The Amazing Race 16 Winner

Louie & Michael were eliminated in The Amazing Race 16 Episode 11, leaving us with a final three of Brent & Caite, Jet & Cord, and Dan & Jordan.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Brent & Caite – 2:37AM
Second: Jet & Cord – 3:11AM
Third: Dan & Jordan – 6:00AM

The race’s final destination is San Francisco, CA, more than 6000 miles away, where their next clue awaits at Battery Godfrey. The marked ticket counter opens at 10:45, so everybody will be on the same flight. The gameplay begins right away when Jordan tries to cut in line despite arriving 3 hours later than the cowboys.

On the plane, they make an actually logical move. Dan & Jordan move up to first class, which will allow them to be among the first people off the plane, giving them a much bigger jump than they could have gotten by trying to cheat.

The riddle they must solve is about Coit Tower, where they will find their next clue. Dan & Jordan ask a guy on a bicycle because people on bikes are generally smart. Jet & Cord know the answer because they got a guide book. As for Brent & Caite, they’re still lost with a cab driver who doesn’t seem to know any more than the foreign cab drivers did. Caite’s quickly becoming a raving lunatic, screaming at her cab driver and calling him a dumbass.

The road block is to climb Coit Tower using a mechanical ascender to go 120 feet straight up. Jet & Cord arrive just as Dan’s about to complete the road block. It’s looking like a two way battle for the win.

Road block (in order of arrival): Dan, Cord, Brent

Teams must find the Yoda fountain located in front of Lucasfilm. One team member will put on a motion capture suit while their partner directs them through levels in a virtual world. When they arrive, Cord decides to screw with Dan’s mind, directing his partner to hop, skip, and do ballet moves before he even has his headset on. By the time Cord begins for real, Dan & Jordan have completed level 1. After Dan & Jordan complete the next level, they have to read the clue, which is spinning across the screen at a high rate of speed, unless their partner spins to slow it down. The problem for Jet is that Dan’s standing still in the same spot where he needs to go. He doesn’t want to push him out of the way, but they find out he can get right up in his personal space and complete the first level. However, he is unable to advance any further. What a stupidly planned challenge, especially when the finish line is so close. Dan & Jordan manage to complete the task, so now Jet & Cord can actually proceed. After Jet & Cord complete the second level, Brent & Caite finally show up. It takes Cord a while to figure out why Jordan was spinning around in circles. During this time, Brent & Caite nearly manage to catch up.

The Tonga Room, one of the country’s first tiki bars, is the next stop. They must take the trunk to their next destination, The Great American Music Hall. In order to get their final clue of the race, teams must put the 11 psychadelic in the correct order of eliminated teams. Jordan wrote them all down, so this should be pretty easy. The cowboys don’t have it written down, but they get it done easily as well.

The finish line is located at Candlestick Park, and there’s no hope of any drama of how this is going to end, despite Dan & Jordan searching for a cab. It all came down to that last plane ride and one team being able to move forward to first class. The Amazing Race 16 winners are Dan & Jordan. Jet & Cord finish in second place, and Brent & Caite place third.

Apparently now would be the time to start/continue fighting, so Brandy says she doesn’t want to hear sorry or anything else from Caite.

The Amazing Race has already been renewed, and The Amazing Race 17 will air in the fall.

The Amazing Race 16 Episode 11

In an uneventful non-elimination leg, Louie & Michael came in last in The Amazing Race 16 Episode 10.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Jet & Cord – 8:02AM
Second: Brent & Caite – 8:36AM
Third: Dan & Jordan – 8:53AM
Fourth: Louie & Michael – 11:00AM

Jet and Cord tell a story of how Cord’s skull was crushed by a hoof to the head in 2004, and how Jet stuck by his bed as he fought his way back. Caite doesn’t understand why people think she’s an idiot, so she believes this race will redeem her for some reason.

