Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 6

We found out that there was someone named Roark in the game in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 5, but she was shown the door very quickly after making an appearance.

Ali feels left out, which she was. I don’t know what this public confrontation with Ryan is getting her because she doesn’t have any alternatives.

Food is becoming an issue for Cole with the rest of the tribe. He thinks he should get the bigger serving because he’s the reason they will win challenges. He may not be entirely wrong, but he’s not acting in a way that is going to make friends and survive the game longer either.

For the reward challenge, they will use poles to transport a buoy across a balance beam, release a boat and pull themselves to the platform, and use a slingshot to hit targets. Reward is pizza and soda. Second place is a single pizza. Mike sits out for Yawa. With everybody else struggling on the balance beam, Soko takes an early lead. Then they forget to untie their boat, allowing Yawa to pass them. Soko is the first to hit a target, followed by Yawa. Soko wins reward. Yawa places second.

JP was the hero on the challenge when he hit the targets and also one of the two who gave them the early lead on the balance beam. His head is getting big, and he’s convinced his tribe can’t win anything without him. Realizing that he, conversely, is not very useful in challenges, Ryan takes this opportunity to complain about how it’s amazing that JP is even still in the game.

Joe found an idol earlier, saving himself from certain elimination because his gameplay has clearly not been that good. Now he finds a clue and a second idol. If not for that, he would again be the target because he has not given anybody a reason to trust him.

Even though this is part of Survivor, Cole wasn’t kidding when he complained about needing food. He faints when he stands up. He insists that he’s going to be okay and doesn’t need to be babied, but he is there with two healers who want to take care of him. Though Jessica realizes how much she cares about him, the others who already were getting sick of him can now call him a liability.

For the immunity challenge, they will pull on a rope, suspending a disc, and then stack blocks on that disc to spell immunity. Lauren sits out for Yawa. Say what they want about Cole, obviously it’s not him, even though I’m not sure this is a challenge where being physically strong matters very much. Soko is the first to have to start over. The other two tribes are running to the finish line without any problems. Then Levu drops with six letters. Yawa places their eighth and final letter… then they drop. This gives the others the lead and makes the tribe has been in the lead the whole time play catch up as the others approach the end. They catch up barely in the nick of time and place their final letter at almost the same time as everybody else. Yawa wins immunity. Soko drops. Levu places second.

The choice is obvious. Ali has made herself an outcast by reacting so strongly after the last vote. Ryan has a different plan. He can pretend to make up with her so that they can target JP. What does the tribe that keeps losing challenges do? Logically, vote out the person who is by far their primary asset. Hard to believe this is any more than just talk, no matter how close we are to the merge.


With 3 votes, Ali has been voted off the island. She played herself right out of the game by not biting her tongue despite a lack of other options. Even if they think JP is a threat, how could they trust her?

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