Hell’s Kitchen 3 Episode 3 Recap

Welcome to the Hell’s Kitchen 3 episode 3 recap!

Episode 1 of Fox Television’s best show saw my initial pick to win, Tiffany, get the boot, while episode 2 was a little more surprising. The constantly whining and crying retirement home Chef Aaron somehow managed to escape what seemed like certain doom, only for the little guy in the group and one of the shows most promising contestants, Eddie, to get axed.

Hopefully Aaron’s run of luck will all come to an end in tonight’s episode 3 and, judging by the previews and trailers for tonight’s show, it certainly looks like he’ll be the one to go, though I don’t think he’ll get eliminated, I think Chef Gordon Ramsay will give him the boot mid-service. So, enough talking about it, let’s get down to business!

Hell’s Kitchen 3
June 18, 2007

  • Both the Red and Blue teams return to their quarters and Rock has a sit down with Josh and tells him he’s not the leader of the team, as much as he would like to think so sometimes.
  • 5:58am – A Navy and Marine officer bust into the contestants quarters and wake everyone up with some crazy bugel playing.
  • The guys have to dress Aaron because he’s so useless!
  • The Challenge: Both teams enter the kitchen to see Gordon Ramsay, who tells them they will, for the first time ever in Hell’s Kitchen, be serving breakfast! The kicker, they will be serving it to members of the US Army and Navy, so they better do well!
  • The Red team cooks for the Army, while the Blue team cooks for the Navy.
  • The women get off to a quick start, while the guys are quick to fal behind. Aaron volunteers to do omlettes and proceeds to burn two in a row, having to throw them out.
  • 17 minutes into service and the Red team has already sent out 20 dishes, while the Blue team has failed to get a single dish out. Ouch!
  • Things are going very well for the Red team until Joanna starts screwing up, sending out salty, raw hashbrowns. Chef Gordon Ramsay pulls all the girls aside, tells them all to get their act together, they’re going down hill and things get worse when Joanna says she’s out of potatoes. Uh oh!
  • Julia is stepping it up for the Red team, taking leadership.
  • The Blue team was doing okay, but again things start to break down and Aaron continues to screw everything up.
  • The Red team finishes up and Chef Gordon Ramsay sends Julia into the Blue kitchen to whip the guys into shape and get things running properly. She nailed it and made the guys look like a bunch of fools.
  • The Reward: The Red team gets a special military reward, a helicopter ride.
  • The Punishment: The Blue team gets stuck with KP duty, peeling potatoes and onions for an entire military base. Wow, that sucks.
  • As the Blue team is getting prepped to start KP duty, Aaron passes out, falls backwards and smashes in one of the aluminum cabinets. Yay! Usless twit!

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On The Lot Zach Lipovsky “Paradise Redrawn”

I talked about my favorite On The Lot contestant, special FX guru, director and Vancouver-boy Zach Lipovsky a few weeks ago and I just found out today that things are really starting to look up for Zach.

At this point he doesn’t even need to win On The Lot to prove how talented he is. The two short films he has debuted thus far have gone a long way to prove his worth in the film industry. So much so that his own project, Paradise Redrawn, has been picked up by Chris Ferguson Productions and is scheduled to begin filming in Vancouver in 2008.

Zach Lipovsky himself will be manning the helm on the project as director, while Chris Ferguson will take on the role of producer.

Paradise Redrawn was written by James Dai and is about a Catholic school girl named Sophie who gets bored with her classes and begins to doodle in her notebook. As she doodles, her creations come to life and lift off the page. Two separate nations form in her notebook, both of which consider her to be a god. Both nations end up going to war and Sophie is forced to come to terms and deal with the events and outcome.

Keep an eye out for Paradise Redrawn and more of Zach Lipovsky’s projects. In the meantime, show your support for an incredibly talented special effects wizard and director by voting for Zach to win On The Lot!

On The Lot airs on the Fox Television Network every Tuesday night at 8/7c. Stay tuned for more On The Lot news, recaps and spoilers here at dingoRUE.com!

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On The Lot Episode 6 Recap

Tonight’s episode of Fox’s On The Lot is the second in the shows new and improved 1-hour format and brings up another round of eliminations.

Last weeks episode 5 saw indy filmmakers Sam Friedlander, Trever James, Hilary Weisman Graham, Adam Stein and Shalini Kantayya premiere their newest short films and the general consensus was rather bleak.

Shalini’s film, Luaghing Out Loud: A Comic Journey, about a gay south asian comedian finding and accepting himself was certainly the best film of the night, and hopefully enough to save the talentent filmmaker from tonight’s elimination.

My pick to get the boot tonight is Hilary Weisman Graham for her poorly written, terribly filmed and just… weird short film, The First Time I Met The Finkelsteins.

Now enough with the guesses, let’s get down to business and see exactly what went down in On The Lot episode 6.

