Ugly Betty Moving to Friday

The good news: Ugly Betty has been renewed for season 4. The bad news: it will be on Friday nights. The show will air at 9/8c after Supernanny starting in the fall. Typically, a Friday night scheduling means certain death. If nothing else, it’s a lot worse than its previous Thursday night time slot, one of the best available.

3 thoughts on “Ugly Betty Moving to Friday”

  1. Why move it to friday nights come on thursday is a good night to have it on. I do love ugly betty and glad it is coming on for a 4th season

  2. I hate this idea and that means the show is going down the tubes… they rencently moved my other show Prison Break and I missed every episode because im always busy friday nights… Out and about such.

  3. I think it’s a bad idea. This is just asking for it to be cancelled. That the worst time & it’s when people are going to movies. I think that it will do bad and WILL GET CANCELLED. The Thursday time slot was good. Why screw with the formula. Don’t they know that once you move a show to a different day or time slot you are bound to loose a huge amount of viewers. I’m just mad that they are doing it.

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