Big Brother 15 Episode 10

As Kaitlin removed herself from the block after winning veto in Big Brother 15 Episode 9, the plan to backdoor Jeremy kicked into gear with him being put up for eviction against Aaryn and Spencer.

Aaryn complains that she is being discriminated against because she’s cute, and Jeremy is being discriminated against because he’s good at things. Anyway…

In attempt to save himself, Jeremy dresses in a diaper. I have not seen this strategy before. He makes an offer to McCrae, Amanda, and Judd that he’ll win HOH and put up whoever they want, something Helen and Elissa refused to do. Of course, it’s not as if he can be trusted.

Aaryn’s strategy is to try to be nice. She says this is really hard to do, and she deserves to be acknowledged for it.

Meanwhile, GinaMarie is still crying about Nick leaving. This was bad enough a week ago. Now it’s absurd. Somehow, all roads lead back to Aaryn being a mean person, as this emotional instability is apparently her fault.

Jeremy promises to be a completely different person and have Helen’s and Elissa’s backs (even over Kaitlin) if they help him stay. Although nothing he has done so far would suggest they should fall for this, he does seem sincere.

Candice: Jeremy
Andy: Jeremy
Howard: Jeremy
Elissa: Jeremy
Kaitlin: Spencer
GinaMarie: Jeremy
Amanda: Jeremy
McCrae: Jeremy
Jessie: Jeremy
Judd: Jeremy

By a vote of 9-1-0, Jeremy has been evicted from the Big Brother house. For the third week in a row, Elissa’s MVP nominee has been eliminated. Aside from Kaitlin, only Helen leaves him with positive comments, a smart strategy that some of them may care to borrow as we get closer to jury time. Being mean to evicted houseguests may be amusing, but it’s also stupid.

For all the drama and talk about how Aaryn is evil and keeps making comments intended to hurt others, not one person seems to mind spending the rest of the summer with her. Granted, she often does not seem like a particularly likeable person, but the edit she’s getting suggests an exaggerated attempt to create a villain by blowing every little thing out of proportion.

This week, the MVP has already been chosen. No, it’s not Elissa for a change. It’s America. Oh god. I was happier when it was Elissa all the time.

Their HOH competition is to guess who best fits the royal titles as determined by America.

Who should be crowned the earl of egotism? Aaryn or Jessie?
Everybody says Aaryn and is correct.

Who should be crowned the lord of laziness? Judd or McCrae?
Andy, Amanda, Candice, and Elissa are incorrect when they don’t answer McCrae.

Who should be crowned the baron of boneheads? Spencer or GinaMarie?
Everybody says GinaMarie and is correct.

Who should be crowned the knight of naughtiness? Amanda or Kaitlin?
Everybody says Amanda and is correct.

Who should be crowned the duke of dork? Andy or Helen?
Aaryn, Jessie, and GinaMarie incorrectly answer Helen.

Who should be crowned the sultan of sexy? Elissa or Howard?
Spencer and Howard incorrectly answer Howard.

The tiebreaker is for Judd, Kaitlin, and McCrae. How many gallons of milk would it take to fill the vats that Howard, McCrae, and Spencer were standing in? 1067. Judd, who has been amusing but otherwise invisible, is the new HOH with his guess of 650. I’m not clear what sense it makes for him to win. It’s not like anybody wants to nominate him. His likeability is not seen as a threat, not yet.

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