Teams will make their way across the city to the Garden Bridge, which locals know by its Chinese name, meaning they’d better hope they run into someone who knows where it is. Brent & Caite find a local with a cell phone who searches for it. Jet & Cord get a cab driver who figures it out after driving around aimlessly for half an hour. After wasting 2 hours, Dan & Jordan head back to meet up with Louie & Michael because maybe they know where they’re going. Their hope is the cops are just as clueless, and they can at least take the lead when they have to go do their speed bump. Mike comes up with an idea. He calls the translation service, which tells his cab where to go. Hopefully Dan & Jordan are successfully able to follow Louie & Michael through the crowded streets of Shanghai with a cab driver who doesn’t understand a single word they’re saying, including the words “follow” and “stupid.” Nonetheless, they do manage to catch up to them.

The next stop is the Longhua Temple, where they must go by some method of transportation other than taxi. Hopping on the bus, Caite tells everybody who makes fun of her (a long list) to go screw themselves because her finding the bus is proof of knowing how to read a map.

In the road block, teams must count all the golden statues in the room. Ick. A counting task.

Before they can compete in the road block, Louie & Michael hit their speed bump, which is to perform a local good luck ritual, tossing their coins in an incense burner. This looks about as simple as all the speed bumps have been this season.

Road block (in order of arrival): Caite, Jet, Dan, Louie

Caite is incorrect on her first try. And her second try. Third try is not a charm. It’s here that the cowboys catch up to them. Jet is right on his first try, and Caite has finally gotten it right as well. Dan’s first time is also successful. Louie, however, is not right. He realizes what he’s done wrong after he reads the clue. He only counted the buddhas, not the two samurai warriors. That will cost him 10 minutes of waiting.

The next stop is the Yuyuan Gardens via motorcycle. The detour is the choice between pork chops or pork dumplings. In pork chops, teams make their way to a store that shows engraved stamps known as chops, from which they must find ones containing pigs and their names. In pork dumplings, they head to a restaurant to pick up 10 orders of dumplings that they will deliver after making their way through the crowded market.

Pork chops: Jet & Cord, Brent & Caite, Dan & Jordan, Louie & Michael

When they start the task, Brent can’t concentrate because he has to go to the bathroom. Caite doesn’t care. He can hold it or go in his pants for all she cares. After listening to him complain for a while, Caite finally gives in to his “waste of time.” Jet finds his and shoves it in his pocket. Brent finds his next, then Caite finds hers. Immediately after, Jet finds Cord’s. Dan & Jordan have about 20 minutes on Louie & Michael, who catch up to them. It’s going to come down to who finds the statues first. Dan finds his. Jordan’s got his next. Michael locates Louie. Then they grab Mike’s. Their only hope is the cabs.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the Riverside Promenade. Jet & Cord want to get there “muy rapido.” Meanwhile, Caite believes she’s proved she is intelligent. Really? For all the drama, the end result is pretty obvious.

First: Brent & Caite (win a trip to Spain)
Second: Jet & Cord
Third: Dan & Jordan
Eliminated: Louie & Michael

Coming in last place for the second leg in a row, Louie & Michael have been eliminated.

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The Amazing Race 16 Episode 10

After they were U-turned by Brent & Caite for personal reasons, Carol & Brandy were eliminated in The Amazing Race 16 Episode 9.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Dan & Jordan – 4:47PM
Second: Brent & Caite – 6:18PM
Third: Jet & Cord – 7:04PM
Fourth: Louie & Michael – 7:35PM

As proud as Brent & Caite may be of their decision to seek revenge on Carol & Brandy, it wasn’t a very smart decision. There are stronger competitors.

Teams will fly more than 2300 miles to Shanghai, China. When they land, they will take a taxi to the village of Zhujiajiao, known as the Venice of China. The first flight is just after midnight, so everybody should be able to get on it.

Louie & Michael get a cab driver who doesn’t speak any English. Dan & Jordan suffer the same fate, and neither cab driver knows where he’s going. The other two teams luck out. Eventually, the two lost teams run into someone who speaks English, which allows them to get to their destination.

The road block is to master the art of making noodles by hand. They’ll have to turn a mound of dough into 1000 grams of noodles. There they are also greeted by He Pingping, the world’s shortest man.

Road block (in order of arrival): Caite, Jet, Jordan, Louie

Caite’s struggling from the start, and she would like Brent to shut up. Jet immediately gets it right. Louie used to do this when he was growing up, but he has more difficulty than that experience would suggest. For all of Brent’s complaining, Caite completes the challenge in second place. Jordan’s bringing up the rear, at which time much whining ensues, but Dan gives him a hug and tells him he’s doing great.

