Big Brother Season 20 Episode 34

A predictable Big Brother Season 20 Episode 33 ended with the nomination of Haleigh and Sam.

Without his big dumb puppet Faysal to push around anymore, JC now has a new bromance with Brett, though both consider the other expendable.

Kaycee selects Tyler at random to play in the power of veto competition. Haleigh selects Angela. Sam picks Brett (houseguest’s choice). She went with the guy who can win rather than the guy who would be easy to beat.

The veto competition requires them to spot superhero impostors in the city from BB Comics. Paying close attention to subtle differences will help. Dumb luck 50/50 guesses won’t hurt.

Tyler – 6:35
Brett – 7:30
Kaycee – 2:17
Sam – 15:48
Angela – 9:53
Haleigh – 18:56

Kaycee easily wins the power of veto. No chance of the nominations changing. Tyler was talking about how maybe he would have changed them because JC is getting on his nerves talking about wanting to target his allies, but that wasn’t going to happen either. Tyler brings it up anyway. Yeah, you really want to save Haleigh, the only person to ever try to come after you. Still, important seeds to plant because he wants to make sure these people are at war with each other, not him.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

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