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Reaper’s ratings are in line with 90210, its lead out that has already been renewed (yet would be cancelled on any other network), but it lags in The CW’s young female target demographic audience. With that said, the network has decided to pull the plug on Reaper. Let’s hope next week’s series finale is an appropriate end to the show, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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  1. The CW may be pulling the plug, but ABC Studios is still working to get the show syndicated – ironically on CW affiliates, who now have to staff their Sunday nights since the CW dumped them. I do hope ABC is successful, but in the meantime we are advocating writing your local CW affiliate to let them know there’s a loyal fanbase. And of course, to email ABC and thank them for not giving up on Reaper yet.

    You can find all details at our ReaperDMV news blog. Click on my profile link.

  2. I have very little time to watch television. Reaper is one of the few reasons why I bother turning on the t.v. anymore. Please don’t cancel it.

  3. Cancelling Reaper is a cop-out. Networks are lazy and want every show to get watched by billions of people rather then realize people dedicated 2 years to watching this show and never got a final send off or a proper series ender. Pathetic way to go out, because once again the almighty dollar succeeds.

  4. Cannot believe they are cancelling Reaper–guess CW just wants to show us unrealistic rich spoiled teen drama–all of those shows are so lame. Hooray for all the watchers of Reaper who want to use their brains and imaginations–and laugh!!! Watch out Supernatural….you’ll be next….better get some rich teens to sleep around with the demons you’re after so you can stay on the air. CW–you are now the GM and Chrysler network in my book.

  5. I’m a 34 year old woman. I love Reaper. It is smart and funny and different. You could not pay me to watch 90210. I’m one person in your “target demographic” who you’re losing as a viewer.

  6. I too watch very little tv. Reaper is one of the few shows I actually enjoy watching. Its the only good show on CW and they are canceling it? Why should I keep paying for cable if the unique and creative shows keep getting canceled and all I get in its place are commercials and boring unoriginal shows?

  7. That’s just wrong. Dawn Ostroff must be the most narrow-minded headed-for-failure businesswoman in the history of TV, ever. Keeping a ratings disaster like ‘90210’, even after all the marketing it gets, instead of Reaper, which gets little to no publicity at all, is just a big no-no.

    Please go to the Reaper DMV website to help us keep this show on the air, or at least give us some closure!

  8. Reaper is a legendary show.
    It has made it to the top of my charts, and to cancel it would be a sin.

    This is something good, that you are tearing apart.. This could have made even more than three seasons at least, and you are hardly giving them two.

    Come on CW, please, put it back on?

  9. I am 36 years old and started watching Reaper in 2008. I got my 32 year old girlfriend to watch an episode and since then we haven’t missed one. We love the show and characters. I feel that it’s smartly written and witty. Please bring it back!!

  10. Greetings!

    I am a 37year old male from germany and I love watching the show. My wife and a lot of my friends here, too, by the way.

    So I was shocked or something near to it as I heard that this fantastic show (besides the news and soccer it´s the only thing I watch on TV) was cancelled.

    What is it with the US-TV? As soon as you got some talented actors and a really good show with an intelligent plot and excellent writers with the right kind of twisted humor, you cancel it and serve something like frickin´ 90210 (no offense, but even a retarted monkey would switch a channel showing something like that)?

    If you´re really interested in what the rest of the world does think about the american entertainment industry, please bring back the show! It made me believe, that not all american TV-Shows were written and starred by braindead people.

    And finally… hey, I´m from Germany! Do you know what german TV produces? Well… you don´t want to, let me tell you that. So we here´ve got to rely on the fact that there´s some intelligent life in TV-industry. Reaper gave me the bright light of hope, and all you gotta do is – turn it out…?

  11. aarr,gotta agree Reaper was the only TV show i liked besides Scrubs wich now too has reached its end, even though scrubs had 8 season i doubt ill ever find tv shows again wich will entertain me THAT much

  12. Why would you cancel REAPER?! this was one of the best shows i have been watching since 2008. got the dvd of season 1 and 2 and i was waiting for the 3rd season and now this? CW you made a big mistake and you can still fix it… bring back reaper… Fan from the Philippines

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