Shanghai’s Fashion District is the next stop. They will go inside the fashion house and work together to find all the correct pieces of clothing for a model. The cowboys are as clueless as could be expected, but they get it right on their second try. The models find this task a lot easier and get it right on the first try. And then it’s the cops’ turn to be completely out of place. When Jordan comes walking in, he’s as comfortable as Caite was. Both teams are incorrect on their first guess. Louie & Michael then get their second try wrong. Both teams have their models switch stockings, which allows both teams to be right.

From there, teams will head to Hongkou Football Stadium. The second road block for this leg of the race (a race first) is to assemble a giant puzzle using a small picture for reference. They will hand the 96 cards to fans in the stands. If the puzzle has been assembled correctly, it will reveal a seat number where they will find their next clue. Whoever did not do the first road block must do this second one. Since they’re doing this outdoors, if the wind picks up, their pieces will blow away, and there’s really nothing they can do about it unless they know to expect it. Well, this is stupid.

Road block (in order of arrival): Cord, Brent, Michael, Dan

The trailing two teams manage to catch up to the others when Brent’s and Cord’s puzzles blow across the field. Cord says that throwing a fit won’t help matters any. Brent, however, opts to throw a fit. Keeping his cool, Cord solves the puzzle correctly, while Brent stands there yelling at his puzzle pieces as if they’re going to listen to him. When the first two teams leave, that puts the remaining two teams back where they’ve been since the beginning of the leg: a battle for last place.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum.

First: Jet & Cord (win a trip to Alaska)
Second: Brent & Caite
Third: Dan & Jordan
Non-eliminated: Louie & Michael

Predictably, Louie & Michael have been non-eliminated. It appears that they have a pretty lengthy gap to make up, and they will also have to complete a speed bump on the next leg.

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The Amazing Race 16 Episode 9

Steve & Allie got lost and never recovered in The Amazing Race 16 Episode 8.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Jet & Cord – 10:02AM
Second: Carol & Brandy – 10:12AM
Third: Louie & Michael – 10:31AM
Fourth: Brent & Caite – 10:50AM
Fifth: Dan & Jordan – 11:09AM

Teams must now travel over 400 miles by bus and train to Singapore, where they will search for Allan Wu, host of The Amazing Race Asia.

First bus (10:47AM): Jet & Cord
Second bus (11:00AM): Carol & Brandy
Third bus (12:00PM): Louie & Michael, Brent & Caite, Dan & Jordan

On their bus ride, Dan & Jordan realize that the two teams they’re with have it out for Carol & Brandy. They believe they want to get rid of them for personal reasons, rather than because they’re threats, which it would seem is a valid criticism.

The train does not depart until 9:30, so it was pretty much pointless showing us the buses. All teams get on the same train that doesn’t look as if it’s been cleaned in a while.

The Singapore Flyer, the tallest observation wheel in the world, is the fast forward. Once they reach the top at 541 feet, they must exit and walk along the metal beam to the next capsule over. The first team to arrive, Dan & Jordan, will be doing it. Nobody else even seems to consider it.

The detour is a choice between pounding the drums or pounding the pavement. In pounding the drums, teams must learn a complex routine on traditional drums. In pounding the pavement, they must pick up various supplies and ten boxes of ice cream, which they will use to make and sell 25 ice cream sandwiches.

Louie & Michael decide they can’t get the drums detour. Rather than going to the other detour, they decide to just go to the fast forward instead. A little late to be making that decision. They won’t be told who’s upstairs until they get up there. When they do arrive, they find out that the fast forward is in progress, so they head to the ice cream detour. After much drama about Jordan being afraid of heights, he and Dan complete the fast forward, easily guaranteeing themselves first place.

Here’s a change of pace. This time, Carol says she can’t do something. She leaves the decision to stay at the detour up to Brandy, and since it was Brandy’s decision, their failure at this is her fault. At least the name of the game’s still the same for these two, just with the names reversed.

The good news for Louie & Michael is that their cab driver buys 10 of the 25 ice creams they need.

