My Name Is Earl Cancelled

Parks and Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock will be returning, but NBC has decided not to renew My Name Is Earl for next season. Earl’s current time slot will be split between SNL Weekend Update Thursday in the fall and then new show Community in midseason.

20 thoughts on “My Name Is Earl Cancelled”

  1. Yall suck! How in the hell can yall cancel that show. Best show in a while. Yall wrong. You must not have a sense of humor. Very disappointed.

  2. Oh no! Everybody hates chris is also cancelled… There punishing the loyal viewers by taking away there shows! I hate it.
    stupid dumbasses…

  3. Oh Snnaap!

    What the Fck?! Why the hall would they cancell it? I thought it had really great rating and bla bla bla… totally uncool!

  4. dont ****** cancell my name is earl it is a good show. their are worse shows that should by canceled instead of my name is earl. my name is earl is ******* funny.

  5. I live all the way in astralia I just finished watching the last season on DVD and it said fourth and finale season and I’m like WTF this is the best show ever someone should start a petition to get NBC to start te show again

  6. I’ve watched all seasons 2-3 times. I also thing that this movie is the best ever!!! **** YOU nbc

  7. Whoever decided to cancel this show, W-T-F? This is the best series I have see in a long time. You need to continue this show.

  8. what the hell man i love my name is earl i want the show back on the air now its the only thing that makes my day better after a crappy day at work

  9. i am just a boy i watched my name is earl for the frist time and they diden’t finish the ending of the last season so please some one get that show back on for one lasted season so i can see how Dogers dad is so please get that show back on for a little boys dreem any one that nows Gregory Thomas Garcia please get him to get his arigenal cast back together so come on i cant stop crying untill they do me that one faver any one that could do that would be my hero.

  10. WTF???? Whythe hell would you cancel a show especially after the way you left the fourth season????? Do you people at NBC even listen to your audience??? The cast are excellent and the show is great so why would you cancel it? The shows you replace it with are kinda ridiculous!!!!!

  11. I cant believe they cancelled the show! i watched all the season on netflix, went online for season 5 now i dont know who earl jr’s father is -_- seriously. fk u guys

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