Survivor: Ghost Island Episode 5

After having just lost immunity in Survivor: Ghost Island Episode 4, Malolo came up with the strategy to come back. Vote out their strongest player. Thus ended Brendan’s run in the game.

For the reward challenge, they will leap over tables, dismantle a pile of heavy sandbags to find a lever, drop some smaller sandbags, and throw them at targets. Reward is coffee and pastries. It’s about even heading into the tossing, where Chris goes against Sebastian. Former pitcher Chris turns a slight lead into an easy win for Naviti.

They go to rocks for Ghost Island. Ugh. Stephanie gets the white rock. She is unable to play any games of chance.

The reward reminds Donathan of home, and following this he is able to bond with Chris about their moms. In addition to these new bonds he is establishing, Chris is also proving strong in challenges. Unlike the other tribe that keeps losing, they see this as an asset.

For the immunity challenge, they will hop on a bodyboard to retrieve bags, be pulled back to shore by their tribes, and solve the combination lock and puzzle inside the bags. Wendell gains an early lead for Naviti, but Libby loses it, at least until Desiree finds herself unable to get on her board. Wendell back again outperforms Chelsea even more than he did the first time. Naviti has a nice lead by the time they get to the puzzle. Naviti wins immunity.

As last time, one of the original Malolo will be the target. It doesn’t seem like they will be dumb enough to get rid of another strong competitor, which would mean a choice between Stephanie and Jenna. Both of them hope to flirt their way into staying. Desiree searches through Stephanie’s bag to see if she found anything on Ghost Island. Shady.


With 5 votes, Stephanie has been voted off the island. They danced around it a lot, but this was the obvious result. The person viewed as the more strategic of the two was eliminated, and both of her allies joined in with the others.

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