The Amazing Race 24 Episode 3

Struggling to work as a team after being put together just days before, Mark & Mallory were eliminated in The Amazing Race 24 Episode 2.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Brendon & Rachel – 6:22PM
Second: Luke & Margie – 6:23PM
Third: Caroline & Jennifer – 6:24PM
Fourth: Dave & Connor – 6:26PM
Fifth: Flight Time & Big Easy – 6:27PM
Sixth: Jet & Cord – 6:28PM
Seventh: Leo & Jamal – 6:36PM
Eighth: Jessica & John – 6:49PM
Ninth: Joey & Meghan – 6:50PM

Teams must now fly to Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. The first flight has space for six teams, and the first six teams are all right on top of each other, though the others are not too far behind. The second flight departs three hours later. Brendon & Rachel get stuck in traffic just long enough to put them behind Leo & Jamal and on the later flight.

The first flight has no delay that would make things intersting, which means the majority of the episode is going to be pretty much irrelevant.

The road block requires teams to rapel 10 stories down a waterfall.

Road block (in order of arrival): Dave, Jamal, Cord, Luke, Flight Time (Big Easy is too big), Jennifer, Jessica, Rachel, Joey

It’s here that the biggest mistake of the leg happens. Brendon & Rachel and Jessica & John know enough to have their cabs wait for them. Joey & Meghan are left to walk back to find a replacement.

The detour is a choice between river delivery or run through the jungle. River delivery requires them to transport goods to a village. Run through the jungle requires teams to hit a target with blow darts. Before departing for the detour, they must build a raft that they will use to head down the rapids.

River delivery: Dave & Connor, Leo & Jamal, Margie & Luke, Jet & Cord, Jessica & John
Jungle run: Caroline & Jennifer, Flight Time & Big Easy, Brendon & Rachel, Joey & Meghan

There’s a lot of drama throughout the day on the river, but none of it ultimately makes any difference. The flights and the cab mishap have already determined the outcome. It’s just a question of whether this is a non-elimination leg.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Tanjung Aru Water Village.

First: Dave & Connor (win a trip to Budapest, Hungary)
Second: Jet & Cord
Third: Leo & Jamal
Fourth: Margie & Luke
Fifth: Flight Time & Big Easy
Sixth: Caroline & Jennifer
Seventh: Jessica & John
Eighth: Brendon & Rachel
Eliminated: Joey & Meghan

Joey & Meghan have been eliminated from the race.

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The Amazing Race 24 Episode 2

Twinnies Natalie & Nadiya couldn’t stop yelling at each other in The Amazing Race 24 Episode 1 and ended up being eliminated.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived, more or less. The order is somewhat bungled for some unexplained reason, but everybody is within about an hour of the leaders.

First: Jet & Cord – 8:16AM
Second: Brendon & Rachel – 8:23AM
Third: Margie & Luke – 8:39AM
Fourth: Dave & Connor – 8:46AM
Fifth: Leo & Jamal – 8:53AM
Sixth: Mark & Mallory – 8:56AM
Seventh: Flight Time & Big Easy – 8:57AM
Eighth: Jessica & John – 9:09AM
Ninth: Joey & Meghan – 9:13AM
Tenth: Caroline & Jennifer – 9:19AM

Jet & Cord ran a strong leg last time, but this time they are starting off weak as things get lost in translation. Everybody they meet tells them their destination is very far, but they just keep right on jogging, not wanting to spend money on a cab (most teams take the subway).

At Chen Clan Academy, they watch a demonstration and then get their next destination stamped on their foreheads.

The road block requires teams to build a kiddy car. The instructions are all in Chinese.

Road block (in order of arrival): Dave, Margie, Jamal, Brendon, Mark, Flight Time, Meghan, John, Jet, Caroline

The blondes finally arrive, already in last place, and both of them consider the task to be a lost cause. Their only hope is to charm Jet & Cord into giving them an express pass. They make a compelling argument: give the pass to an incompetent team rather than a good one. Jet finishes the task quickly, putting them in a reasonable sixth place, and if they give it away, it means that the second express pass will be gone right now with no more worries. With that, they give the express pass away.

Once they build their car, they will deliver it to the children’s cultural center.

Mark blows through the road block, but in the chaos of trying to load their toy into the taxi, Mark forgets his backpack. At least Mallory has his passport, but he’s going to have to go back if he wants the rest of his stuff. They realize it on the way to the detour, and when they get there, Mallory keeps arguing with him in an effort to avoid returning. Just go back already. This arguing is just wasting time and isn’t helping this newly formed team bond any, no matter how valid Mallory’s point about this potentially costing them the race may be. He’s clearly not budging. They end up very close to the bottom of the pack, but the worst thing about it is that they won’t stop fighting, even as they arrive at the detour. Mark tells her people from Kentucky don’t act like this.

After all the other teams are gone, it’s just Joey & Meghan and Jessica & John. Meghan figures it out first between the two, but rather than taking second to last place and running, she stops to help him with his car.

The detour is a choice between feather-ball and china cup. Feather-ball is China’s version of hacky sack, and teams will need to complete ten passes. China cup requires them to get Chinese therapy.

Feather-ball: Mark & Mallory, Margie & Luke, Brendon & Rachel, Dave & Connor, Caroline & Jennifer, Jet & Cord, Leo & Jamal, Flight Time & Big Easy, Joey & Meghan, Jessica & John

Nobody has any interest in the therapy session that looks like it could be painful.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Shamian Island. The top 7 teams all arrive so closely that everybody is standing on the mat at the same time. This leaves the two trailing teams and the team that went back for the backpack to fight for last place.

