Big Brother 10 Episode 7

Steven was sent packing in Big Brother 10 Episode 6 following one of the most predictable weeks ever. Since the majority of the house decided to split into two groups, the power as usual flipped back to the opposite group, with Keesha winning HOH.

Now it’s time to dwell on Steven’s classy final words “Suck it, bitches.” And time for Angie to whine more about how nobody likes her. She believes now she can focus more on strategy (even a little bit would be more).

Keesha promises us she will turn the house upside down. She’s seeking revenge for Steven’s boot. Her alliance is happy even though she hates them (and they still don’t trust her), and Renny says she’s happy because she likes Keesha.

Dan threw the HOH competition again, but he didn’t make it quite as obvious.

Keesha has news for the rest of the house. They don’t have the decision. She does, and she’s changing this game. So I guess we know she won’t be standing there in the end. Every time somebody makes one of these big crazy game changing moves, particularly one based on revenge, it’s typically the worst possible move they can make, and ultimately the reason they lose the game.

Keesha feels the same about Renny as Renny does about her. Like Keesha, Renny hates everybody else in the house, so at least they have that in common. Renny wants her to know that Libra can’t be trusted.

Keesha tells her side she wants to put up Angie because she blames her the most for Steven’s eviction. They tell her she should put up Memphis alongside Angie, but it doesn’t appear she’s listening. Then she decides to tell Memphis that Angie’s her target. He tells her to go ahead and go for it, but that she’s creating an unnecessary target on her back by doing that. He immediately goes to his side and tells them everything, having told her he wouldn’t say anything.

Angie blames everybody else and says that it’s their idea, but that Keesha’s just too weak to stand up to them. Hopefully she’ll get a clue sooner or later.

Dan tells Keesha he has nothing going for him (for that matter he doesn’t really want to have anything going for himself either). She tells him he’s safe this week, despite original plans to the contrary, and she expects a returned favor when he’s in power (like he’s stupid enough to ever be in power).

Libra admits to Keesha that she doubted her and that she was targeting Steven.

It’s time for the food competition, where they dress up like the 50s and go to a sock hop. The house will be working together to ensure that nobody gets sent to the hospital this week. The guys get on one side of the wall, and the girls go on the other. They must match a basket of socks, but they can’t see each other. April and Ollie don’t communicate well… they probably don’t come up for air often enough to do a lot of that. Renny mostly just screams a lot, not making a great deal of sense to herself or anyone else. Libra hopes to work well with Jerry since she (aka Renny) called him slow and old. They end up winning a variety of food, a nice break from the slop. Michelle’s most excited about the pigs feet. Renny’s upset that she was the only one to be forced to skip, and the wine they lost is a huge blow to her.

Ollie tells April he always sees construction ahead signs in relationships and that he always takes the detour.

Keesha continues to spill her guts to everybody. She tells Jessie her plan to put up Angie. He tries to convince her that she should put up Libra instead of Memphis. He doesn’t appear to get it through his head that she wants Angie gone, and he just keeps pushing and pushing for her to some way, somehow get rid of Libra.

Dan is safe.
Renny is safe.
April is safe.
Memphis is safe.
Ollie is safe.
Libra is safe.
Jerry is safe.
Michelle is safe.

Jessie and Angie have been nominated for eviction. Keesha says that Jessie’s arrogance is what got him nominated. He should have just kept his mouth shut like Memphis did.

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