Survivor: Ghost Island Episode 7

Another tribe swap and yet another Malolo loss in Survivor: Ghost Island Episode 6 led to them once again voting out one of their strongest members, James.

When they get back to camp, Mike immediately goes idol hunting, and he does not care if he gets caught. Needless to say, he finds it because it’s not like they are hard to find.

For the reward challenge, they will pull a rope holding a disc and stack blocks to spell a word. Reward is steak and chicken. Domenick and Laurel sit out. Naviti’s to the top of the word reward, but they drop. The others do as well. As the other two tribes battle for the win as usual, Malolo are arguing. Naviti wins reward. With Yanuya closing in on second, Malolo drops again. Yanuya wins the smaller food reward. Malolo continues to suck. Despite the victory, Donathan is angry with Bradley.

Finally, they can agree on who goes to Ghost Island, rather than drawing rocks like the rest of the time that this twist has been ruined. They want someone who has already been to go back, so their choice is Kellyn.

With a 2 out of 3 chance of success, this time Kellyn decides to play. She wins an extra vote.

Donathan’s not alone. When they return, Bradley keeps barking orders, this time at everybody else. He admits that he is obnoxious and has no patience in real life, so this is not a bad edit, just his real personality coming to the surface.

Wendell also goes searching for an idol. He finds a clue, as if one is needed. Then he finds the idol.

Desiree comes up with a plan of reversing the curse of being on one of the worst tribes ever. Burn their flag.

For the immunity challenge, they will swim to a floating platform, jump off, retrieve rings, and land the rings on targets. Jenna and Chelsea sit out. Sebastian jumps out to a big lead for Yanuya. Chris continues that. Kellyn is lackluster, but Michael manages to make up much of the gap as the last competent competitor left on Malolo. Yanuya has one ring landed before the others are able to start. Naviti makes it 1-1. Then Yanuya goes on a run to take the lead with 5. Yanuya wins immunity. Donathan’s performing reasonably well, but he has nothing on Michael. Malolo wins immunity. It’s a good thing they accidentally managed to keep one person who is useful in challenges.

They need to make a decision between sticking with original Naviti or getting rid of the unlikeable Bradley.

At Tribal Council, Bradley talks about how he likes to argue. Four other people bite their tongues.


With 3 votes, Bradley has been voted off the island. He walks off with a positive attitude, but he knows he probably came off as overbearing.

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