Survivor: Game Changers Episode 6

A second tribe swap in Survivor: Game Changers Episode 5 led to Sandra’s demise.

Debbie pretends that Exile was scary instead of the reward it actually was.

Varner may be the lone wolf after Sandra’s elimination, but Zeke still wants to work with him, perhaps not unlike he wants to work with everyone else.

For the reward challenge, they unspool ropes to drop a key, untie and build a ladder, cross a netsling, and launch balls into nets. Reward is pizza and soda. Nuku takes the lead on the ropes, and they just keep increasing it. Before the other tribe is even shooting, they have three balls in their targets. Brad is not so dominant hitting targets using his feet and is unable to catch up to Nuku.

The loss and the resulting crying helps solidify some of the bonds at Mana.

Ozzy performed strongly at the challenge. Whether he can be given full credit for the win, probably not, but it offers another opportunity to paint him as a challenge threat.

For the immunity challenge, they swim out to a raft, pull themselves to a series of stations, collect buoys, and solve a word puzzle. They can just send their best swimmers out to get all the buoys, which obviously gives the advantage to Ozzy. The other tribe doesn’t have anyone even a little competitive. Then they fall apart on the puzzle after building a huge lead. Mana wins immunity.

Jeff has already made his target clear. He wants to get rid of Ozzy. Sarah is onboard with that plan. Whatever talk Zeke had about supposedly being in a final three with Varner, he doesn’t actually want to get rid of Ozzy and lets him know that. So Jeff flips the script and tells everybody that Zeke can’t be trusted, except he still wants to get rid of Ozzy rather than Zeke.

Then he sticks his foot in his mouth. He reveals that Zeke is transgender in attempt to show that he is deceptive. This is about the worst possible thing he can say because everybody is angry. There is no longer any question how this vote is going to go. He’s even upset with himself because Zeke hasn’t come out to anybody in two seasons.

With that said, they aren’t even going to bother voting. Jeff has been voted off the island, and any fight he had left in him is gone.

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