June 12, 2007

Okay, I just have to say, is it just me, or is the host of the show just terribly? I mean honestly now, she screws up all the time, she’s just generally annoying and she’s trying way to hard to be an even more feminine version of Ryan Seacrest and it just isn’t working for me.

Tonight’s Emmy Award winning guest judge was responsible for directing one of last years best films, The Devil Wears Prada, Mr. David Frankel. Here’s hoping he’ll be as to the point and blunt, if not more so, than last weeks guest judge and Transformers the movie director, Michael Bay.

Tonight’s five contestants on the chopping block: Sam, Trever, Hilary, Adam and Shalini take to the stage and everyone gets a chance to criticize the filmmakers’ works.

Adam, Shalini and Sam are all safe, leaving Hilary and Trever on stage. And the contestant being eliminated is… not going to be revealed until the end of the show, lame! So, with that being said, on to the night’s movie premieres!

Polished by Andrew Hunt (Watch It!)
Description: A story about a janitor that is completely taken for granted.
My Thoughts: The film was actually pretty sad to start off, but being a film by Andrew, I knew there had to be a punchline in there somewhere and sure enough, there was, and it was damn good. Nothing like a poorly treated janitor exacting his revenge to put a smile on your face.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it was sweet, good. David thought he’s done better, but it was slow at the beginning and more likea 30 sec commercial than a film. Garry says revenged works, he loved the leading man and the music made him want to go to church, over all, quite polished.

Love at First Shot by David May (Watch It!)
Description: A short film about a hopeless romantic having a hard time on his date.
My Thoughts: The main character was just outright annoying, luckily the cupid character was actually pretty clever. The ending was okay, cute.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it should be more original, she felt she had seen it before. David didn’t like it, said it mixed genres, ambiguity, not clear enough, needs to do better. Garry thought the pacing was off and it needed to be tightened up.

Beeline by Shira-Lee Shalit (Watch It!)
Description: A sneaky kid plays mind games with his mother to try and score a playstation.
My Thoughts: Funny concept, not filmed that well, seemed to drag on longer than needed and the ending was crap. Casting her own son for the role was a bad idea, she was obviously biased about his talents.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it could have been called “Slut Mom”, it was very good, but not great. David said it made him laugh, it was sweet, funny music, best so far tonight. Garry loved the production values, good one for the girls.

Dance With The Devil by Marty Martin (Watch It!)
A story about a man trying to start a new life with his girlfriend, only it proves to be harder to escape his past then he originally thought.
My Thoughts:
The entire film had a very dark look and feel to it, the green hues used in the filming made for an awesome added effect. The writing and production were very good, over all the best ofthe night thus far. My only complaint is some shakey camera work when it isn’t needed for effect.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it was a victory of style over substance, but his style is very distracting. David admires his arrogance, but the film played more like a trailer. Garry thought there wasn’t enough character development.

Edge On The End by Kenny Luby (Watch It!)
Description: A short film describing the pain one feels with the loss of a loved one.
My Thoughts: Very weird. For the most part it looked, sounded and felt like an emo music video more than anything else. Good story for a short film, terrible execution, acting, everything other than the premise was crap.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it was more like a rock video, but he’s cute (um, okay?). David admired his ambition, there was a lot of powerful imagery and it showed a lot of talent. Garry said to stay unique and stay crazy.

And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The contestant eliminated in episode 6 of On The Lot is… Trever James!

Wow, I have to say, I thought Hilary was getting the boot and I’m rather disappointed she didn’t. Oh well, she won’t last much longer.

Judges picks:
Carrie Fisher – Polished by Andrew Hunt
Michael Bay –Beeline by Shira-Lee Shalit
Garry Marshall – Beeline by Shira-Lee Shalit

My pick:
I’d actually have to call it a tie. I really liked both Polished by Andrew Hunt and Dance With The Devil by Marty Martin, and I liked both films for entirely different reasons.

And there you have it, another successful and much better episode of On The Lot.

On The Lot episode 7 airs on the Fox Television Network on June 19 at 8/7c. Stay tuned for a full recap of the show right here on dingoRUE!

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Hell’s Kitchen 3 Episode 2 Recap

Welcome to the Hell’s Kitchen 3 episode 2 recap!

With Chef Gordon Ramsay at the TV shows helm for yet another season, you can bet every episode will be packed with hissy fits, injuries, a screaming British chef and a bunch of whining and crying contestants (yes Aaron, I mean you).

Last weeks season premiere made for a great start to what is gauranteed to be a fantastic season of reality television. There’s just one problem, the Hell’s Kitchen 3 winner has already been revealed! Keep in mind nothing is 100% until the shows season finale airs (even though it has already been taped), but if you don’t want to risk possibly spoiling an awesome TV show, don’t click that link.

