Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 3

After rouging it for a few days, Simone had reached her end in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 2 and was eliminated.

Lauren is worried that she is having a hard time trying to be included. This was perhaps a given demographically, but in the case of Patrick, she has gone out of her way to let everybody know she can’t stand him because he jokes too much.

Ashley strongly protested the concept that she and JP are a couple. So like most people, she describes her lack of interest by saying he is becoming dreamier and dreamier.

Cole and Jessica continue flirting, which leads to him revealing that Joe is the one that has the idol. He gets a kiss on the cheek for this information, but she is a lot less impressed when he shares the information with others. She suggests that if Joe finds out about his proposal to flush out the idol, it will be Cole’s head on the chopping block, which would be a really stupid decision by the tribe.

Patrick is very obvious that he is regularly searching for an idol. His ally Ali gives him a lecture and tells him to behave. She could easily be his undoing because the thought of him being eliminated is already out there, but this conversation does not sound like an alliance.

For the immunity challenge, they will race under and over an obstacle, climb up to and over a net, toss sandbags at blocks, and then stack those blocks. First place reward is four chickens; second place reward is a dozen eggs. Mike sits out for Healers. They’re pretty even heading into the toss. Patrick falls behind at this stage, refusing to switch despite Lauren’s repeated requests to let her try. Healers think they are in first, but they are missing a block. Heroes win. Healers still place second.

Lauren was going to come up with an excuse to target Patrick no matter what, but her criticism here is justified. Patrick did single-handedly lose this challenge, which is not supposed to be the case because he looks like the strongest tribe member.


With 3 votes, Patrick has been voted off the island. This tribe is already bad, and I don’t see how this vote helps.

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