Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 5

Jessica played her advantage to help her former tribemates on their new tribe and guarantee that swing vote Devon could not have any influence. This combined with Joe playing an idol for himself led to the elimination of Alan in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 4.

Ben is suffering from PTSD from his time in the Marines. This may at times distance him from the tribe, but it seems unlikely to hurt him since they can understand, or at least try to.

For the reward challenge, they will push balls through the sand while their hands and feet are tethered together, then someone will shoot baskets. Chrissy and Lauren sit out. First place is iced coffee and pastries; second place is a jug of iced coffee. Desi gives Levu a lead, and Ashley and Joe build on that. The other tribes are way behind, but Devon initially is not doing that well on the shooting. He has a 1-0 lead by the time Cole starts and extends that to 2 and then 3. He makes it 4-1 and then 4-2. Levu wins reward. Ryan on Soko is so awful that Yawa places second before they have a chance.

Things didn’t go at all how Ashley and Devon wanted, but they are refusing to break up anyway. They hope Desi would rather join them than go to a tie.

Now that she is the odd woman out, Roark may finally be joining the game two weeks in as a swing vote.

Because there was an idol by the well on the other island, Mike suspects there probably will be here too. There is, and he finds it along with Jessica. These two seem like they should trust each other more than the brewing showmance.

For the immunity challenge, they will swim to a boat, retrieve bags of rice, return to shore, tear open the bags and pull out balls, and then complete a maze of moving balls to the top of a board. Ryan and Mike sit out. Levu struggles at first but takes the lead, followed by Yawa. Soko falls behind but not enough to be out of it. Soko’s starts off performing competently on the maze, but nobody else is making any mistakes. Then Chrissy starts falling again and again but refuses to let anybody else try. Yawa wins immunity. Levu wins immunity. Soko never really had a chance.

Chrissy proposes a potential all girl alliance to Roark, but she doesn’t actually trust her or plan to proceed with that plan. Her actual plan is to target Roark and pretend that Roark’s the one who wants to go with the girls.

Ali wants to get rid of Chrissy instead. That will force Ryan to pick between two allies that don’t get along.

At Tribal Council, Roark accuses Chrissy of not approaching her until the day she needed her. But Roark never approached Chrissy, regardless of need.


By a vote of 3-2, Roark has been voted off the island. Last time we saw the person in the middle be the swing (until the advantage stopped that). This time, that person proved to be the easy vote.

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