Big Brother 10 Episode 8

Angie got herself nominated in Big Brother 10 Episode 7 by deciding two weeks ago that she hated everybody. Not to be outdone, Jessie opened up his big mouth and put a bigger target on his own back rather than just letting Angie take the fall.

Jessie tells us that nominating him was disrespectful. Uh. What?

Michelle, who’s in a not so secret alliance of four, is wondering when the other not so secret alliance of four changed their plan.

Jerry doesn’t like or respect Memphis, but he’s afraid he’ll win the game.

Jessie immediately runs upstairs and once again tries to spin the target back to Libra. Yep, still not at all concerned that he’s on the block with Angie.

Keesha picks Libra at random for veto.
Angie picks Ollie.
Jessie picks Memphis.

They must put on ridiculous looking flower outfits and then head out to the backyard. They’ll plant themselves in their flower pots and put their heads under a slowly dripping water faucet. Whoever stays in closest to the one hour mark without going over will win the power of veto. Of course, the water dripping on their heads isn’t enough. The rest of the house (Jerry mostly) decides to dump live worms on the contestants when given the choice between worms and compost. Ollie is terrified by the deadly worms. Keesha quits because she’s creeped out by the worms, and she’s out at 21:18. Jessie decides to turn it into gameplay midway through and asks Libra who told him to nominate Steven. At the 45 minute mark, they dump some compost on the contestants to make them even more comfortable. Nobody is particularly phased, and they all just stay still. Libra decides to quit, and Ollie agrees to go 5 minutes after her. She believes it’s been close to an hour. Jessie is the next one to quit because he doesn’t want Libra to beat him. After that, Libra tells Jessie in front of Keesha that she already spilled the beans to her herself. So then Jessie says the problem was he was peer pressured into making a decision by a bunch of people, not just Libra any more. Everybody else jumps out. Having wussed out early, the winner is Keesha. Everybody else went over an hour by at least 15 minutes.

Jessie’s got a new plan. Get Libra nominated. Oh wait. I’ve heard that one before already. Repeatedly. He wants Angie to pitch the idea to remove Jessie and put Libra on the block in his place. When she makes the pitch, she says she couldn’t go another week living with Libra. Yeah, this is the type of person you really want to keep around.

Keesha, Ollie, and April all say they don’t trust Libra because she’s putting a target on her back. For some reason, they don’t see that her being the target instead of them is a good thing (if she goes, they’re next). Despite their worries, though, Keesha has given Libra her word, and she plans to stick to that.

Jessie goes to Keesha to tell her she can’t trust Libra. Yes. Again. Then he gives her a sob story about how he’s losing weight (he’s down to what, 200 now?) and can’t sleep.

America’s Player is back. Oh god no. No. No. No. No. Did I mention no? We already went through this stupidity once. Can we please get a twist that doesn’t suck, CBS? This game is supposed to be about strangers and how they interact, not how America can interfere with and manipulate the game. If there’s any manipulation to be done, the producers should just stick to the usual like rigging competitions. The good news is that it’s just for one week. The bad news is that it’s for one whole week. America will be able to vote for the person they want to be America’s player, and that person must do as they say if they agree to take the deal ($20,000). This is game suicide and would be stupid for anyone to accept.

Jessie’s back to yell at Keesha. Again. With the same story. Again. Dude, we get the point already. She’s starting to realize he’s a few fries short of a Happy Meal. She tells the whole house she’s not going back on her word, so she wants them to stop.

A banner plane flies over the house. Because this ruined season 8, they are no longer allowed to read the cheating banners. Jessie comes up with the idea to pretend it says that Libra’s a liar. After they reveal this, Memphis decides on his own to spin it further. It’s no longer just Libra. It’s Libra and something. Somehow, this leads to a discussion about how Jerry called Memphis is a womanizer, and Memphis threatens to get really real.

Keesha has decided not to use the power of veto. I wonder if Jessie will continue to try to get Libra nominated in the hopes that there will be a twist that will allow her to go home. Or perhaps he will finally start going after Angie, who just hopes she can get him to go crazy. Shouldn’t take much.

As a reminder, eviction nights have been moved to Thursdays, effective immediately.

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