Farmer Wants a Wife Winner

The surprise elimination of both Kanisha and Amanda in Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 7 brought us down to the final two: Brooke Ward and Christa Ackerman. Tonight we’ll find out which of them is the Farmer Wants a Wife winner.

Brooke and Christa hate each other. Still.

Matt wants them to be a wife for a day. He’s made a list of what they’ll need to do. He’s got some errands for them to run.

Brooke will have to catch three chickens, which she will exchange for some pies. After that, she has to pick up a starter, deciding between two (picking the wrong one will cost her $100 to return it). At the bait shop, she must collect 20 crickets.

Christa’s first stop is a visit to the mayor, who’s got a rebuilt carburetor waiting. Then she will have to pay the tab at the market (but not until she decides to add sunglasses, beef jerky, and condoms to it). She is surprised to find out they don’t have any sex shops around. Her next stop is for some horse feed. Not knowing what kind of horses to shop for, she thinks pleasure horses sounds appealing. Matt’s got a dead head in the freezer, which she must reluctantly collect and deliver.

Matt arrives at lunch before they both get back. After both the girls are done with their chores, they run into each other, and from there it’s a mad dash to see who gets back first. Christa is the first one to return home. She gives him the sunglasses (he doesn’t know whether she’s serious). He’s happy with what she’s brought back. Brooke returns, and Matt is also happy with what she returns with.

Matt wants to go on a date with both of them later, but not at the same time again. Brooke will get the first date in the afternoon, with Christa in the evening. Brooke’s got 30 minutes to get ready. He believes she will like anything outdoors, so they go four wheeling to a picnic. He hopes she will become a bit unreserved, as he feels it takes her a while to warm up. He asks her point blank why she’s still holding back. She can’t tell him she loves him because there’s another girl in the picture. After the date is over, she thinks she totally blew it.

Brooke got the fun date. Now Christa gets the romantic date. Matt pulls up on a horsedrawn carriage for a night beneath the stars. Brooke insists on torturing herself and having a look out the window to watch them riding off into the sunset, and she thinks she’s toast. The carriage takes them to his house for a candlelit dinner. There are dead deer heads on his wall, which creeps her out. Her concern is what she will do for work when she moves there. He is happy with how she’s not holding back. There seems to be quite a bit more kissing going on here than there was on Brooke’s date. When she returns, Brooke’s worried, and the fact that Brooke didn’t get a real kiss doesn’t help her fears.

Waiting around for Matt to come make his decision, the girls find out they won’t be alone. The entire town is there (yeah, probably every single person in the town). The mayor is on stage with a band playing in the background. It’s a little on the creepy side. Matt takes the stage and must now pick a wife. He’ll have a cropduster fly over with his choice.

The Farmer Wants a Wife winner is Brooke. Can’t say I’m surprised. If he chose Christa, I would have had to throw something. Matt tells Christa he learned more from her than anybody else, but he feels a stronger bond with Brooke. Both of them say they’ve fallen in love with each other, and she seems to fit in quite well with this small town and its people. Christa’s disappointed with having lost, but she doesn’t seem overly upset that she will be going back to the city.

So what’s next for Farmer Wants a Wife? Given the show’s ratings, I’m not expecting it back, but this is The CW, where anything goes. It may have done well enough where they want to try it again after a season of originals of America’s Next Top Model. Granted, it’s entirely possible by this time next year that the experiment known as The CW may be over, so it’s really anybody’s guess what happens from here.

4 thoughts on “Farmer Wants a Wife Winner”

  1. I just wanted to say I have watched every episode of Farmer Want A Wife since it started. I chose Brooke the first time I saw her on the first episode. I think they instantly just had a spark. I totally think that Matt chose the right person to be his wife. Brooke is very awesome. I really like how she held herself back and did not try to jump all on Matt like a few of the other women. Best wishes Brooke and Matt…

  2. I watched the series all the way through, I thought it was a very good show. I am so glad that Brooke got chosen for the wife. Matt is such a hotty, WOW HE IS GOOD LOOKING. I would like to see another series with another farmer But do more interesting tasks for the girls. Or do it with a girl farmer who is looking for a husband. All I can say is it was a very good show. kathie

  3. i loved farmer wants a wife. i’m a country girl myself, brook was my girl from the start, she was the only true country girl from the begining, i felt sorry for her because people was doggin’ her, but she kept her cool and beat them hoes’

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