Survivor: Game Changers Episode 4

A twist within a twist led to two tribes voting against each other in Survivor: Game Changers Episode 3. Tai played a hidden immunity idol knowing who the other tribe wanted out (because JT told them), leading to the elimination of Malcolm.

By revealing who his tribe planned to vote for, JT intended to get rid of Sandra. Not only did that bite them, but it backfired on him as well because it got rid of his closest ally.

JT goes idol hunting and finds a clue, which is not so much a clue as a dead giveaway, leading to him quickly finding an idol.

Reward is peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cookies, and milk (just the sandwiches for second place). Troyzan sits out for Tavua. Each person in a tribe takes a stage. They throw a grappling hook to retrieve items, dig balls, balance the ball across balance beams, dig puzzle pieces, and solve a slide puzzle. Ozzy’s balance on the beams gives Tavua the lead, but his tribe falls behind on the second attempt at digging up balls. Andrea retakes the lead for Tavua on the beams again. Debbie’s awful balance puts Mana in dead last. Tavua wins reward. Nuku places second.

Sarah approaches the odd man out, Troyzan, to form an alliance, rather than just sticking with her tribe in the easy vote to get rid of him.

Debbie blames Brad because she volunteered to do the balance beam but was unable to do so. She rewrites history and says he dictated what position everybody took, and eventually she decides that it was Hali’s balance that cost them the challenge. She freaks out when they get back to camp and screams random nonsense at everybody. This has to be acting for the camera.

JT thinks Michaela is weird because she asks for a spoonful of sugar in seven drops of coffee. To mess with his head, Sandra eats all of the rest of the sugar. This strategy works and creates more tension between them.

Knowing that the idol is out of the game, Tai finds an idol clue, but he is going to save his search for the idol for later.

For the immunity challenge, they race up and over a wall, roll a giant cube, retrieve a ring of keys, unlock a chest, cross a balance beam with 100 sandbags, and slingshot them at some targets. Cirie sits out for Tavua. Debbie insists on doing the balance beam again, but then she pouts and refuses, which is good news because they didn’t want her to anyway.

This all comes down to the sandbags. They can grab as many or as few as they want, but then they have to actually hit the targets. As with the last time, Tavua dominates on the balance beams. As for Debbie, she’s still whining. Whatever lead Tavua built up, it doesn’t matter because Brad is so good at hitting targets, once again the only saving grace for his tribe. Mana wins immunity, meaning we have to deal with Debbie for at least one more episode. Tavua edges out Nuku to win immunity.

The division between JT and Michaela is the talk leading up to Tribal Council. Is Michaela too loose a cannon, or do they blame JT who sold them out last time? Malcolm leaving dug a hole for them in challenges, and taking out either of these two isn’t going to help that issue. Regardless, you have to get rid of the snake before he bites you again. Varner is somewhere in the middle between Sandra wanting to get rid of JT and Aubry wanting to get rid of Michaela.


With 3 votes, JT has been voted off the island with an idol sitting back at camp because he didn’t think he needed it, while Michaela sits there drinking her mug of water. Sandra admits what Varner already knew: she was the one who sabotaged JT with the sugar incident.

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