Lost Season 5 Episode 8

Lost Season 5 Episode 7 was all about Jeremy Bentham (aka John Locke), who ultimately ended up dying at Ben’s hands after mentioning the name Eloise.

Wherever the others are is before the well was ever built. Apparently way before. They are greeted by the mother of all flashes, and the well is back. They just can’t get down it since it’s filled in. Their headaches are gone, and their noses aren’t bleeding. Maybe it’s over. Maybe John did it. Now they’ll wait for John to come back, for as long as it takes.

Three years later, some Dharma members are having an argument, when they spot a hostile on the monitors. This apparent hostile (actually their leader), Horace, has dynamite. They wake up Mr. Lafleur, who bears a striking resemblance to Sawyer.

Horace is wasted, and Lafleur drags him back home. They had a fight about Paul, but before Amy can get any more out, the baby is coming.

Back to three years earlier. They return to Daniel, who’s mourning Charlotte’s death and disappearance. Whenever they are now, that’s where they’re stuck.

Sawyer wants to go back to the beach, and Juliet supports this plan. Miles wants a plan that’s not the same as every other plan. Juliet agrees it’s a stupid idea, but any plan is better than no plan. They don’t get very far before they hear shots and screaming. Dan says it doesn’t matter what they do because whatever happened happened, but Sawyer goes over there anyway. Juliet shoots one of the guys when he draws his weapon on them. Saywer shoots the second. Based on the Dharma jumpsuits, they believe they’re in the 70s or 80s. Before they leave, they have to bury the dead guys and then carry Amy’s husband Paul back. It’s a good thing Juliet knows they’ve got a sonic fence, or Dan’s brain would be fried by Amy willingly letting him walk through it. She steps through just fine (thanks to the ear plugs), but they all collapse.

Back in the future, Amy is in trouble and needs Caesarean. Juliet, who has never had luck delivering a baby on this island, reluctantly agrees to deliver the baby. Everyone turns out okay.

Horace wants to know who the hell Sawyer is. His name is James Lafleur. They call him Jim. He pretends they washed up on a boat. Horace tells them to take a submarine off the island the next morning. He’s not Dharma material.

An alarm sounds, and everybody rushes inside. Richard’s there. The fence won’t keep him out. Their truce, which is now broken, is what kept him out. He wants to know where his two men are. Sawyer wants to go outside and see if he can talk to him, since Horace doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. He tells the truth. Then he asks about the hydrogen bomb and John Locke. Regardless of who he is, two of Richard’s people are still dead. He offers up Paul’s body.

Horace agrees to let Sawyer stay for another two weeks and look for the rest of his clue. Juliet, however, has been trying to get off the island for three years, and she plans to leave, even if whatever it is she thinks she’s going back to doesn’t exist yet. All Sawyer wants is two weeks, so he’s not stuck with the mad scientist, Mr. I speak to dead people, and the guy who barely speaks English. She agrees.

Three years later, they’re still around, and Sawyer and Juliet have hooked up. Like they had another option.

Horace is a daddy now. It’s a boy. So why’s he drinking and blowing up trees instead of being with his new son? They got into a fight over a necklace in Amy’s drawer. He doesn’t believe she’s over him. Is three years really long enough to get over someone? Sawyer can barely remember what Kate looks like, or so he’s convinced himself.

Jin’s finally found something. Jack, Hurley, and of course the woman Sawyer’s gotten over step out of the VW bus.

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