see the clue. She refuses. It’s hers, and he doesn’t need to know what’s going on. Throughout the task, she keeps snapping at him. What a team.

This is the first time there has been a third U-turn on the race, and the arrival at the U-turn board is pretty much pre-determined by departure time. Kelsey & Joey are the more threatening team, but Justin got into some U-turn drama with Logan & Chris last week and wants to make sure they go home, although Denise & James Earl are so far behind that it’s going to be tough for them to catch up.

The detour is a choice between bring the groom or bring the fun. In bring the groom, teams must carry an electric candelabra and push a generator. In bring the fun, teams must deliver a carnival ride.

Bring the fun: Justin & Diana, Logan & Chris
Bring the groom: Kelsey & Joey, Tiffany & Krista, Denise & James Earl

Both physical and chaotic tasks of running through the streets. The generator seems to take more effort to push, but neither appears to offer a significant advantage.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is somewhere nearby.

First: Justin & Diana (win $5,000 each)
Second: Kelsey & Joey
Third: Tiffany & Krista
Fourth: Logan & Chris
Eliminated: Denise & James Earl

The U-turn made it more interesting than it would have been otherwise, but Denise & James Earl still never had much hope. Logan lives to yell another day.

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The Amazing Race 27 Episode 9

Tanner & Josh literally handed away second to last place to the cheerleaders in The Amazing Race 27 Episode 8 and should have gone home but were saved by non-elimination.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Justin & Diana – 10:04PM
Second: Kelsey & Joey – 12:58AM
Third: Denise & James Earl – 12:59AM
Fourth: Logan & Chris – 1:50AM
Fifth: Tiffany & Krista – 2:02AM
Sixth: Tanner & Josh – 2:03AM

Teams must now fly to New Delhi, India. Any time advantage the lead team has is being erased.

Logan & Chris are doing a lot of talking about the U-turn. Justin happily uses this excuse to stir the pot.

The road block requires teams to wash laundry in the river.

Road block (in order of arrival): Krista, Chris, Denise, Tanner & Josh, Joey, Diana

As their speed bump, Tanner & Josh must both do the road block. This is an interesting punishment, likely much longer than the typical speed bump.

The detour is a choice between cans or candy. In cans, teams must load gas cans on a cargo bike and deliver them. In candy, teams must make candy out of pumpkins.

Cans: Kelsey & Joey, Justin & Diana
Candy: Logan & Chris, Tiffany & Krista, Denise & James Earl, Tanner & Josh

Learning how to make candy seems to be simpler than trying to travel through the chaotic streets of India, but there doesn’t seem to be much advantage to one over the other, bad news for the Texas boys, but their last hope is the U-turn.

Justin & Diana are the first team to arrive and do not need to U-turn. Joey & Kelsey U-turn Tanner & Josh, whose cause is completely lost now. I don’t think there was any need for that, but they did just take out one of the more threatening teams, at least on paper.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Moonlight Garden, across the way from the Taj Mahal.

First: Justin & Diana (win a trip to Hawaii)
Second: Kelsey & Joey
Third: Logan & Chris
Fourth: Tiffany & Krista
Fifth: Denise & James Earl
Eliminated: Tanner & Josh

Tanner & Josh never really had a chance. They played themselves out of this game last week, giving into what they acknowledge is their weakness, pom poms.

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