First: Brendon & Rachel (win $2500 each)
Second: Luke & Margie
Third: Caroline & Jennifer
Fourth: Dave & Connor
Fifth: Flight Time & Big Easy
Sixth: Jet & Cord
Seventh: Leo & Jamal
Eighth: Jessica & John
Ninth: Joey & Meghan
Eliminated: Mark & Mallory

Going from first to last, Mark & Mallory have been eliminated. They did make what would often be considered a game ending mistake, but perhaps more glaring is that this team, manufactured by the producers just days earlier, never really was a team to begin with.

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The Amazing Race 24 Episode 1

The Amazing Race 24 cast consists of 11 teams who have competed on at least one prior season. A couple of these teams have earned the right to be called all stars, but most of them are just here because of their big (annoying) personalities.

The UCLA Bruin marching band kicks things off.

Jet & Cord say things will be easier this time because their lives have settled down. Caroline & Jennifer claim they won’t be as boy crazy. Natalie & Nadiya acknowledge they can be obnoxious. Brendon & Rachel are married now, so they plan to fight just as much as before. Jessica & John are recently engaged and realize they were dumb last time. The Harlem Globetrotters win every game… but they lost this game twice. Dave & Connor are favorites to go home early, but they get credit for giving it another go. Being annoying has not prevented Joey & Meghan from explosive Youtube subscriber growth. Leo & Jamal were liars last time, and they seem intent on being just as “creative” this time. Margie’s worried that she is 5 years older, but Luke hopes to make up for his mistake last time. Bopper & Mark hope to make money the old fashioned way… by winning a reality TV show.

The night before the race even starts, Bopper had a pancreas attack. The doctor determined he is not healthy enough to race around the world. They offer to find Mark a new partner: Mallory. She is also from Kentucky and previously raced with her father Gary in seasons 17 and 18.

Before heading to their first destination of Guangzhou, China, they start with a searching task of Chinese symbols to determine who will get on the earliest flight.

First flight: Leo & Jamal, Jet & Cord, Dave & Connor, Natalie & Nadiya

Their first task upon landing in China is to search through a street full of wedding dresses, where three shops contain clues. Natalie & Nadiya and Leo & Jamal decide to team work with each other, and the twins end up deciding that the guys are stupid and even worse than they are.

This takes them to Canton Tower, the highest tower in China and home to the world’s highest ferris wheel, where they must select random seats and hope they are not told to try again. Either that, or they can just watch the people in front of them who got it right and then just go in the same bubbles they were in.

Within the final flight, three teams get stuck on the second train: John & Jessica, Joey & Meghan, and Caroline & Jennifer. Luckily for them, the twins and Afghanimals are pathetic and join them at the back of the pack. The twins bail on them and start searching with the equally clueless singers.

The road block requires teams to perform five high wire flips 300 feet in the air. It’s actually an extremely quick and simple road block for those who can overcome the fear.

Road block (in order of arrival): Cord, Brendon, Connor, Margie, Leo, Mallory, Flight Time, two teams they don’t show, Joey, Natalie

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Guangzhou Opera House. There is no detour, and the pit stop is within walking distance, so it all comes down to the dumb luck of the ferris wheel.

First: Jet & Cord (win an express pass plus another to give away)
Second: Brendon & Rachel
Third: Dave & Connor
Fourth: Margie & Luke
Fifth: Leo & Jamal
Sixth: Mark & Mallory
Seventh: Flight Time & Big Easy
Eighth: Jessica & John
Ninth: Caroline & Jennifer
Tenth: Joey & Meghan
Eliminated: Natalie & Nadiya

Following a day of arguing and going the wrong way with terrible partners, Natalie & Nadiya have been eliminated. They will not be missed.

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The Amazing Race 24 Cast

The Amazing Race 24 is an all star season, for lack of a better term. 11 teams of two will be back for another shot at the prize when the show returns on Sunday February 23.

Leo Temory/Jamal Zadran
Torrance, Calif./Irvine, Calif.
4th place in season 23

Brendon Villegas/Rachel Reilly
Los Angeles, Calif.
3rd place in season 20

Jennifer Wayne/Caroline Cutbirth
Friends/Country Singers
Nashville, Tenn./Waca, Texas
4th place in season 22

Cord McCoy/Jet McCoy
Tupelo, Okla./Ada, Okla
2nd place in season 16, 6th place in season 18

David O’Leary/Connor O’Leary
Father/Son Cancer Survivors
Salt Lake City, Utah
8th place in season 22

Herbert “Flight Time” Lang/Nate “Big Easy” Lofton
Brinkley, Ark./New Orleans, La.
4th place in season 15, 2nd place in season 18

John Erck/Jessica Hoel
Mora, Minn./Eden Prairie, Minn.
9th place in season 22

Margie O’Donnell/Luke Adams
Colorado Springs, Colo./Philadelphia, Penn.
3rd place in season 14, 8th place in season 18

Natalie Anderson/Nadiya Anderson
Edgewater, N.J.
4th place in season 21

Joseph “Joey” Graceffa/Meghan Carmena
Best friends/Youtubers
Los Angeles, Calif.
5th place in season 22

William “Bopper” Minton/Mark Jackson
Clay County, Ky.
5th place in season 20