On The Lot Episode 6 Recap

Tonight’s episode of Fox’s On The Lot is the second in the shows new and improved 1-hour format and brings up another round of eliminations.

Last weeks episode 5 saw indy filmmakers Sam Friedlander, Trever James, Hilary Weisman Graham, Adam Stein and Shalini Kantayya premiere their newest short films and the general consensus was rather bleak.

Shalini’s film, Luaghing Out Loud: A Comic Journey, about a gay south asian comedian finding and accepting himself was certainly the best film of the night, and hopefully enough to save the talentent filmmaker from tonight’s elimination.

My pick to get the boot tonight is Hilary Weisman Graham for her poorly written, terribly filmed and just… weird short film, The First Time I Met The Finkelsteins.

Now enough with the guesses, let’s get down to business and see exactly what went down in On The Lot episode 6.

June 12, 2007

Okay, I just have to say, is it just me, or is the host of the show just terribly? I mean honestly now, she screws up all the time, she’s just generally annoying and she’s trying way to hard to be an even more feminine version of Ryan Seacrest and it just isn’t working for me.

Tonight’s Emmy Award winning guest judge was responsible for directing one of last years best films, The Devil Wears Prada, Mr. David Frankel. Here’s hoping he’ll be as to the point and blunt, if not more so, than last weeks guest judge and Transformers the movie director, Michael Bay.

Tonight’s five contestants on the chopping block: Sam, Trever, Hilary, Adam and Shalini take to the stage and everyone gets a chance to criticize the filmmakers’ works.

Adam, Shalini and Sam are all safe, leaving Hilary and Trever on stage. And the contestant being eliminated is… not going to be revealed until the end of the show, lame! So, with that being said, on to the night’s movie premieres!

Polished by Andrew Hunt (Watch It!)
Description: A story about a janitor that is completely taken for granted.
My Thoughts: The film was actually pretty sad to start off, but being a film by Andrew, I knew there had to be a punchline in there somewhere and sure enough, there was, and it was damn good. Nothing like a poorly treated janitor exacting his revenge to put a smile on your face.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it was sweet, good. David thought he’s done better, but it was slow at the beginning and more likea 30 sec commercial than a film. Garry says revenged works, he loved the leading man and the music made him want to go to church, over all, quite polished.

Love at First Shot by David May (Watch It!)
Description: A short film about a hopeless romantic having a hard time on his date.
My Thoughts: The main character was just outright annoying, luckily the cupid character was actually pretty clever. The ending was okay, cute.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it should be more original, she felt she had seen it before. David didn’t like it, said it mixed genres, ambiguity, not clear enough, needs to do better. Garry thought the pacing was off and it needed to be tightened up.

Beeline by Shira-Lee Shalit (Watch It!)
Description: A sneaky kid plays mind games with his mother to try and score a playstation.
My Thoughts: Funny concept, not filmed that well, seemed to drag on longer than needed and the ending was crap. Casting her own son for the role was a bad idea, she was obviously biased about his talents.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it could have been called “Slut Mom”, it was very good, but not great. David said it made him laugh, it was sweet, funny music, best so far tonight. Garry loved the production values, good one for the girls.

Dance With The Devil by Marty Martin (Watch It!)
A story about a man trying to start a new life with his girlfriend, only it proves to be harder to escape his past then he originally thought.
My Thoughts:
The entire film had a very dark look and feel to it, the green hues used in the filming made for an awesome added effect. The writing and production were very good, over all the best ofthe night thus far. My only complaint is some shakey camera work when it isn’t needed for effect.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it was a victory of style over substance, but his style is very distracting. David admires his arrogance, but the film played more like a trailer. Garry thought there wasn’t enough character development.

Edge On The End by Kenny Luby (Watch It!)
Description: A short film describing the pain one feels with the loss of a loved one.
My Thoughts: Very weird. For the most part it looked, sounded and felt like an emo music video more than anything else. Good story for a short film, terrible execution, acting, everything other than the premise was crap.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it was more like a rock video, but he’s cute (um, okay?). David admired his ambition, there was a lot of powerful imagery and it showed a lot of talent. Garry said to stay unique and stay crazy.

And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The contestant eliminated in episode 6 of On The Lot is… Trever James!

Wow, I have to say, I thought Hilary was getting the boot and I’m rather disappointed she didn’t. Oh well, she won’t last much longer.

Judges picks:
Carrie Fisher – Polished by Andrew Hunt
Michael Bay –Beeline by Shira-Lee Shalit
Garry Marshall – Beeline by Shira-Lee Shalit

My pick:
I’d actually have to call it a tie. I really liked both Polished by Andrew Hunt and Dance With The Devil by Marty Martin, and I liked both films for entirely different reasons.

And there you have it, another successful and much better episode of On The Lot.

On The Lot episode 7 airs on the Fox Television Network on June 19 at 8/7c. Stay tuned for a full recap of the show right here on dingoRUE!

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3 thoughts on “On The Lot Episode 6 Recap”

  1. Well, you were certainly wrong. Hilary’s in and Trevor’s out. Since the last two films of each contestant were the ones Steven Spielberg based his choices on for the 50 finalists, the only inconsistent choices he’s made so far has been the judges. Evidently Steven Spielberg saw merit in all of the films shown to date, except the 24 hour team comedies made in Hollywood. the real test will come beginning next tuesday, June 26th, when everyone will be on a level playing ground with new films made “On the Lot.”
    By the way, I thought Hilary’s films were well written, good stories. That’s what makes a horse race.

  2. hehe, Was I ever wrong, but I at least seem to be good at that. 😛

    My pick to win Hell’s Kitchen 3 ended up being the first contestant to get the boot. After that I even have difficulty believing in my picks, lol.

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