Now, enough of the chit-chat, on to the Hell’s Kitchen 3 episode 2 recap, and this time around, I’m going to try a different format to try and tighten things up a bit. Enjoy!

  • The show kicks off as both the red and blue teams return to their rooms after Tiffany’s elimination in episode 1.
  • Aaron’s pacing around. He’s tired, he hasn’t eaten all day but he’s not hungry. Man do I not like this guy. The very site of him annoys me.
  • Both teams are rudely awakened at 5:56am by Chef Gordon Ramsay‘s sous chef’s Mary-Ann and Scott slamming pots and pans together. You know what that means? It’s challenge time baby!
  • Both teams slowly filter out of their rooms and are greeted in the dining room by Chef Ramsay. Ramsay gives them a hard time for all the food they wasted and tells them they’re going to be catching their own fish, but now how you might think. Ramsay leads the teams outside to a trailer that opens as guys start throwing fish out to the contestants. Eddie steps up and works hard as Aaron whines and cries even more.
  • Ramsay brings both teams into the kitchen, Aaron starts to whine and cry and Ramsay tells him to go back and take a few minutes. What a tool!

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Hell’s Kitchen 3 Winner Revealed

According to the reality TV blog Reality Blurred, an online gambling company may be responsible for leaking the Hell’s Kitchen 3 winner, and after only one episode has made it to air.

As we all know, Hell’s Kitchen is one of the many reality television shows that is NOT filmed live, in fact production on season 3 of the show wrapped up sometime in February. Reality TV shows employ hundreds of staff and most, if not every all of them, already know the identity of the show’s winner before it ever makes it to air. This is just one of many risks television networks like Fox have to accept in order to produce a show of Hell’s Kitchen 3 quality.


According to Reality Blurred, the online gambling company noticed irregular betting patterns involving a specific contestant before the airing of Hell’s Kitchen 3 episode 1. The company originally opened odds on the show with Rock as a 7/1 favorite, by the time the odds had closed for the airing of episode one they had received enough action to drop Rock’s odds as low as 2/1. According to reports, upon further investigation the company found a number of links between employee’s of the Fox TV network itself and a number of betting accounts responsible for driving Rock’s odds down.

It looks to me like someone that worked on the show for Fox decided to try and make a few extra bucks by betting on the Hell’s Kitchen 3 winner before anyone else. Not a bad idea, when you think about it. That is, of course, until you get caught. Obviously the person(s) behind the leak don’t much care for their job, either that or the risk of getting canned was out weighed by the prospect of winning a lowly $350.

In case you haven’t figured it out by what I have written above, I will come right out and say it. The Hell’s Kitchen 3 Winner is Rock! Not that this will keep me from watching the show. Even with the winner revealed, you still never know what’s going to happen through out the season and there is always a chance that the leak is incorrect. It does sound fairly accurate, but you never know.

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On The Lot Episode 5 Recap

Welcome to the On The Lot Episode 5 recap. Tonight’s episode is the first in the series since Fox television trimmed the shows schedule down to a single 1-hour episode every Tuesday night. So, with that being said, hear’s hoping Fox has found a way to breathe life into what has quickly become a dieing series.

Now let’s get down to business and see what happened in episode 5 of Fox’s On The Lot.

SE01EP05 – June 5, 2007

Episode 5 of On The Lot kicks off with a brief recap of episode four where Phil, Claudia and Carolina got the axe and were cut from the show.

Tonight, only five directors get to show their movies, while the remaining ten kick back in the audience and watch. The judges, Carrie Fisher and Garry Marshall, are joined tonight by Transformers the movie director Michael Bay as guest judge.

Tonight’s five featured directors and films are:

Broken Pipe Dreams by Sam Friedlander

Description: A guy loses his wedding ring down the toilet and has to retreive it, despite having a previous bad experience with toilets. Apparently his fish was flushed down the toilet in the past.
My Thoughts: Dumb idea, poor execution, but a clever and funny ending.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie really liked it, a lot. Guest director Michael Bay of Transformers the movie cared more about the fish than the guy, thought it was too long and repetative. Garry thought he made a toilet a character, excellent film making.

Teri by Trever James

Description: A short film about a guys blind date experience with a girl named Teri.
My Thoughts: Stupid and pointless, only mildly funny.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it was cute, though the acting was over done. Michael Bay thought he’s confident in his directing, but he needs to work on his photography and style. Garry said he liked his comedy short film about golf more than this short.

The First Time I Met The Finkelsteins by Hilary Weisman Graham

Description: A son introduces his new girlfriend to his jewish parents.
My Thoughts: A funny idea, but incredibly poorly executed and terribly filmed.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie likes her writing, doesn’t like her directing. Michael calls it a groaner, says it was uncomfortable and just didn’t work for him. Garry says the filming was way to tight, the writing was good, but she has a lot to learn.

