Survivor: Ghost Island Episode 6

After continuing their losing streak, those with the numbers advantage targeted the other side again in Survivor: Ghost Island Episode 5 and eliminated Stephanie.

The last tribe swap has not been kind Malolo, and they did not help themselves by voting out their strongest player. Perhaps now they can have a better shot when they drop their buffs again. Not content with merely having two tribe swaps after five votes, the other part of the twist is that there is a third tribe.

Naviti (purple): Donathan, Bradley, Domenick, Libby, Chelsea
Malolo (orange): Michael, James, Angela, Desiree, Kellyn
Yanuya (green): Sebastian, Jenna, Wendell, Chris, Laurel

There are three original Naviti and two original Malolo on all three tribes.

Chris is under the impression that he is creating bonds with everybody, but really people just find him annoying.

Angela provides a glimmer of hope for the minority new Malolo since her previous tribe tried to vote her out once already.

Domenick hated Chris. With Chris gone, now his hatred has transferred to Libby.

For the immunity challenge, a caller will command blindfolded pairs to retrieve puzzle pieces and then lead one pair to solve that puzzle while still blindfolded. Chaos and yelling ensues. Malolo is looking like a competent tribe for a change and are in the lead the whole time. Naviti is in second with Yanuya behind them. Desiree’s yelling helped her tribe hear her to find puzzle pieces, but that volume is not helping guide them to solve a puzzle. Wendell screwed up by forgetting a bag despite being the only person on his tribe who was not blindfolded, but he makes up for it on the puzzle. Yanuya wins immunity. Naviti places second. Malolo had a clear lead but blew it. They sent the person who failed in their first puzzle challenge to try again for the same result as before.

This marks the fifth time out of six that Malolo is going to Tribal Council. No matter what configuration they get, they can’t win. How can they improve that? Perhaps they should vote out the smart athlete, James.

That would have sounded like a viable dumb plan if Angela hadn’t been stabbed in the back before, but now she has an opportunity to flip on the people who tried to flip on her.


With 3 votes, James has been voted off the island. I don’t even know how to respond to that. Angela stuck with the people who almost voted her out a couple episodes ago, and they took out another strong competitor, which can only further help to cement Malolo’s reputation as one of the worst challenge tribes ever. Perhaps she’s damned either way because obviously she couldn’t trust the other two either. At least they were united because Michael jumped ship and voted with the others.

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