Big Brother Season 20 Episode 35

Kaycee won the power of veto in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 34, keeping her nominees on the block, Haleigh and Sam.

Haleigh’s obviously gone. It’s not even a fake editing discussion. What does need to be discussed is what happens next. Of course, JC and Sam, but what happens if one of them wins a competition for once or after they are gone? Angela volunteers to be a pawn.

Meanwhile, Brett has a final two with Tyler. Who doesn’t? He wants to get rid of the girls. Tyler shares this information with Kaycee. He’s afraid that Brett is a smooth talker, which he is, but he also tends to stick his foot in his mouth by being a jerk, albeit a likable one.

Tyler: Haleigh
JC: Haleigh
Brett: Haleigh
Angela: Haleigh

By a vote of 4-0, Haleigh has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She was a lot more likable than most of her alliance, such as the woman who was literally spewing blood, but she picked the wrong side and continues the trend of them being kicked out. The goodbye messages are a coordinated attack against Brett. She believes it. Sure, it was Brett. It wasn’t the whole four person alliance that you already know about. It was one person.

They get to watch videos of highlights from the summer, obviously preparation for the next HOH competition. Sam and Tyler get the first question correct. JC gets the second question correct. Tyler and Brett get the third question correct. Everybody but Angela gets the fourth question correct. Everybody but JC gets the fifth question correct. Everybody gets the sixth question correct. Sam, Tyler, and Angela get the final question correct. Tyler wins HOH.

Why would he do that? He’s allied with everybody. Now he has to take a side. If the alternative was throwing the wolves (second place Sam), perhaps that’s worth the risk.


The veto competition requires them to roll a ball through a maze that they build. Angela wins the power of veto.

Veto Ceremony
JC is saved.
Brett is the replacement nominee.

Speaking of people picking the wrong alliance. Seems unnecessary to get him this week, but we already know the result of tonight’s vote.

JC: Brett
Kaycee: Brett
Angela: Brett

By a vote of 3-0, Brett has been evicted from the Big Brother house. The season’s almost over, but this could be the first time this season I mind who’s been eliminated.

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