Big Brother 15 Episode 11

Jeremy was evicted in Big Brother 15 Episode 10, then Judd won HOH.

Spencer’s worried that a guy has gone home three weeks in a row. If the girls decide to work together, they could dominate the house. The problem is they hate each other.

Amanda continues to think she’s in power. That didn’t work so well last week. Again, Judd isn’t going to listen to her plans to get rid of Howard. Rather, the consideration is non-threatening nominees who nobody likes, again like last week. His main target is GinaMarie because she annoys him.

The have/have not competition is a froyo eating challenge, featuring both vanilla/chocolate and anchovy/habanero flavors. Whichever team gains the least weight loses. This is silly, even by Big Brother standards. The orange team of Jessie, Candice, Spencer, and Andy end up as have nots for the week. You’d think having Spencer around would serve as an advantage, but if anything it seems to be a hindrance. For Andy, this is his third week in a row as a have not.

Judd continues to get pressure to put up both Aaryn and Howard. He’s not paying much attention to those who want to get rid of Howard, but he seems to be leaning toward an Aaryn nomination, rather than his proposed targets, GinaMarie and Kaitlin, which would just be a waste.

Spencer is safe.
Jessie is safe.
Elissa is safe.
Candice is safe.
McCrae is safe.
Andy is safe.
Helen is safe.
Howard is safe.
GinaMarie is safe.
Amanda is safe.
Aaryn and Kaitlin have been nominated for eviction.

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