Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 4

A tribe divided got rid of the person they considered the most divisive in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 3, voting out Patrick.

I don’t see how voting out a physically strong tribe member helps at this point, but Jeff makes it all moot. He tells them to drop their buffs. So much for heroes vs. healers vs. hustlers when you’re mixing them all together so quickly.

Levu (Blue): Ashley, Alan, Desi, Joe, Devon
Soko (Yellow): Ryan, Ali, Chrissy, JP, Roark
Yawa (Red): Jessica, Mike, Cole, Lauren, Ben

The other tribes are pretty well mixed with two people from each old tribe and one other person from another, but the Yawa tribe has three healers.

The reward challenge requires them to untangle a rope while crossing obstacles, toss rings to retrieve a sled with puzzle pieces, and then solve a puzzle. Reward is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with no second place prize. Soko has the lead as they head into the toss, but Yawa passes them by completing the single successful toss needed faster. Soko is behind them. Levu has a pro athlete, but that isn’t helping them on a ring toss. Yawa wins reward.

In addition to the sandwiches, they each receive a bag of chips. Hidden inside one of them (Jessica’s), there is a secret advantage. Normally in these cases they have to sneak this without anybody noticing, but in this case it’s just whoever has the dumb luck to get that bag. Her advantage is the ability to anonymously block one person from voting at the next Tribal Council. Seeing as she is on a tribe with two other healers, this doesn’t seem to matter. She tells them, but then for some reason, Cole tells both Ben and Lauren, the two people they are logically supposed to be working against. I don’t get it.

Sooner than he probably expected, Ryan now is able to use his advantage to his advantage. He reveals to Chrissy that he was the one who gifted her safety at the first Tribal Council. This is even better than having used it himself.

Ashley may have ended up with a former tribemate, but she knows Alan well enough that she considers him the worst person to be stuck with.

The tribes that are split 2-2-1 could theoretically have the two pairs come together and take out the odd man out, but that doesn’t make much sense. Rather, they’ll pull in the swing.

Cole thought he was being clever, but it’s not long before Lauren reveals to Mike that she knows about the advantage. Cole should have seen this coming. Of course they are going to approach Mike, rather than the pair that may be a couple.

For the immunity challenge, they will maneuver a large crate of puzzle pieces through a table obstacle and under a net then solve the puzzle. Levu again falls behind the other tribes on the physical part of the challenge, despite having a seemingly fit team. Yawa wins immunity. Soko places second.

Who goes home depends on which way Devon goes. Desi and Joe have already beat the other two to the punch. The potential hitch in any plans is that Jessica’s advantage must be used tonight, so she will use it against someone on the other tribe. To go along with that, Joe has an idol.

Devon didn’t really believe Joe, and after talking to Ashley, he decides that Joe is a snake.

Joe and Alan get into a battle to see who has the biggest mouth. Joe wins, revealing to everybody that Ashley is his target. From this comes a demand from Desi: give her the idol or else.

Devon’s advantage isn’t what he thought. It wasn’t played for him. It was played against him. He cannot vote, which presumably brings us to a 2-2 tie. Jessica didn’t want to take any chances of what she knew would happen with her fellow healers, Joe sticking his foot in his mouth and sending the swing vote to the others.

As promised, Joe plays his idol, but he refuses Desi’s expectations that he play it for her, saving himself instead.

Joe (does not count)
Joe (does not count)

By a vote of 2-0, Alan has been voted off the island. If they struggled at physical challenges before, this isn’t going to help them any, but I don’t think there are any players who felt they could work with Alan.

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