Pounding the drums: Jet & Cord, Brent & Caite, Carol & Brandy
Pounding the pavement: Louie & Michael (switch from pounding the drums)

The next stop is Istana Park. Since a U-Turn is ahead, that would presumably make detour completion critical. Having completed the detour first, it goes without saying that Brent & Caite will be U-Turning Carol & Brandy. This all apparently stems back to day 1 when everybody was making fun of Caite for her claim the fame, the fact that she gave the dumbest answer in the history of beauty pageants. Their response: she’s an idiot, and the proof is on Youtube. Now Carol & Brandy have to go off and pretend to be nice to customers, although they won’t be nice to each other any time soon.

From there, they will head to the shipyard. The road block is to inspect an enormous anchor chain. They must count all the links in the chain. Phil says this sounds simple enough, but counting tasks are rarely simple. This is further complicated by lots of noise and a guy saying numbers on a loudspeaker. Brent gets it on his first try. Michael’s got a pitch counter, so he just hopes that will do the work for him, which it does. Cord also has no trouble with the task. As they’re leaving, Carol & Brandy show up. Louie & Michael, not having a cab driver any more, try to sabotage Carol & Brandy, but their driver sticks with them. So they pay someone else to wait and take another cab.

Road block (in order of arrival): Brent, Michael, Cord, Carol

It’s still not over. The next clue is at MegaZip, where they will take a zipline more than 1200 feet on one of Asia’s longest and steepest ziplines.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the Marina Barrage, which can be seen from the Singapore Flyer. By this point, the outcome is obvious. It’s just a question of whether it’s a non-elimination leg.

First: Dan & Jordan (win motorbikes that they won’t use)
Second: Brent & Caite
Third: Jet & Cord
Fourth: Louie & Michael
Eliminated: Carol & Brandy

Carol & Brandy have been eliminated as a result of the U-Turn. Their final statement is that Brent & Caite were idiots for eliminating perhaps the least threatening team.

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The Amazing Race 16 Episode 8

After they failed to bring their map to the pit stop in The Amazing Race 16 Episode 7, Jet & Cord finished last but were non-eliminated.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Steve & Allie – 7:22PM
Second: Dan & Jordan – 7:36PM
Third: Brent & Caite – 9:15PM
Fourth: Louie & Michael – 9:16PM
Fifth: Carol & Brandy – 10:19PM
Sixth: Jet & Cord – 10:22PM

Without their backpacks, Steve & Allie are left only with the clothes on their backs. The scrambling starts right away.

Teams will now fly 5700 miles to Penang, Malaysia, where their first destination is the Snake Temple. Everybody will board the 2AM charter boat to the airport, where everybody will also get the same 21 hour flight via Dubai.

The detour is a choice between Buddhist tradition or Chinese custom. In Buddhist tradition, teams will lug a set 12 giant incense sticks up a steep incline of 150 steps. In Chinese custom, teams will choose a pair of 32 foot poles that they must balance on their foreheads and walk 120 feet.

Dan & Jordan get a lead thanks to an aggressive taxi driver, but they tell him to go away. The bad news is that either detour will require cab travel. They’re not alone in making this mistake, though. Of course, Jet & Cord told their driver to wait, and he left anyway, putting them in last place. Not wanting to sit in traffic, at the suggestion of their cab driver, Steve & Allie and Dan & Jordan decide to make a run for it. To make matters worse, they go to the wrong location. Steve & Allie get their cab driver back, but Dan & Jordan are now left to wander aimlessly on foot. They end up finding another cab driver. Steve & Allie, however, have a driver without a clue. He follows “I don’t know” with “No problem.” The first one turns out to be right, so they decide to go to the other detour instead. That decision lasts all of about three seconds before Allie says she can’t do that detour. Adding insult to injury, their cab driver who they told to wait has taken off. Not that he would have been able to find the place anyway.

Buddhist tradition: Dan & Jordan, Brent & Caite, Carol & Brandy, Louie & Michael, Steve & Allie (switched from Buddhist tradition to Chinese custom to Buddhist tradition)
Chinese custom: Jet & Cord

The teams with the incense sticks realize quickly they’ll probably have to make half a dozen trips up and down. This will prove much easier for the all male teams (though Louie sounds like he’s dying as usual), while Carol & Brandy struggle. Cord figures out the flag carrying almost immediately. Jet figures it out shortly thereafter, putting them in first.

