Big Brother 15 Episode 8

Elissa was saved again in Big Brother 15 Episode 7 as The Moving Company alliance fell apart and the bigger threat, Nick, was sent packing. Then Helen won HOH, ensuring Elissa’s safety for at least another week.

We begin tonight’s show with an apology from CBS. Why? The editing may be their fault, but you can’t control what people say or how others react to it. Regardless, no matter what, somebody’s going to get upset.

We start where we left off last week, with GinaMarie’s meltdown, like someone died. Once she’s done crying, she proceeds to yell throughout the house.

McCrae says The Moving Company wanted him to make a choice between Amanda and them, and he chose her. Spencer’s main reason for voting the way he did is because Jeremy’s an ass. Howard considered voting with them, but he says he wanted to create mystery over the fourth vote.

Realizing he sunk his alliance and is on the wrong side of the house, Jeremy starts his butt kissing immediately, even though he absolutely hates Elissa for reasons I still have not heard explained.

Kaitlin, Aaryn, and GinaMarie say they don’t even want to be here any more. Okay, cool. Leave then. Kaitlin feels like she’s back in high school being treated how she used to treat people.

Jessie says that Elissa is at least respectful, and maybe they should get to know her.

Candice enters her room to find a surprise. Aaryn threw her mattress and everything on it on the floor, for no apparent reason, and from what I can tell not necessarily aimed at any one person. But that won’t stop the drama. Strangely the voice of reason, Jeremy warns them they’re not making things better for themselves.

McCrae acknowledges to Amanda that he was in an alliance with the boys.

While Candice is consoling GinaMarie, who continues to cry, Aaryn takes the opportunity to apologize for anything offensive she may have said, and she seems somewhat sincere, to a point. Candice considers the apology to be dirt. We haven’t seen the last of this.

The have/have not competition is a hoedown. They have to transport spoiled milk across the yard and fill up their jugs. Howard doesn’t even care. Being on a team with Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Kaitlin, he’s with people he thinks need to suffer. McCrae is doing so badly that Howard is struggling in his efforts to fail, and his plans are spoiled. That makes McCrae, Amanda, Judd, and Jessie have nots for the week.

After the competition, Jeremy tells Helen about his alliance. He blames McCrae and Spencer for flipping, failing to realize that him threatening them was the beginning of the end. He’s completely fine with Helen putting Aaryn and Kaitlin on the block, thus concluding the selling out of all of his friends.

After being pushed, Howard finally stops lying about his vote. However, he continues lying about the male alliance, despite the fact that she is able to name every member of it. Just come clean, dude. It’s just way too obvious the cat is out of the bag.

Elissa is safe.
Andy is safe.
Candice is safe.
McCrae is safe.
Amanda is safe.
GinaMarie is safe.
Judd is safe.
Jessie is safe.
Howard is safe.
Spencer is safe.
Jeremy is safe.
Aaryn and Kaitlin have been nominated for eviction.

Aaryn’s probably the biggest target in the house, but she’s hardly the biggest threat. She’s just the most divisive.

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