Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 4

Krista hated the country and apparently wasn’t overly fond of Matt either, so it came as no surprise when she got the boot in Farmer Wants a Wife Episode 3. Brooke and Lisa continued to get more shunned by the other girls, so they played the role of stalkers, found out where he lived, and confronted him to let him know not to believe what the other girls say.

Brooke feels like an idiot and blames Lisa.

The girls head to a farm and watch a goat give birth. Matt comes by to bring them to one of his buddies, who needs some help picking his sweet corn. They must fill three baskets with exactly two dozen ears of corn each. And in case you missed it the first 150 times she said it, Christa reminds us she hates Brooke and Lisa. Brooke is first to return with a basket. Kanisha is behind her. Lisa returns with two at once. Christa has one basket. Lisa lost her empty basket, so she takes Amanda’s. Brooke and Christa now have two baskets. Lisa’s got her third basket full. She stops to count. During that time, Brooke comes in, and she doesn’t need anyone to count because she’s sure she has the right number. Brooke wins the challenge. Christa’s mad. Lisa gets caught with the extra basket. Stacey’s still trying to fill her baskets even though the others have all realized Brooke won.

Christa has decided that she’s also better than Stacey and Kanisha, not just Brooke and Lisa.

They will be going to a barn dance. First, they will learn how to square dance. Or they will learn how to square dance once Stacey finishes finding her shoes (and putting on her makeup and doing her hair and going for a latte). While there, Lisa and Brooke want to show off their city girls dance. Since their dance moves may be on the stripper side, Christa takes another opportunity to let us know she hates them. Matt needs to send this whiny chick home already.

Brooke and Lisa are upstairs listening to the other girls, who are downstairs drunk and tossing around hot dogs, commenting on how they’re phallic, and how they hate the immature girls upstairs.

The girls get traditional square dance clothes. Stacey’s pissed off because there’s no designer label (or any label for that matter). Then they go to an actual barn dance (yeah, he wasn’t kidding). At the dance, Amanda grabs Matt as her partner. She takes the opportunity to tell him that some of the girls are fake. Someone might wanna fix that record because it sounds on the broken side. Matt notices that Stacey isn’t really competing for his attention unlike the other girls, which leads him to be worried that she’s not into him.

Not content with her digs at the barn, Amanda asks Matt after the dance how he feels about midnight visits at his house. He realizes that the girls have obviously formed their little groups.

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, Christa wants Lisa gone because she hates her.

Lisa gets another present. Christa’s even more jealous of her.

Everybody will pour some moonshine. Whoever doesn’t have any moonshine is going home to the city. Amanda is safe. Christa is safe. Ashley is safe. Kanisha is safe. Lisa is safe, much to her surprise and Christa’s (continued) anger. Stacey is going home.

Kanisha will be getting the one-on-one date. Ashley wants her to give Matt a hickey and bets she won’t do it. With some encouragement by the other girls, she agrees. They go horseback riding. While they’re chatting on the blanket, he gives her a peck. That’ll have to do. She’s not stupid enough to try to suck on his neck on the first date.

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