The Amazing Race 28 Episode 4

After getting confused on the road block, Darius & Cameron were eliminated in The Amazing Race 28 Episode 3.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Brodie & Kurt – 10:22AM
Second: Tyler & Korey – 10:30AM
Third: Burnie & Ashley – 10:48AM
Fourth: Dana & Matt – 11:19AM
Fifth: Brittany & Jessica – 12:00PM
Sixth: Sheri & Cole – 12:44PM
Seventh: Erin & Joslyn – 1:27PM
Eighth: Scott & Blair
Ninth: Zach & Rachel

We start off the leg with talk about how Blair and Brodie are going to be a showmance. This despite the fact that something has happened that I’m not sure I’ve seen before. Brodie & Kurt haven’t even seen Scott & Blair since the start of the race because the latter team has been such a disaster.

Teams must now fly to Geneva, Switzerland, where they will learn that Swiss is not a language. The massive gap between the teams finally gets equalized, as all teams must take the same flight.

The detour is a choice between work bench or bench work. In work bench, teams must make a Swiss army knife. In bench work, teams must figure out how many people can sit on a bench (apparently the world’s longest) at once.

Work bench: Zach & Rachel, Tyler & Korey, Scott & Blair
Bench work: Burnie & Ashley, Erin & Joslyn, Brodie & Kurt, Sheri & Cole, Dana & Matt, Brittany & Jessica (switched from work bench)

Upon arrival at the store with the detour clues, they pull numbers from a board and wait until morning. This means that they know right where they are in the order, and they also know that work bench only has three stations. For some reason, the trailing teams all pick that task anyway, which seems like a reasonable choice if you don’t want to get stuck counting, but not if space is limited. Brittany & Jessica getting lost and following Sheri & Cole (who are also lost but going to the other place) frees up a space for Scott & Blair, making this all moot.

The big problem with the bench task is that they are measuring the seating by holding newspapers up, a rather imprecise form of measurement. If they’re wrong, they have to start again.

Brodie & Kurt finish the work bench detour pretty quickly. Brodie decides to give “little clues” to two other teams. Translation: the exact answer.

The road block requires teams to identify 10 flags at the United Nations.

Road block (in order of arrival): Korey, Kurt, Burnie, Cole, Matt, Rachel, Blair, Joslyn, Jessica

This is rather simple once they figure out the “trick” is that the board they are looking at corresponds to the giant rows of flags in front of them. The potential problem still is that many countries have very similar flags, in this scenario Luxembourg and The Netherlands, which both have three stripes and the same colors just in different shades.

Almost every person decides to work with someone else. Eventually they’ll realize this is a race. Finally, when Jessica arrives, nobody wants to help her because they figure out they’re fighting for last. For some reason, she’s surprised and mad. This puts them in dead last, and despite a bit of drama about them possibly catching up, they miss the train that everybody else is on, guaranteeing a last place finish.

The pit stop for this leg of the race requires teams to leave the country and head to Chamonix, France. It’s a foot race between the first eight teams, all of whom are standing on the mat at the same time. I’m thinking this is the silliest finish ever, but Phil reminds people of the All Star season.

First: Brodie & Kurt (win $3,000 each)
Second: Tyler & korey
Third: Dana & Matt
Fourth: Burnie & Ashley
Fifth: Zach & Rachel
Sixth: Erin & Joslyn
Seventh: Sheri & Cole
Eighth: Scott & Blair
Eliminated: Brittany & Jessica

In a rather anticlimactic end, Brittany & Jessica have been eliminated after being unable to get assistance on the road block like everybody else.

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