Big Brother Season 20 Episode 36

A double eviction started with an easy move in Big Brother Season 20 Episode 35 with the elimination of Haleigh. Then Brett’s alliance turned on him.

Level Six, other than Brett, had planned this, but they left JC and Sam in the dark. What are JC or Sam going to do about it, though? Sam believes Tyler that Brett was coming after her, but JC is unconvinced. He realizes that he made a mistake trusting Tyler. Too late.

The HOH competition requires them to listen to clues about BB movie posters and answer which movie is being discussed. Angela buzzes in with the right answer first on the first question. Also the second question. JC gets the third question correct. Sam gets the fourth and fifth questions correct. Angela gets the sixth question correct to retake the lead. JC buzzes in ahead of Sam, preventing her from tying on the final question. Angela wins HOH.

JC’s a lot sneakier, but Sam has been having run ins with other women all summer. With the girls in power, that makes Sam an easy target.

Tyler and Angela declare their love for each other. It is probably not smart for them to bring each other to the end, but it’s seeming more inevitable.


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