Big Brother 15 Episode 9

After we finally got through everyone in the house spreading the stench of hatred throughout in Big Brother 15 Episode 8, Helen anticlimactically nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin for eviction.

As with Sunday, CBS provides a warning/apology at the top of the show. Great, another episode with wall to wall racial overtones. It’s an important topic to discuss, sure, but it’s not the reason why I’m watching Big Brother. Admittedly, I never can figure out why I’m watching this show regardless.

Helen put two hated people on the block, but she realizes neither of them is a threat. Her real target is Jeremy, who she doesn’t want to give a way out like last week.

Unlike Howard, who continues to deny an alliance, Spencer acknowledges that he was a member of The Moving Company.

Surprise of the night. Elissa is MVP for the third time in a row. And for the third time in a row I ask: why bother holding a vote? Because Howard’s both a threat and a liar, Amanda and McCrae especially want him to be nominated.

It was already blatantly obvious that Helen knew about Howard’s alliance because she could name every member in it, but now he finally takes the hint when Spencer tells him she knows everything. Despite the fact that he voted in support of his alliance, he claims to have bailed because Jeremy is a bully.

All of this doesn’t seem to matter. Elissa has a preference to nominate Spencer rather than Howard.

The secret MVP that everybody knows has nominated Spencer for eviction. Afterward, Helen tells Spencer he needs to win so they can get rid of Jeremy.

GinaMarie and Candice will join Helen, Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Spencer in the veto competition. Kaitlin asks GinaMarie not to use the veto if she wins, not that she will.

For the veto competition, they will jump on a trampoline, look at an art collection on the other side of the wall, and match the collection on their own side. It goes without saying that, if their goal was to nominate someone who could win, Spencer was a far worse choice than Howard, though it does increase Helen’s odds. The paintings are famous portraits containing houseguest faces, and there are some that are duplicates but with the faces switched around.

Candice – 8:46
GinaMarie – 8:56
Spencer – 12:19
Aaryn – 9:50
Kaitlin – 7:09
Helen – 8:55

Kaitlin easily wins the power of veto. Now there’s the question of whether she’ll use it. She would be dumb not to.

Helen’s been over the top fake crying this whole episode. Now it’s Kaitlin’s turn. Jeremy suggests this might help get someone other than him nominated. Their suggestion is Howard, who Helen tells her is her other potential choice. During their discussion, Kaitlin starts real crying because she realizes there’s no chance.

It’s been 11 years since Marcellas passed up the chance to use the veto on himself, and for all her talk, it hardly seems likely that Kaitlin will follow in his footsteps. She does not. Kaitlin uses the power of veto to save herself. In her place, Jeremy is nominated, but that won’t stop him from being cocky.

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