Survivor: Game Changers Episode 5

JT blew up his game at the joint Tribal Council, and Survivor: Game Changers Episode 4 was just a continuation of that with his elimination.

Aubry realizes a little late that Sandra is the best player there.

He didn’t want to finish searching for the idol after he found the clue, but Tai wakes up before everybody else and resumes his search, finding yet another idol.

When they are greeted by Jeff, the other tribe’s reaction is an indication that they made the right choice in their vote. People like Brad are not happy to see who got eliminated. Jeff solidifies this with the next thing he says. Drop your buffs.

Mana (Orange): Aubry, Brad, Cirie, Hali, Michaela, Sierra, Troyzan
Nuku (Blue): Andrea, Jeff, Ozzy, Sarah, Sandra, Tai, Zeke
Tribeless: Debbie

Sandra was in control, but she’s now down in numbers alongside Jeff. Troyzan survived despite being down 5-1, so he views any change as an opportunity.

As the odd woman out, Debbie will be going to Exile Island. Now she doesn’t have to have fake blow ups about Brad anymore, at least for today.

Sandra’s the target, but Tai is the decoy target. They aren’t going to tell him, and they hope he doesn’t find out.

Remember that clue Tai found for the hidden immunity idol? Yeah, that works on his new island, too. Now he has two of them. He can really blow this thing up if he gets wind of something fishy. It’s not like he can’t use two idols at the same Tribal. He found three of them in as many days. They’re basically falling out of trees at this point.

Exile isn’t hell for a change. It’s a yacht stocked with food. Debbie is joined by Cochran. I guess that is supposed to be a reward. Couldn’t get one of the Robs or Parvati? In addition, she can choose an advantage: fake hidden immunity idol kit, one extra vote, or tribe immunity challenge advantage. Not really a choice here. The extra vote is the obvious advantage.

Zeke has formed a bond with Jeff and tells him that he doesn’t trust Tai. That is a piece of information that could backfire.

For the challenge, they will dive into the water, race through a series of monkey bars, transport heavy puzzle pieces in a sled, and solve the puzzle. Beyond having to vote out somebody, the losing tribe will receive Debbie as an added punishment. Mana takes the lead on the initial swim. They are still ahead as they get to the beach. Even if they weren’t in the lead, it wouldn’t matter because Mana solves the puzzle almost immediately before the other tribe even has a chance. Mana wins immunity.

Varner completely trusts Zeke, but Sandra doesn’t really believe it. She has a warning for the others: Debbie, Tai, and Aubry played together in a previous season, which would be dangerous after the merge. They don’t seem to be taking her very seriously, but this does get them to talking, which Tai sees and gets nervous.

Then Tai spills the beans about the plan to get rid of Sandra. Ozzy calls this stupid, but it’s not like he’s in on the alternate plan to get rid of himself.

Rather than use Tai as a tool, Sandra wants to twist the knife and make him a bigger target. A potentially compelling idea if he didn’t have two hidden immunity idols.

When they actually get there, something interesting happens. They start plotting together, and she has him whisper a name in her ear. As long as it ain’t her, she don’t care. This whispering quickly becomes an out loud admission by Tai. Sandra doesn’t even have to squeal, though she does when he isn’t looking. He tells everybody his target is Ozzy.

If everybody flips and Tai uses his idol, who goes home? That’s about as much a mystery as everything else that’s going on here. Could Ozzy really go home based on one vote?

Tai does not play either of his idols. I don’t know if that is brave or stupid. If he didn’t have reason to fear before, he does now that he’s outed someone who was supposedly on his side.


With 4 votes, Sandra has been voted off the island for the first time in 94 days. For all the drama that just happened, everybody was too afraid of Sandra, with good reason, though she played the wrong angle in this case. Tai as an ally could have turned out differently than Tai as a target.

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