The seaside village of Teluk Bahang is the next stop. It’s there that Jet & Cord see their speed bump, in which they must determine which tea is made from a bowl of crushed spice. They are wrong on their first attempt of three possible attempts. Their second guess is correct.

Returning back to the temple, Jet & Cord are first to the road block. The road block is to take part in two hindu rituals. They must smash coconuts to find one with a bright color, then they must build a traditional miniature offering known as a float to be set off to sea. It’s all dumb luck, but it all seems moot considering how far behind Steve & Allie are.

Road block (in order of arrival): Jet, Carol, Louie, Caite, Jordan, Allie

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the Pinang Peranakan Mansion, built 100 years ago by one of the island’s wealthiest residents.

First: Jet & Cord (win a trip to Maui)
Second: Carol & Brandy
Third: Louie & Michael
Fourth: Brent & Caite
Fifth: Dan & Jordan
Eliminated: Steve & Allie

The anticlimactic conclusion is that Steve & Allie have been eliminated.

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The Amazing Race 16 Episode 7

Jordan & Jeff finally reached the end of the road in The Amazing Race 16 Episode 6.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Louie & Michael – 12:35AM
Second: Carol & Brandy – 1:28AM
Third: Steve & Allie – 1:57AM
Fourth: Jet & Cord – 2:36AM
Fifth: Dan & Jordan – 3:36AM
Sixth: Brent & Caite – 4:36AM

Hopefully this week they’re actually going to take a plane somewhere and break up the monotony of teams finishing in almost the same order every week. Teams must now fly 5500 miles to the island of Mahe in the Seychelles, a remote chain of islands in the Indian Ocean. Regardless of the gap in times, there’s only one flight there, so everybody will be on the same one.

When they land, they’ll have to make their way on foot to a kiosk, where they will take a number. So basically the positioning comes down to seating on the flight. They will take helicopters to the island of La Digue.

First helicopters: Brent & Caite, Steve & Allie, Dan & Jordan
Second helicopters (1 hour later): Louie & Michael, Carol & Brandy, Jet & Cord

The detour is a choice between turtle toddle or ox trot. In turtle toddle, teams will lure a giant tortoise across the lawn to a marker. Then they’ll each grab a bunch of bananas and carry them a mile and a half to the harbor. In ox trot, teams will bring a cart to a clearing, which they must load up with coconuts. Then the ox handler will attach an ox to the cart, which they must deliver to the harbor. Either task with animals has the potential to prove frustrating, but there’s a reason why they call oxes stubborn.

Ox trot: Brent & Caite, Dan & Jordan, Louie & Michael, Jet & Cord, Carol & Brandy (switched from turtle toddle)
Turtle toddle: Steve & Allie

The ox clue warns them that they can’t drop any cargo, but that doesn’t stop Caite from tossing a coconut to the side and not bothering to look for it. Before they even get that bit of bad news, Brent & Caite are already calling each other idiots. The bad luck doesn’t stop there. Steve & Allie forget their backpacks after they complete the part with the turtle. Considering Allie’s getting banana all over her shirt to begin with, though, trying to do that while lugging a backpack may not have been a viable option anyway.

Brent says he’s not going back. He quits. He and Caite reluctantly agree to go back, but she cries on the way back about how unfair it is that they didn’t read the clue.

And so it continues. Carol & Brandy are unable to complete the turtle task, which puts them in last. However, they get lucky because Jet & Cord checked to see whether any fell out, but apparently did not check hard enough. It’s not over yet. Carol & Brandy checked around the cart, but they did not check underneath. Well, that should be sufficient to put them in last place. As if that’s not bad enough, Carol blames Brandy.

From there, teams will take a boat to St. Pierre Island. On the boat ride over, after they see Dan & Jordan, Steve & Allie realize they forgot their bags. They assume this means their bags are gone now. The good news is that they have their passports with them still. Now it’s just a question of whether they want to go back for the comfort the bags will provide. Seeing as they’ve got an hour head start, it shouldn’t be the end of the world to go back, but it’s still a risk. They opt to just leave them behind.

