The Amazing Race 16 Episode 6

On the heels of an oddly decided U-turn, Joe & Heidi were eliminated in The Amazing Race 16 Episode 5.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Louie & Michael – 7:47AM
Second: Steve & Allie – 8:04AM
Third: Jet & Cord – 8:13AM
Fourth: Dan & Jordan – 8:17AM
Fifth: Carol & Brandy – 8:39AM
Sixth: Brent & Caite – 9:48AM
Seventh: Jordan & Jeff – 10:28AM

The gap between the teams is pretty ridiculous, so the trailing teams should start hoping now for some bunching.

Departing from their current location, a town with a population of 43, teams will now drive to Reims, also in France, where they will find a statue of Joan of Arc, not to be confused (by anyone other than Jordan) with Noah.

Navigator Allie is apparently not doing her father much good in that role. She tells him he needs to look at the map because she doesn’t know where they are.

As some of the teams pray for warmer weather, Rhode Islanders Louie & Michael consider the current temperature to be mild.

Jet & Cord believe their clue is sending them to the town of Champagne. The other teams just go to the tourism office, a strategy that proves to be the right way to go. The cowboys, meanwhile, are in for a driveathon to the wrong town, remaining lost until they stop and ask for directions.

The road block is to rappel into caverns and search the champagne bottles for one that is specially marked. Jordan does the task because his brother’s been doing the others, but he’s afraid of heights. Brandy’s pissed off (again). Yeah, this apparently isn’t what she signed up for either.

Road block (in order of arrival): Jordan, Louie, Steve, Brandy, Cord, Brent, Jeff

They will find their next clue at a nearby chateau and vineyard. Two of the teams get conflicting information. Louie & Michael are told The Chateau Marquetterie is in Pierry, while Dan & Jordan are told it’s in Reims. A pattern develops from there, with people getting a different answer depending on who they ask. Finding this stop first could well determine the placement for the leg.

It turns out that they make the champagne in Reims at a building of the same name, but that’s not the actual destination. Louie & Michael follow a guy who knows right where it is, which allows them to retake the lead.

Arriving at the wrong place, Steve hits something with the car, resulting in a car that’s not going to drive very well or far. You can fix anything with duct tape, though. Hopefully even a broken Mercedes.

The detour is a choice between tower or terra. In tower, teams must use exactly 680 glasses to build a tower 15 levels high, then fill it with champagne. In terra teams must search a square kilometer of land to find grapes marked with race colors. Ouch. Neither detour is particularly appealing, but somehow the searching detour turns out to be the way to go.

Tower: Dan & Jordan
Terra: Louie & Michael, Carol & Brandy, Steve & Allie, Jet & Cord, Brent & Caite (switched from terra to tower to terra), Jordan & Jeff (switched from tower)

Once again, Brent & Caite skip clues. They are the third team to arrive at the pit stop, but they didn’t do the detour.

Brent & Caite are arguing during the detour. She hates his decision, so she wants to fight. Having just seen the cowboys solve their detour quickly, Caite continues to argue, so they decide to switch detours… and continue to bicker. Not having pre-planned their math, Dan & Jordan realize when it’s too late that they’re up a creek with their tower, but they manage to make it work and finish the detour anyway, although they lose a few places in the process because the other detour was so much easier. Brent & Caite, however, are not so lucky, as their tower of glasses collapses. Should have just stuck with the grape search. This allows Jordan & Jeff to have renewed hope, as they arrive and see them still searching. Hoping that they can get ahead, they go for the glass detour, but the hope is shattered along with their falling glasses.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is L’Orrca, a historic mansion.

First: Louie & Michael (win a trip to Cancun)
Second: Carol & Brandy
Third: Steve & Allie
Fourth: Jet & Cord
Fifth: Dan & Jordan
Sixth: Brent & Caite
Eliminated: Jordan & Jeff

Living on borrowed time the last couple of legs, Jordan & Jeff have finally been eliminated.

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