The Amazing Race 28 Episode 2

Scott & Blair lagged behind even those who were whining about wanting to quit at the road block in The Amazing Race 28 Episode 1 but were saved by non-elimination.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Dana & Matt – 1:42PM
Second: Tyler & Korey – 1:43PM
Third: Zach & Rachel – 1:57PM
Fourth: Darius & Cameron – 2:07PM
Fifth: Brodie & Kurt – 2:10PM
Sixth: Burnie & Ashley – 2:17PM
Seventh: Brittany & Jessica – 2:29PM
Eighth: Marty & Hagan – 2:34PM
Ninth: Sheri & Cole – 2:43PM
Tenth: Erin & Joslyn – 2:45PM
Eleventh: Scott & Blair – 3:04PM

Having nearly been eliminated, Blair decides maybe she doesn’t need to have her dad lug around her curling iron and hair dryer, among whatever else she packed. One thing we learn she didn’t pack is swimwear, other than a thong, which she doesn’t want to wear in front of her dad.

Teams must fly to Cartagena, Colombia, the first time the race has gone to Colombia.

First flight (arrives 8:59AM) – Dana & Matt, Tyler & Korey, Brodie & Kurt, Burnie & Ashley
Second flight (arrives 9:37AM) – Zach & Rachel, Erin & Joslyn, Sheri & Cole, Brittany & Jessica, Scott & Blair
Third flight (arrives 10:00AM, delayed 10 minutes) – Marty & Hagan
Fourth flight (arrives 10:30AM) – Darius & Cameron

There are plenty of flights to choose from, and all the teams end up about where you would expect based on how they finished for the most part. Marty & Hagan wind up on the third flight, which they blame on the ticket agent, but they departed half an hour earlier from the pit start than Scott & Blair, who are standing right next to them in line. Then there’s Darius & Cameron, who drop from fourth all the way to last. They claim it’s because they are not assertive enough, but really they just seem to be randomly wandering around the airport.

The road block requires teams to submerge themselves in mud springs and search for an emerald.

Road block (in order of arrival): Brodie, Dana, Ashley, Korey, Rachel, Blair, Joslyn, Cole, Brittany, Hagan, Cameron

This looks like a messy but very easy road block. It is not a task that will allow any trailing team to gain much ground.

It’s already becoming obvious that the only question here is whether Darius & Cameron can catch up to Marty & Hagan, which they probably can on a challenge. Then they show up at the road block at the same time because the ladies had a slow cab.

Prior to the detour, Scott & Blair must help fisherman haul in a net for their speed bump.

The detour is a choice between pop-up or parrilla. Pop-up requires teams to build a shelter using materials they find on the beach. Parrilla requires teams to prepare fish.

Pop-up: Brodie & Kurt, Burnie & Ashley, Dana & Matt, Tyler & Korey, Sheri & Cole, Zach & Rachel
Parrilla: Erin & Joslyn, Brittany & Jessica, Scott & Blair, Darius & Cameron, Marty & Hagan

Whatever else is happening, it’s still the same battle for last it’s been since the airport. Although they are more competent in the kitchen than the brothers, for some reason, Marty & Hagan have decided to jog to and from the detour rather than taking their cab. They stop running when they see they are in last.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Plaza Bolivar.

First: Tyler & Korey (win a trip to St. Thomas)
Second: Brodie & Kurt
Third: Burnie & Ashley
Fourth: Dana & Matt
Fifth: Erin & Joslyn
Sixth: Zach & Rachel
Seventh: Brittany & Jessica
Eighth: Sheri & Cole
Ninth: Scott & Blair
Tenth: Darius & Cameron
Eliminated: Marty & Hagan

They still had a shot despite their struggles throughout this leg, but the decision to leave their cab behind causes Marty & Hagan to be eliminated.

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