The road block is to search the water to find a case of submerged bottles, untie one, and bring it up to the surface. Inside is a map, which will take them to the pit stop.

Road block (in order of arrival): Steve, Jordan, Brent, Michael, Cord, Brandy

The drama doesn’t end there. Unable to get the map outside the bottle, Jet & Cord left it behind, opting to give it to their boat driver. Without that, Phil can’t check them in, so they’re going to need to go retrieve it. Their only option is to swim to that boat and get the bottle. On their way back, they realize they’re in last place now.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Praslin Island. Brent tells Phil it’s pretty anonymous that all the teams want Carol & Brandy gone. Apparently he means unanimous.

First: Steve & Allie (win $7,000 and all the 7UP they can drink)
Second: Dan & Jordan
Third: Brent & Caite
Fourth: Louie & Michael
Fifth: Carol & Brandy
Non-eliminated: Jet & Cord

Jet & Cord are still in the race, but they will have to complete a speed bump in the next leg.

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The Amazing Race 16 Episode 6

On the heels of an oddly decided U-turn, Joe & Heidi were eliminated in The Amazing Race 16 Episode 5.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Louie & Michael – 7:47AM
Second: Steve & Allie – 8:04AM
Third: Jet & Cord – 8:13AM
Fourth: Dan & Jordan – 8:17AM
Fifth: Carol & Brandy – 8:39AM
Sixth: Brent & Caite – 9:48AM
Seventh: Jordan & Jeff – 10:28AM

The gap between the teams is pretty ridiculous, so the trailing teams should start hoping now for some bunching.

Departing from their current location, a town with a population of 43, teams will now drive to Reims, also in France, where they will find a statue of Joan of Arc, not to be confused (by anyone other than Jordan) with Noah.

Navigator Allie is apparently not doing her father much good in that role. She tells him he needs to look at the map because she doesn’t know where they are.

As some of the teams pray for warmer weather, Rhode Islanders Louie & Michael consider the current temperature to be mild.

Jet & Cord believe their clue is sending them to the town of Champagne. The other teams just go to the tourism office, a strategy that proves to be the right way to go. The cowboys, meanwhile, are in for a driveathon to the wrong town, remaining lost until they stop and ask for directions.

The road block is to rappel into caverns and search the champagne bottles for one that is specially marked. Jordan does the task because his brother’s been doing the others, but he’s afraid of heights. Brandy’s pissed off (again). Yeah, this apparently isn’t what she signed up for either.

Road block (in order of arrival): Jordan, Louie, Steve, Brandy, Cord, Brent, Jeff

They will find their next clue at a nearby chateau and vineyard. Two of the teams get conflicting information. Louie & Michael are told The Chateau Marquetterie is in Pierry, while Dan & Jordan are told it’s in Reims. A pattern develops from there, with people getting a different answer depending on who they ask. Finding this stop first could well determine the placement for the leg.

It turns out that they make the champagne in Reims at a building of the same name, but that’s not the actual destination. Louie & Michael follow a guy who knows right where it is, which allows them to retake the lead.

Arriving at the wrong place, Steve hits something with the car, resulting in a car that’s not going to drive very well or far. You can fix anything with duct tape, though. Hopefully even a broken Mercedes.

The detour is a choice between tower or terra. In tower, teams must use exactly 680 glasses to build a tower 15 levels high, then fill it with champagne. In terra teams must search a square kilometer of land to find grapes marked with race colors. Ouch. Neither detour is particularly appealing, but somehow the searching detour turns out to be the way to go.

Tower: Dan & Jordan
Terra: Louie & Michael, Carol & Brandy, Steve & Allie, Jet & Cord, Brent & Caite (switched from terra to tower to terra), Jordan & Jeff (switched from tower)

Once again, Brent & Caite skip clues. They are the third team to arrive at the pit stop, but they didn’t do the detour.