Dough: The Musical by Adam Stein

Description: A romantic comedy about two people who are destin to meet.
My Thoughts: Um, interesting. Some shaky filming, but an interesting idea, definitely original.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie calls it incredibly original and entertaining. Michael says it was a very good job for 5-days work, but he could use a bit more work in the photography department. Garry thought it worked out very well but he needed to work on the chemistry between his actors a bit more.

Laughing Out Loud: A Comic Journey by Shalini Kantayya

Description: The story of a gay south asian comedian finding and accepting himself for who he is.
My Thoughts: A great idea for a short film that was written, directed and filmed fantastically. The message and story was positive and inspiring and, without a doubt, this was my favorite film of the night.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it was very well made, but the advice was crappy. Michael Bay got a chill, said she did a really, really great job and she has the most digital style of anyoneon stage. Garry doesn’t say much of anything, other than not all films need to be linear. Not sure what that has to do with anything.

Judges picks:
Carrie Fisher – Broken Dreams by Sam Friedlander
Michael Bay – Laughing Out Loud: A Comic Journey by Shalini Kantayya
Garry Marshall – Dough: The Musical by Adam Stein

Other Contestants Pick:
Laughing Out Loud: A Comic Journey by Shalini Kantayya

My pick:
Laughing Out Loud: A Comic Journey by Shalini Kantayya

Of all the night’s short films I thought Shalini’s was the only one that was not only filmed very well, but also written and directed very well. The story was both touching and inspiring, the method in which it was conveyed was fantastic and the entire film came together very well.

Overall, the show wasn’t fantastic. It wasn’t as bad as episode 4 was, not by a long stretch, but it wasn’t fantastic either, though I definitely like format a great deal better then the American Idol style they were following before. Who knows, maybe Fox has managed to find a way to prevent this, what could be a fantastic television show, from imminent doom – here’s hoping!

Join me again on Tuesday, June 12th for On The Lot episode 6 when we will find out which of tonight’s five contestants will be sent packing and which five will be next on the chopping block!

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On The Lot, On The Rocks?

I don’t recall ever before having watched and loved the first two episodes of a reality TV show as much as I did with On The Lot, and on the same token, I don’t think I’ve ever lost interest in a reality TV show so quickly. It almost hurts me to say it because the first two episodes of the show were fantastic and the show has such promise and potential to be absolutely fantastic.

After watching episode 3 of On The Lot, I still enjoyed the show, but had the feeling it was heading the way of an American Idol show and that had me worried. Being away all last week due to a family emergency, I didn’t get to watch episode 4 until I returned home yesterday and, sure enough, my fears were affirmed. They turned the show into a damn American Idol knock-off! The elimination show was far too long, incredibly bloated and simply dragged out beyond belief. It pains me to say I am disappointed in the television show almost as much as it pained me to watch episode 3. American Idol has had huge success with its format and, because of that success, no other show should or can use the same format and ever hope to have the same success, it just isn’t going to happen.

Luckily the people at Fox television are quick to react when they notice things are going down the drain. Fox has acknowledged the ratings flop that On The Lot has become and is fighting to breathe life back into the TV show.

Fox has retooled the entire season’s schedule and the show will no longer have a 2-hour screening episode on Monday night and a 1-hour elimination show on Tuesday night. Instead, both episodes will be crammed into a single 1-hour episode that will air Tuesdays at 8/7c.

Hopefully cutting the show back to a single 1-hour episode every week will breathe much needed life back into the series and save it from what could be a very early demise. I do love the idea behind the show and I truly believe it could be fantastic if the producers can tear themselves away from the terrible American Idol format. Condensing the television series into a single 1-hour episode every week will force the producers to scale things back drastically and cut out a ton of the bloated content that is dragging it under. I have high hopes and believe me, my fingers are crossed.

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Hell’s Kitchen 3 Episode 1 Recap

D-Day! That’s right folks, the long awaited day is once again upon us. Tonight marked the season premiere of Fox televisions hit reality TV series, Hell’s Kitchen 3!

The television shows third season is gauranteed to be fantastic and I can’t wait to see what it has in store. As usual, British badass Chef Gordon Ramsay has returned to throw 12 would-be super chefs into the fire and, up for grabs this time around, is the head chef position of the new Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa in Las Vegas! So, without further adieu, I present to you, the Hell’s Kitchen 3 episode 1 recap. Enjoy!

SE03EP01 – June 4, 2007

The show starts off with a quick fireside chat by Chef Gordon Ramsay as he tells everyone how he won’t scream or swear in this season. Ha! Good thing he was kidding. There’s also a quick update on Hell’s Kitchen season 1 winner Michael, executive chef of TaToU in Los Angeles and season 2 winner Heather, head chef of Terra Rossa in Las Vegas.

Welcome to Hell!

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