Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 2

Despite secret advantages and early alliances, it all just boiled down to the oldest person being eliminated in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 1 as Katrina was voted out.

Chrissy’s idol is powerless, but she’ll hold onto it because it is a very good fake, since it is authentic. That is a much better use for it than saving the person who was her only ally but whose days were numbered regardless.

Ashley and JP have been dubbed a power couple, which remains to be seen whether there is any merit to such a label, but Jessica and Cole right off the bat are making it clear they will be a showmance.

Joe manages to find a clue painted on a tree despite sabotaging his ability to search by pretending that Mike has the idol already. Cole has been out in the water all this time, so he shares this clue with him. If he hadn’t done that, he would still be looking because Cole points out that the symbol is the well, not the raft, which is obviously not in a fixed spot since it floats. With that information, it becomes obvious where it is (5 feet from the well), so Joe now has an idol, a fact that he has some fear of Cole knowing. A couple days in, and he’s already talking about a possible enemy number two, another one he himself created.

Chrissy is the obvious next target, and it could be argued that she was the obvious first target rather than the former Olympian. She’s scrambling and making alliances with everybody to the extent that it would be easy for them to compare notes. Apparently her true alliance is with Ben.

Patrick thinks being a joker will win him friends. Lauren is unimpressed and annoyed. She’s used to being alone. She warns Ali of this, but it doesn’t seem like he is getting on people’s nerves as suggested. Rather, he is getting on a person’s nerves.

For the immunity challenge, they will swim to a floating net ring, collect puzzle pieces from a cage, and solve that spinning signpost puzzle. First place is a fishing kit; second place is lines and lures. Joe and Lauren sit out. Hustlers are leading from the start. Heroes are behind them. Cole is the only competent diver for the Healers and finally bails them out as his partners fail. In true Survivor fashion, none of that matters. Healers solve the puzzle first and win. Heroes place second. Hustlers are heading to Tribal Council after Ali and Simone come up short on the puzzle despite their big early lead.

This early in the season, we know how this goes. The people who failed on the puzzle are going to be the targets, particularly if they were already not seen as valuable before they blew it.

Simone’s hope is to save herself by exploiting Lauren’s complaining about Patrick, who is an asset to the tribe. Nobody is really believing this, but we spend the next several minutes pretending there is a chance they get rid of one of their only strong competitors who is also strong around camp.


With 4 votes, Simone has been voted off the island. She didn’t leave them much choice.

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