Brent & Caite are arguing during the detour. She hates his decision, so she wants to fight. Having just seen the cowboys solve their detour quickly, Caite continues to argue, so they decide to switch detours… and continue to bicker. Not having pre-planned their math, Dan & Jordan realize when it’s too late that they’re up a creek with their tower, but they manage to make it work and finish the detour anyway, although they lose a few places in the process because the other detour was so much easier. Brent & Caite, however, are not so lucky, as their tower of glasses collapses. Should have just stuck with the grape search. This allows Jordan & Jeff to have renewed hope, as they arrive and see them still searching. Hoping that they can get ahead, they go for the glass detour, but the hope is shattered along with their falling glasses.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is L’Orrca, a historic mansion.

First: Louie & Michael (win a trip to Cancun)
Second: Carol & Brandy
Third: Steve & Allie
Fourth: Jet & Cord
Fifth: Dan & Jordan
Sixth: Brent & Caite
Eliminated: Jordan & Jeff

Living on borrowed time the last couple of legs, Jordan & Jeff have finally been eliminated.

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The Amazing Race 16 Episode 5

Jeff and Jordan were non-eliminated in The Amazing Race 16 Episode 4.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Louie & Michael
Second: Steve & Allie
Third: Joe & Heidi
Fourth: Jet & Cord
Fifth: Carol & Brandy
Sixth: Dan & Jordan
Seventh: Brent & Caite
Eighth: Jordan & Jeff

Teams will now drive their way to France.

The first destination is a baker with a clue contained inside bread. From there, the detour is a choice between in the trenches or under fire, to relive the WWI battles. In in the trenches, they must translate a message in morse code. In under fire, teams must go through a muddy booby trapped field.

Under fire: Louie & Michael, Steve & Allie, Joe & Heidi, Dan & Jordan, Carol & Brandy, Jet & Cord, Brent & Caite, Jordan & Jeff

This seemingly physical detour has the potential to point out teams who will struggle as the race goes on. Louie can’t stop coughing as he tries to regain his breath, while Joe’s knee seems to be getting worse. Brandy, meanwhile, is pissed off. She has no interest in doing anything physical on the race, doesn’t believe she has to prove herself, and did not intend to do this when she signed up. She’s angry and taking it out on her partner. Oh, somebody slap her already.

Brent has a compass on his watch. Not this again. The sign tells them where south is. Instead, they go the direction the watch tells them.

After the detour is the blind U-Turn, which means they can remain anonymous if they wish. The very first team opts to use it. Louie & Michael want to choose between Joe or Steve. What’s the point of yielding the second or third place team? They choose to yield Joe & Heidi.

So much for a blind U-Turn. There’s only two teams in front of them. Joe & Heidi assume Louie & Michael have forced them to turn back, although they’re not sure why. Now Joe & Heidi are sent back to complete the second detour.

Jordan & Jeff have one hope: that Joe & Heidi can’t figure out the morse code. Having started out in last place following their non-elimination and gotten lost along the way, before they can do a detour, Jordan & Jeff must first do a speed bump. The speed bump is to reinforce a section of the trench using branches. Jeff’s growing increasingly frustrated with Jordan, since he thinks he’d probably be better off with some random person off the street.

Ultimately, Jordan & Jeff end up passing Joe & Heidi. For all of Brandy’s whining about how they were doing the wrong detour, it seems there’s a reason why every single team chose to crawl through the field. Joe & Heidi end up unable to complete it. I’m quite shocked that U-Turning the third place team actually worked, although I’d still argue there were stronger teams to get rid of. Joe’s bum knee didn’t look like it had much left.

Following the U-Turn, they will march themselves into town to find the Church of Massiges. With the war behind them, teams must pedal themselves to victory, riding antique bicycles through a 4 mile course to the pit stop in a challenge inspired by the original Tour de France.

In Caite’s ill-fated following of Brent’s compass watch, they failed to get the clue telling them to march back the other way, leading to them being told they have to get their clue after the detour. They’ll have to return before Phil can check them in. So they have to ride back 4 miles, walk back to the clue, and ride back another 4 miles. An irritation no doubt, but it doesn’t cost them any position

First: Louie & Michael (win 55 inch HDTVs)
Second: Steve & Allie
Third: Jet & Cord
Fourth: Dan & Jordan
Fifth: Carol & Brandy
Sixth: Brent & Caite
Seventh: Jordan & Jeff
Eliminated: Joe & Heidi

Unable to make their way to the pit stop, Joe & Heidi have been eliminated.

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