On The Lot Zach Lipovsky “Paradise Redrawn”

I talked about my favorite On The Lot contestant, special FX guru, director and Vancouver-boy Zach Lipovsky a few weeks ago and I just found out today that things are really starting to look up for Zach.

At this point he doesn’t even need to win On The Lot to prove how talented he is. The two short films he has debuted thus far have gone a long way to prove his worth in the film industry. So much so that his own project, Paradise Redrawn, has been picked up by Chris Ferguson Productions and is scheduled to begin filming in Vancouver in 2008.

Zach Lipovsky himself will be manning the helm on the project as director, while Chris Ferguson will take on the role of producer.

Paradise Redrawn was written by James Dai and is about a Catholic school girl named Sophie who gets bored with her classes and begins to doodle in her notebook. As she doodles, her creations come to life and lift off the page. Two separate nations form in her notebook, both of which consider her to be a god. Both nations end up going to war and Sophie is forced to come to terms and deal with the events and outcome.

Keep an eye out for Paradise Redrawn and more of Zach Lipovsky’s projects. In the meantime, show your support for an incredibly talented special effects wizard and director by voting for Zach to win On The Lot!

On The Lot airs on the Fox Television Network every Tuesday night at 8/7c. Stay tuned for more On The Lot news, recaps and spoilers here at dingoRUE.com!

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8 thoughts on “On The Lot Zach Lipovsky “Paradise Redrawn””

  1. It was sad that Zach got kicked off. I voted and it still happened. I just hope that he will still make films. I will be looking for His movies. I know that he could become one of the best movie makers of all time. I just hope he beleaves it, even after being voted off.

  2. Hi!
    I think tha zach was the best of on the lot… finally I knew the winner of that competition (will) But I think that zach will do film at the same that will.. he is so awesome ! =D

    Sorry for my English. I’m from Chile and The words that I learned are jus for the things that Teaches me the school and the things that I learn in home .


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