The Amazing Race 16 Episode 9

Steve & Allie got lost and never recovered in The Amazing Race 16 Episode 8.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Jet & Cord – 10:02AM
Second: Carol & Brandy – 10:12AM
Third: Louie & Michael – 10:31AM
Fourth: Brent & Caite – 10:50AM
Fifth: Dan & Jordan – 11:09AM

Teams must now travel over 400 miles by bus and train to Singapore, where they will search for Allan Wu, host of The Amazing Race Asia.

First bus (10:47AM): Jet & Cord
Second bus (11:00AM): Carol & Brandy
Third bus (12:00PM): Louie & Michael, Brent & Caite, Dan & Jordan

On their bus ride, Dan & Jordan realize that the two teams they’re with have it out for Carol & Brandy. They believe they want to get rid of them for personal reasons, rather than because they’re threats, which it would seem is a valid criticism.

The train does not depart until 9:30, so it was pretty much pointless showing us the buses. All teams get on the same train that doesn’t look as if it’s been cleaned in a while.

The Singapore Flyer, the tallest observation wheel in the world, is the fast forward. Once they reach the top at 541 feet, they must exit and walk along the metal beam to the next capsule over. The first team to arrive, Dan & Jordan, will be doing it. Nobody else even seems to consider it.

The detour is a choice between pounding the drums or pounding the pavement. In pounding the drums, teams must learn a complex routine on traditional drums. In pounding the pavement, they must pick up various supplies and ten boxes of ice cream, which they will use to make and sell 25 ice cream sandwiches.

Louie & Michael decide they can’t get the drums detour. Rather than going to the other detour, they decide to just go to the fast forward instead. A little late to be making that decision. They won’t be told who’s upstairs until they get up there. When they do arrive, they find out that the fast forward is in progress, so they head to the ice cream detour. After much drama about Jordan being afraid of heights, he and Dan complete the fast forward, easily guaranteeing themselves first place.

Here’s a change of pace. This time, Carol says she can’t do something. She leaves the decision to stay at the detour up to Brandy, and since it was Brandy’s decision, their failure at this is her fault. At least the name of the game’s still the same for these two, just with the names reversed.

The good news for Louie & Michael is that their cab driver buys 10 of the 25 ice creams they need.

Pounding the drums: Jet & Cord, Brent & Caite, Carol & Brandy
Pounding the pavement: Louie & Michael (switch from pounding the drums)

The next stop is Istana Park. Since a U-Turn is ahead, that would presumably make detour completion critical. Having completed the detour first, it goes without saying that Brent & Caite will be U-Turning Carol & Brandy. This all apparently stems back to day 1 when everybody was making fun of Caite for her claim the fame, the fact that she gave the dumbest answer in the history of beauty pageants. Their response: she’s an idiot, and the proof is on Youtube. Now Carol & Brandy have to go off and pretend to be nice to customers, although they won’t be nice to each other any time soon.

From there, they will head to the shipyard. The road block is to inspect an enormous anchor chain. They must count all the links in the chain. Phil says this sounds simple enough, but counting tasks are rarely simple. This is further complicated by lots of noise and a guy saying numbers on a loudspeaker. Brent gets it on his first try. Michael’s got a pitch counter, so he just hopes that will do the work for him, which it does. Cord also has no trouble with the task. As they’re leaving, Carol & Brandy show up. Louie & Michael, not having a cab driver any more, try to sabotage Carol & Brandy, but their driver sticks with them. So they pay someone else to wait and take another cab.

Road block (in order of arrival): Brent, Michael, Cord, Carol

It’s still not over. The next clue is at MegaZip, where they will take a zipline more than 1200 feet on one of Asia’s longest and steepest ziplines.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the Marina Barrage, which can be seen from the Singapore Flyer. By this point, the outcome is obvious. It’s just a question of whether it’s a non-elimination leg.

First: Dan & Jordan (win motorbikes that they won’t use)
Second: Brent & Caite
Third: Jet & Cord
Fourth: Louie & Michael
Eliminated: Carol & Brandy

Carol & Brandy have been eliminated as a result of the U-Turn. Their final statement is that Brent & Caite were idiots for eliminating perhaps the least threatening team.

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