Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 5

The campaign by the rest of the house failed to get Lisa eliminated, and much to Christa’s chagrin, Stacey was sent home in Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 4.

The girls learn how to sheer sheep. They’re afraid they’re going to hurt them.

Next they need to bake some pies. Award winning Miss Donna (I never heard of her either) will show them how. Amanda, Ashley, and Christa believe they can bake already. Of course, this is going to be the challenge. They will be judged on their pie baking ability. The pies will be judged on looks, flakiness, and taste. I would not be surprised if these girls have been judged on that criteria before. This (being awake) is a fine excuse for some cattiness between the two sides.

Because half the girls in the house are drunks, they decide to play a drinking game with Matt. Matt’s first question is whether the girls are ready to get married. A couple girls say yes, but Lisa gives an I don’t know. Ashley asks Matt for sex (in a way requiring the censors to step in) and then goes around the table and asks everybody else if they want to sleep with him. Everybody, herself included, knows she’s done.

It’s time to go to the town fair. Lisa’s happy to see sugar and horsies. Matt plays a game and wins a stuffed animal. The vendor decides to give it to Brooke. After that, they’re ready for the bake off. Lisa knows she’s not going to win and openly admits it. Brooke had a nutmeg disaster, mistaking it for cinnamon, which quickly disgusts the judges. Kanisha doesn’t like that the judges are like Simon Cowell. It’s between Amanda and Ashley. Amanda wins hands down. Ashley’s upset because she believes that sticking around a few more days will make Matt forget that she’s vulgar.

Matt agrees to get behind the kissing booth. Brooke gives him a kiss on the cheek. He finds this weird.

Now we’ll find out who’s going back to the city. Ashley is afraid she’ll make a bigger ass out of herself. Lisa believes she’s got a big shot at going home (again). She’s finally right. Matt doesn’t feel she’s made a big enough connection with him, and his reasoning suggests her lack of willingness to say she’s ready to get married is the main reason. When she’s leaving, she apologizes if she offended anyone. The apology falls on deaf ears.

Not only did Ashley end up staying, but Matt also wants to date her. Keep it PG. She gets flowers and a ride in a fancy car. They go to Miss Donna’s restaurant where he quickly brings up the other night. She blames it on the fact that she drank a little bit too much (but doesn’t tell him she apparently regularly drinks a little bit too much). He has difficulty making small talk with her, and she agrees it wasn’t a very good date. Should have kept Lisa instead.

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4 thoughts on “Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 5”

  1. I pray that Kanisha and Amanda are the final two that Matt chooses because they are kind, great listeners, observant, humble and really care about Matt. Matt needs someone who loves him for who he is and is willing to grow old with him. These two young ladies especially Kanisha does not mind hard work. A man loves a woman who will take care of him and will work hard. It was beautiful to see Kanisha and Matt as well as Amanda and Matt enjoying the simple things in life. I believe these are very different women for Matt but I believe if he looks into their hearts, they are not so different from him after all.

  2. I agree that Kanisha and Amanda so far appear to be the best matches. Ashley and Christa really needs to go home.

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